RESULT 2013-2014


Degree : Btech In Computer Science & Engineering

ROLL NO. NAME HU101PH101M101ME101ES101PH191ES191ME192HU181XC181 SGPA
11500113001 AAKSHAY KUMAR AGARWAL A (16)B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.48
11500113002 AAYUSHI E (18)A (32)E (36)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)8.33
11500113003 ABHIJIT SHAW A (16)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (27)B (7)A (8)7.41
11500113004 ABHINANDA RAY A (16)D (20)B (28)D (20)C (24)A (16)B (14)A (24)B (7)E (9)6.59
11500113005 ABHIPRIT ANAND B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (24)B (7)E (9)7.48
11500113006 ABHIRUP MUKHERJEE B (14)B (28)E (36)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (16)B (21)B (7)A (8)7.33
11500113007 ABHISHEK KUMAR B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)A (8)8.04
11500113008 ADITYA C (12)D (20)D (20)D (20)D (20)O (20)A (16)A (24)B (7)A (8)6.19
11500113009 AMARJIT KUMAR B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)A (24)B (7)O (10)7.37
11500113010 AMIT KUMAR SHAW A (16)C (24)B (28)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (24)A (8)O (10)7.11
11500113011 ANANYA BHATTACHARYYA A (16)A (32)C (24)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)A (8)O (10)7.59
11500113012 ANIMESH KHAWARE A (16)E (36)A (32)E (36)E (36)O (20)O (20)O (30)A (8)O (10)9.04
11500113013 ANINDYA CHAKRABORTY C (12)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)O (10)7.26
11500113014 ANIRBAN DEBNATH B (14)D (20)D (20)F (8)C (24)A (16)A (16)B (21)B (7)A (8)5.70
11500113015 ANISHEK RAMAN BHARTI A (16)E (36)C (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)O (10)8.04
11500113016 ANKIT RAJ B (14)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (30)B (7)E (9)7.56
11500113017 ARIJIT MUKHERJEE B (14)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (16)A (16)B (21)A (8)A (8)7.37
11500113018 ARUNAVA DHAR B (14)A (32)D (20)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.30
11500113019 ASHUTOSH KUMAR C (12)B (28)E (36)A (32)C (24)O (20)A (16)A (24)B (7)O (10)7.74
11500113020 ASHWANI KUMAR PRASAD B (14)D (20)B (28)D (20)D (20)E (18)E (18)E (27)B (7)E (9)6.70
11500113021 ASISH CHANDRA C (12)D (20)D (20)F (8)D (20)A (16)B (14)D (15)B (7)O (10)5.26
11500113022 AVIK BASAK B (14)A (32)C (24)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.56
11500113023 AVIROOP BASU B (14)B (28)B (28)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.85
11500113024 AYAN DEY C (12)C (24)C (24)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (16)E (27)A (8)A (8)6.63
11500113025 BAISAKHI JANA C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (24)B (7)E (9)7.11
11500113026 BIPASHA MALLICK B (14)A (32)A (32)C (24)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.89
11500113027 BIPIN PAUL B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.74
11500113028 BISHAL KUMAR SINGH C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (16)C (18)A (8)A (8)6.74
11500113029 DEBANANDA GHOSH C (12)B (28)E (36)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.74
11500113030 DEBARTHA SAHA C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.37
11500113031 DEBASHREE MISHRA A (16)A (32)B (28)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.11
11500113032 DEBROOP NAHA B (14)D (20)C (24)F (8)F (8)A (16)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)5.44
11500113033 DEEPAK KUMAR B (14)C (24)B (28)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.26
11500113034 DEEPTI BISWAS B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.59
11500113035 DIPANKAR GHOSH C (12)B (28)B (28)D (20)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (24)B (7)E (9)6.89
11500113036 DONA DUTTA B (14)A (32)E (36)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)A (24)A (8)O (10)8.00
11500113037 GARIMA SINGH A (16)A (32)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (30)A (8)O (10)7.93
11500113038 GUNJAN SHARMA A (16)B (28)B (28)F (8)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.00
11500113039 HARSH AGARWAL B (14)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)B (21)A (8)E (9)7.78
11500113040 HOSSAINUR RAHAMAN C (12)A (32)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)O (10)7.74
11500113041 INDRANIL ROY B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)C (18)B (7)E (9)6.89
11500113042 JASJEEV SINGH ANAND C (12)C (24)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)C (18)B (7)E (9)6.52
