Research Domain

Research Group: Energy Systems

Objectives: To focus on study and researches in the broad domains of Control systems, powewr systems and renewable energy

Research Topics: Control system, Power system, Renewable energy

Coordinator: Dr. Sutapa Mukherjee, Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty


  1. Dr. Sutapa Mukherjee , EE
  2. Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty, EE
  3. Dr. Ranjana Goswami, ASH
  4. Dr. Rupa Pal, ASH
  5. Ms. Madhumita Kundu Mondal, EE
  6. Mr. Aritra Ghosh, EE
  7. Ms. Anushree Roy, EE
  8. Ms. Sujata Saha, EE
  9. Ms. Chandrani Das, EE
  10. Mr. Subhasish Das, EE
  11. Ms. Arundhuti Sengupta, EE