Research Domain

Research Group: Communication

Objectives: To focus on study and researches in the broad domain of Communication

Research Topics: Wireless communication, Satellite communication

Coordinator: Dr. Somali Sikder Sanyal


  1. Dr. Somali Sikder Sanyal , ECE
  2. Dr. Susmita Biswas , ECE
  3. Dr. Papri Saha, ASH
  4. Ms. Rashmita Mishra, ECE
  5. Mr. Arindrajit Chaudhury, ECE
  6. Mr. Mousam Chatterjee, ECE
  7. Ms. Pia Sarkar, ECE
  8. Ms. Arundhuti Sengupta, ECE
  9. Ms. Ankita Indu, ECE
  10. Mr. Aritra Ghosh, EE