11500113043 KAUSTAV GHOSH C (12)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (24)A (8)A (8)6.81
11500113044 KAVITA CHAUDHARY D (10)C (24)D (20)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)O (10)6.67
11500113045 KEWAL KUMAR AGARWAL D (10)B (28)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)C (18)B (7)E (9)6.67
11500113046 KRISHANU DAS D (10)A (32)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)O (10)7.74
11500113047 KUMARI SHREYA C (12)A (32)B (28)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.48
11500113048 KUNDAN KUMAR D (10)A (32)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (14)A (16)C (18)B (7)A (8)6.41
11500113049 MANISH AGARWAL C (12)A (32)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)B (14)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.04
11500113050 MOU SAHA B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)B (7)E (9)7.59
11500113051 MRINAL DEEP MANNA B (14)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (16)E (18)O (30)B (7)A (8)8.04
11500113052 NEHA KOTHARI C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)D (20)O (20)E (18)E (27)B (7)O (10)7.48
11500113053 NEHA KUMARI B (14)A (32)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (27)B (7)O (10)8.00
11500113054 NILADRI PAUL B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)D (20)E (18)E (18)A (24)B (7)O (10)7.37
11500113055 NIRAJ KUMAR B (14)B (28)B (28)B (28)D (20)B (14)E (18)A (24)B (7)E (9)7.04
11500113056 PARUL PALLAVI C (12)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)8.07
11500113057 POULAMI SAHA C (12)A (32)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)B (7)O (10)7.70
11500113058 PRAJJWAL BURMAN B (14)B (28)D (20)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)A (24)B (7)E (9)7.04
11500113059 PRANALI BOSE A (16)A (32)E (36)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)O (10)8.19
11500113060 PREM PRASUN D (10)A (32)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.26
11500113061 PRITAM B (14)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.63
11500113062 PRIYANKA SARKAR C (12)B (28)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)O (30)B (7)E (9)7.11
11500113063 RAHUL KUMAR B (14)C (24)A (32)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)O (30)B (7)E (9)7.33
11500113064 RAJAT PARIDA B (14)D (20)C (24)F (8)D (20)B (14)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)5.85
11500113065 RAKESH KUMAR C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.48
11500113066 RAMAKANT MISHRA B (14)A (32)E (36)B (28)E (36)E (18)E (18)E (27)B (7)E (9)8.33
11500113067 RAVI RANJAN C (12)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.44
11500113068 RHITAM DUTTA A (16)C (24)C (24)F (8)C (24)E (18)B (14)A (24)E (9)O (10)6.33
11500113069 RITAM LAHIRI B (14)A (32)E (36)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)O (10)7.59
11500113070 RITWIK BHAR C (12)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.48
11500113071 RIYA CHANDA C (12)A (32)C (24)D (20)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.26
11500113072 ROHIT BASU C (12)C (24)D (20)D (20)C (24)B (14)B (14)B (21)O (10)E (9)6.22
11500113073 ROHIT KUMAR SULTANIA B (14)C (24)A (32)D (20)A (32)A (16)B (14)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.33
11500113074 ROHIT MONDAL A (16)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (16)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.96
11500113075 ROSHNI CHAKRABORTY B (14)B (28)A (32)D (20)A (32)A (16)E (18)A (24)O (10)O (10)7.56
11500113076 RUPESH CHOUDHARY B (14)A (32)A (32)B (28)E (36)A (16)B (14)E (27)O (10)E (9)8.07
11500113077 SAJAN KUMAR C (12)C (24)D (20)D (20)A (32)B (14)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)6.70
11500113078 SALONI KEJRIWAL A (16)A (32)C (24)D (20)E (36)A (16)O (20)O (30)O (10)E (9)7.89
11500113079 SAMRAT PAIN C (12)C (24)A (32)D (20)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)6.93
11500113080 SANDWIP ROY B (14)A (32)E (36)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.26
11500113081 SANTOSH KUMAR YADAV B (14)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)B (14)A (24)O (10)E (9)8.04
11500113082 SATYAM HARSH B (14)B (28)C (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.22
11500113083 SAUMYADIPTA SARKAR B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)B (14)C (18)O (10)E (9)6.85
11500113084 SAYAK KUMAR GHOSH B (14)B (28)A (32)D (20)B (28)A (16)B (14)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.22
11500113085 SAYAN CHOWDHURY B (14)C (24)D (20)F (8)D (20)B (14)B (14)C (18)O (10)E (9)5.59
11500113086 SAYAN DEEP SAHA A (16)A (32)B (28)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)B (21)E (9)E (9)7.52
11500113087 SAYANTAN DAS C (12)B (28)E (36)F (8)B (28)A (16)A (16)C (18)O (10)E (9)6.70
11500113088 SAYKAT MUKHERJEE B (14)A (32)E (36)C (24)E (36)E (18)E (18)E (27)O (10)E (9)8.30
11500113089 SEMANTI ROY C (12)B (28)D (20)D (20)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.78
11500113090 SHARADIYA GHOSH B (14)C (24)B (28)C (24)A (32)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)O (10)7.37
11500113091 SHARDOOL B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)C (18)A (8)E (9)6.85
11500113092 SHAYAN DATTA A (16)O (40)E (36)O (40)E (36)E (18)A (16)B (21)E (9)E (9)8.93
11500113093 SHOVON ROY B (14)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.78
11500113094 SHUBANGI SARAF B (14)C (24)D (20)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.85
11500113095 SHUBHAM KUMAR B (14)A (32)A (32)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.81
11500113096 SHUBHAM KUMAR C (12)A (32)E (36)D (20)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)E (9)7.78
11500113097 SHUBHAM MAKHIJA B (14)O (40)E (36)C (24)A (32)O (20)B (14)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.33
11500113098 SHWETA KUMARI C (12)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (36)O (20)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.19
11500113099 SOMENATH GOSWAMI C (12)B (28)C (24)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)E (9)7.11
11500113100 SOUMANKAR BASU A (16)E (36)E (36)A (32)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.85
11500113101 SOUNAK BHATTACHARYYA B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.56
11500113102 SOURAV MAITY D (10)C (24)O (40)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)B (21)E (9)A (8)7.19
11500113103 SOURAV NARAYAN GUHA C (12)D (20)D (20)F (8)F (8)C (12)B (14)C (18)O (10)A (8)4.81
11500113104 SUBHA GHOSH C (12)A (32)O (40)C (24)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (27)O (10)E (9)8.15
11500113105 SUBHAJIT KARMAKAR C (12)A (32)E (36)C (24)E (36)A (16)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.96
11500113106 SUBHENDU SEKHAR DENRIA C (12)C (24)C (24)F (8)C (24)B (14)B (14)A (24)O (10)E (9)6.04
11500113107 SUCHISMITA MUKHOPADHYAY B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.44
11500113108 SUDIPTA DALUI B (14)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (27)O (10)E (9)8.22
11500113109 SURBHI E (18)A (32)B (28)C (24)B (28)O (20)B (14)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.63
11500113110 SUSHMITA NANDI B (14)A (32)O (40)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.70
11500113111 SWARNADEEP GOSWAMI C (12)A (32)C (24)C (24)C (24)A (16)B (14)B (21)O (10)E (9)6.89
11500113112 SWARNALI DUARY A (16)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.41
11500113113 SWATI SINHA A (16)E (36)O (40)A (32)E (36)E (18)E (18)A (24)E (9)E (9)8.81
11500113114 SWETA DASGUPTA A (16)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)O (20)B (14)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.59
11500113115 SWETA KUMARI F (4)F (8)D (20)F (8)D (20)B (14)B (14)B (21)O (10)A (8)4.70
11500113116 TANUKA NEOGI A (16)B (28)D (20)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.19
11500113117 TUSHAR PARASRAMPURIA A (16)A (32)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)B (21)O (10)E (9)7.63
11500113118 VARUN KUMAR VICKY C (12)C (24)D (20)D (20)D (20)B (14)B (14)B (21)O (10)E (9)6.07
11500113119 VIKRAM GARU B (14)C (24)D (20)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)B (21)O (10)E (9)6.89
11500113120 VIKRAM GUPTA A (16)B (28)E (36)A (32)A (32)O (20)A (16)E (27)O (10)E (9)8.37
11500113121 VIKRAM KUMAR MISHRA C (12)B (28)E (36)B (28)B (28)O (20)A (16)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.93
11500113122 VINAY KR PRASAD B (14)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (36)E (18)E (18)A (24)O (10)E (9)8.33
11500113123 WAHAB NAZISH A (16)A (32)A (32)C (24)E (36)A (16)E (18)B (21)E (9)E (9)7.89


Degree : Btech In Information Technology

ROLL NO. NAME HU101PH101M101ME101ES101PH191ES191ME192HU181XC181 SGPA
11500213001 AIYUSH SHIVHARE C (12)D (20)C (24)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)A (8)6.26
11500213002 AMIT KUMAR JHA C (12)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)B (7)7.37
11500213003 ANINDITA MONDAL D (10)C (24)D (20)F (8)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)A (8)B (7)6.15
11500213004 APOORVA BISWAS B (14)C (24)B (28)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (27)O (10)B (7)7.11
11500213005 ARITRA HAZRA B (14)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)E (27)O (10)B (7)8.30
11500213006 AWINASH KUMAR C (12)D (20)D (20)D (20)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (24)A (8)A (8)6.22
11500213007 BISWAJIT KAR C (12)F (8)A (32)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (16)A (24)A (8)B (7)6.26
11500213008 DEBAPRIYA AICH C (12)D (20)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.85
11500213009 DEBASMITA KUNDU C (12)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.22
11500213010 DEEKSHA KASHYAP C (12)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (30)O (10)A (8)8.37
11500213011 DEEPAK BHATIA C (12)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)O (10)6.78
11500213012 GURKIRAN KAUR GREWAL C (12)F (8)B (28)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.56
11500213013 K BOBBY RAO C (12)B (28)C (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)A (24)E (9)A (8)7.15
11500213014 LABONI GHOSH B (14)C (24)C (24)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (18)A (24)A (8)E (9)6.70
11500213015 LOKESH SONI B (14)C (24)E (36)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.89
11500213016 MANISHA DEY B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)O (30)A (8)B (7)7.89
11500213017 MD HARUN RASID F (4)F (8)F (8)F (8)F (8)I (4)C (12)C (18)A (8)C (6)3.11
11500213018 MOITRAYEE GUPTA C (12)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)A (8)6.89
11500213019 NAVONIL GHOSH B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)B (7)7.26
11500213020 NEELANJAN MITRA B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)O (10)7.67
11500213021 NIKITA DAS A (16)B (28)E (36)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)B (7)7.81
11500213022 NIRAJ KUMAR SINGH B (14)D (20)D (20)F (8)D (20)B (14)B (14)E (27)E (9)B (7)5.67
11500213023 PAYEL PAUL E (18)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.04
11500213024 PRAMOD KUMAR YADAV C (12)D (20)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)A (24)A (8)E (9)6.78
11500213025 PRATICK GUPTA D (10)D (20)F (8)F (8)D (20)C (12)B (14)O (30)A (8)B (7)5.07
11500213026 PRIYANKA HALDER B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)B (7)7.33
11500213027 PRIYANKA SARKAR B (14)B (28)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.19
11500213028 PUJA KUMARI B (14)A (32)E (36)C (24)E (36)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.33
11500213029 RAHUL S JOSHI B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)E (18)B (14)E (27)E (9)B (7)7.15
11500213030 RAMIT MITTAL B (14)B (28)E (36)C (24)C (24)E (18)B (14)O (30)O (10)B (7)7.59
11500213031 RAUNAK JAISWAL C (12)D (20)C (24)F (8)D (20)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)A (8)6.00
11500213032 RIYA DEBNATH C (12)D (20)B (28)D (20)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.70
11500213033 RONODEEP MAJUMDAR C (12)C (24)E (36)C (24)A (32)A (16)B (14)E (27)A (8)B (7)7.41
11500213034 SANA JAHAN C (12)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (27)O (10)E (9)8.07
11500213035 SANJANA PODDAR B (14)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (30)O (10)O (10)8.52
11500213036 SANTANU PAIN C (12)C (24)A (32)D (20)B (28)B (14)A (16)A (24)E (9)B (7)6.89
11500213037 SHEETAL BARANWAL C (12)C (24)O (40)C (24)A (32)A (16)O (20)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.04
11500213038 SHREYA SAHA B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)7.37
11500213039 SIMRAN AGARWALL C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (30)O (10)O (10)7.70
11500213040 SOUVIK DEY C (12)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.41
11500213041 SOUVIK MONDAL A (16)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.15
11500213042 SRIJONI CHAKRABORTY B (14)A (32)E (36)C (24)B (28)O (20)O (20)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.11
11500213043 SUBHOJIT GOSWAMI B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)O (10)O (10)8.15
11500213044 SUBHRADEEP NEOGI B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)A (8)7.48
11500213045 SUCHETA GUPTA C (12)A (32)E (36)A (32)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.63
11500213046 SUCHETA SARKAR B (14)F (8)D (20)F (8)D (20)B (14)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)5.52
11500213047 SUDIP SAHA C (12)B (28)O (40)E (36)E (36)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)O (10)8.59
11500213048 SURAJ PRASAD C (12)D (20)A (32)D (20)C (24)B (14)A (16)E (27)E (9)B (7)6.70
11500213049 SYMPHONY KAR B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.70
11500213050 TULIKA RASTOGI B (14)C (24)E (36)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.89
11500213051 UPASANA GHOSH C (12)B (28)O (40)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.89
11500213052 VINAY PRAKASH TIWARI C (12)F (8)F (8)F (8)D (20)B (14)B (14)A (24)E (9)B (7)4.59
11500213053 WATSALYA KUMAR SINGH C (12)F (8)I (8)I (8)I (8)B (14)B (14)E (27)E (9)E (9)4.33


Degree : Btech In Electronics & Communication Engineering

ROLL NO. NAME HU101CH101M101ME101ES101CH191ES191ME191HU181XC181 SGPA
11500313001 AAKASH DE C (12)C (24)A (32)A (32)E (36)O (20)O (20)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.33
11500313002 ABHIRUP BISWAS C (12)E (36)A (32)A (32)A (32)O (20)A (16)E (27)A (8)E (9)8.30
11500313003 ABHIRUP MUKHOPADHYAY B (14)C (24)D (20)F (8)D (20)E (18)A (16)D (15)A (8)C (6)5.52
11500313004 ABHISHEK GUPTA B (14)A (32)A (32)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)7.44
11500313005 ABHISHEK PAUL B (14)A (32)O (40)E (36)E (36)O (20)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)8.89
11500313006 ABHISHEK PRABIR CHOWDHURI A (16)E (36)B (28)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (20)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.89
11500313007 ABIR RAY B (14)A (32)C (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (24)A (8)O (10)7.70
11500313008 ADITYA KUMAR B (14)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (16)O (20)A (24)E (9)O (10)8.04
11500313009 AFTAB ALAM C (12)C (24)D (20)B (28)B (28)B (14)A (16)E (27)A (8)E (9)6.89
11500313010 AKANKSHA MANI B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.81
11500313011 AKASH GOURAV D (10)C (24)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (16)C (18)A (8)E (9)6.33
11500313012 AMALENDU BAG B (14)A (32)C (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.63
11500313013 AMIT SINGH B (14)A (32)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)A (8)7.22
11500313014 AMRITA BHATTACHARJEE D (10)D (20)D (20)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (16)B (21)A (8)O (10)5.96
11500313015 ANIKET CHATTOPADHYAY B (14)A (32)B (28)D (20)B (28)E (18)B (14)B (21)E (9)E (9)7.15
11500313016 ANINDYA BISWAS B (14)C (24)C (24)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.00
11500313017 ANIRBAN DEY B (14)B (28)B (28)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.93
11500313018 ANIRBAN DUTTA B (14)A (32)B (28)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)7.22
11500313019 ANKAN AICH C (12)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)A (8)7.11
11500313020 ANKIT GHOSH B (14)D (20)D (20)F (8)D (20)E (18)B (14)C (18)E (9)E (9)5.56
11500313021 ANKIT KUMAR GUPTA B (14)O (40)E (36)E (36)E (36)O (20)E (18)A (24)E (9)O (10)9.00
11500313022 ANKIT MITRA C (12)C (24)D (20)F (8)D (20)B (14)B (14)B (21)A (8)A (8)5.52
11500313023 ANMOL KUMAR AGARWAL C (12)B (28)C (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.67
11500313024 ANNU KUMARI B (14)A (32)E (36)E (36)A (32)A (16)A (16)B (21)E (9)E (9)8.19
11500313025 ANURADHA SAHA B (14)A (32)E (36)A (32)B (28)O (20)A (16)A (24)E (9)O (10)8.19
11500313026 ANURAG CHAUDHURI A (16)A (32)E (36)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.89
11500313027 ARINDAM BISWAS C (12)A (32)E (36)E (36)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)A (8)8.41
11500313028 ARINDAM DAS B (14)B (28)O (40)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)8.15
11500313029 ARINDAM JANA C (12)A (32)E (36)E (36)A (32)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.48
11500313030 ARPAN DAS C (12)B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.30
11500313031 AVEEK BOSE C (12)D (20)D (20)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)5.70
11500313032 AVIK DUTTA C (12)D (20)D (20)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (16)C (18)E (9)E (9)5.48
11500313033 AVINASH CHAURASIA C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.07
11500313034 AVIRUP ROY B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.26
11500313035 BINAY KUMAR C (12)B (28)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)B (14)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.78
11500313036 CHANDAN KUMAR MODI C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.81
11500313037 CHINMOY KUMAR GHOSH C (12)D (20)A (32)E (36)A (32)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.63
11500313038 CHIRANTAN DE C (12)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)7.70
11500313039 DEBANJAN GHOSH C (12)A (32)E (36)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.74
11500313040 DEBANJAN ROY C (12)C (24)C (24)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.44
11500313041 DEBARSHI BHATTACHARYA B (14)C (24)D (20)C (24)A (32)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.04
11500313042 DEBAYAN BASAK C (12)C (24)B (28)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (24)A (8)E (9)7.00
11500313043 DEVRUP BANERJEE C (12)B (28)D (20)D (20)C (24)B (14)B (14)C (18)E (9)E (9)6.22
11500313044 DIBYENDU MUKHERJEE C (12)B (28)B (28)C (24)E (36)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.67
11500313045 DIVYOJYOTI GHOSH B (14)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)E (18)B (14)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.41
11500313046 GANESH KUMAR C (12)C (24)C (24)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)O (10)A (8)6.85
11500313047 GAURAV PAUL B (14)E (36)E (36)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.85
11500313048 GOPAL SARAN YADAV C (12)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)6.74
11500313049 ISHANI DUTTA B (14)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)A (8)7.04
11500313050 JAYANT AGARWAL C (12)C (24)E (36)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.52
11500313051 JIGYASA KUMARI C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)B (21)E (9)E (9)7.30
11500313052 JUHI BERLIA B (14)C (24)B (28)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)O (10)O (10)7.15
11500313053 KANCHAN KUMAR C (12)B (28)O (40)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.85
11500313054 KIRAN DAS B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (30)A (8)O (10)7.70
11500313055 KOUSHIK GHOSH C (12)D (20)C (24)D (20)C (24)B (14)B (14)A (24)E (9)O (10)6.33
11500313056 MAYUKH SEN B (14)E (36)A (32)A (32)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.52
11500313057 MAYUKH SINHA B (14)B (28)C (24)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)6.93
11500313058 MD. ZIAUR RAHMAN NUSKER C (12)C (24)B (28)F (8)D (20)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)A (8)6.33
11500313059 MONIKA RAJ C (12)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)B (21)A (8)E (9)7.33
11500313060 MOUMITA KUNDU D (10)D (20)B (28)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)7.04
11500313061 NAVIN KUMAR SINGH C (12)C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.22
11500313062 NAVIN SHAW D (10)D (20)D (20)F (8)D (20)E (18)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)5.70
11500313063 NILOY ROY C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)E (27)O (10)O (10)8.04
11500313064 NISHA DAS C (12)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)8.15
11500313065 NISHA KUMARI AGARWALA C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.11
11500313066 PATHIK ROY CHOWDHURY C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)A (24)E (9)O (10)7.37
11500313067 PRANAB HAZRA C (12)C (24)B (28)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)6.56
11500313068 PRANAY DAS C (12)B (28)B (28)A (32)C (24)E (18)A (16)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.59
11500313069 PRASEN GHOSHAL D (10)C (24)E (36)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.19
11500313070 PRASHANT RAI D (10)C (24)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.78
11500313071 PRATIK VATSA A (16)A (32)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.11
11500313072 PRERANA PAUL A (16)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)O (10)O (10)8.22
11500313073 PRITAM MULLICK A (16)C (24)E (36)C (24)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (27)O (10)O (10)7.74
11500313074 PRITESH KIRAN C (12)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)O (10)8.30
11500313075 PRIYANKA MUKHERJEE C (12)D (20)C (24)F (8)D (20)B (14)A (16)O (30)A (8)E (9)5.96
11500313076 PRIYOBRATO BANIK B (14)C (24)C (24)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)6.96
11500313077 RAHUL KUMAR B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)7.56
11500313078 RAJDEEP SAHA B (14)B (28)E (36)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.04
11500313079 RAJESH JHA B (14)A (32)O (40)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)E (9)8.52
11500313080 RAMCHARAN BAURI B (14)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)8.19
11500313081 RITWICK MITRA C (12)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (30)A (8)O (10)8.37
11500313082 RONIT ROY C (12)D (20)C (24)D (20)F (8)E (18)E (18)A (24)A (8)E (9)5.96
11500313083 RUPAM CHAKRABORTY B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.11
11500313084 RUPANKAN ARKALOK DAS B (14)C (24)D (20)D (20)C (24)B (14)A (16)B (21)O (10)E (9)6.37
11500313085 SABYASACHI CHAKRABORTY A (16)C (24)C (24)B (28)D (20)B (14)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)6.78
11500313086 SAGGNIC CHAKRABORTY B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)O (10)E (9)7.56
11500313087 SAIKAT DAS B (14)C (24)E (36)B (28)D (20)O (20)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.67
11500313088 SANDIPAN CHATTERJEE C (12)D (20)B (28)B (28)F (8)B (14)A (16)A (24)A (8)E (9)6.19
11500313089 SANHITA GANGULY E (18)B (28)E (36)C (24)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.33
11500313090 SANJUKTA MAITY B (14)B (28)E (36)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.74
11500313091 SAYANI BASAK A (16)B (28)E (36)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)O (10)8.04
11500313092 SAYANTI PAHARI B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.85
11500313093 SHAILAYEE NANDI A (16)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.19
11500313094 SHALINI CHAKRABORTY B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)A (24)A (8)O (10)7.70
11500313095 SHAMBHU PRATAP SHARMA C (12)D (20)C (24)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)6.63
11500313096 SHEELAB BASU B (14)D (20)B (28)A (32)D (20)A (16)A (16)B (21)A (8)E (9)6.81
11500313097 SHREYA CHATTERJEE A (16)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (27)O (10)O (10)7.89
11500313098 SIDDHANT GUPTA A (16)A (32)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.04
11500313099 SIDDHARTHA SOUMITRA C (12)C (24)B (28)A (32)D (20)B (14)A (16)C (18)A (8)E (9)6.70
11500313100 SNEHA CHAKRABORTY C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.74
11500313101 SOHINI PAL A (16)A (32)E (36)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)A (8)O (10)8.19
11500313102 SONAM SINHA B (14)A (32)E (36)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)A (24)E (9)O (10)8.33
11500313103 SOUMALYA MUKHOPADHYAY B (14)C (24)E (36)D (20)C (24)B (14)A (16)E (27)A (8)O (10)7.15
11500313104 SOURADEEP KUNDU B (14)A (32)A (32)B (28)B (28)O (20)A (16)B (21)O (10)O (10)7.81
11500313105 SOURANU MAJI A (16)A (32)E (36)E (36)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)8.63
11500313106 SOURAV BASU A (16)A (32)C (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)O (10)7.74
11500313107 SRABANTI DAS B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)C (24)B (14)E (18)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.26
11500313108 STHITIRUPA MAZUMDER B (14)C (24)B (28)A (32)D (20)O (20)E (18)O (30)O (10)O (10)7.63
11500313109 SUDESHNA MUKHERJEE A (16)A (32)O (40)E (36)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.81
11500313110 SUHARTYA SARKAR B (14)E (36)E (36)E (36)B (28)O (20)A (16)B (21)A (8)A (8)8.26
11500313111 SUPRIYO KOYAL C (12)C (24)E (36)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)A (8)7.44
11500313112 SUVADEEP DATTA B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)7.93
11500313113 SWARNAV MUKHOPADHYAY B (14)A (32)E (36)E (36)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (30)E (9)O (10)8.63
11500313114 SWASTIKA CHAKRABORTY B (14)B (28)E (36)A (32)C (24)A (16)E (18)B (21)E (9)O (10)7.70
11500313115 VAIBHAW VISHAL A (16)B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (27)O (10)O (10)7.67
11500313116 VIVEK SINGH B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.41

Degree : Master Of Computer Applications

11501013001 ABHIJEET RANJAN B (28)C (24)B (28)C (24)D (20)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.07
11501013002 AMIT JAISWAL B (28)C (24)B (28)D (20)C (24)E (27)E (27)A (24)6.97
11501013003 ARINDAM SAMANTA B (28)C (24)A (32)E (36)A (32)O (30)A (24)E (27)8.03
11501013004 DEBANJALI DEY B (28)C (24)C (24)A (32)D (20)E (27)O (30)O (30)7.41
11501013005 DEBAPRIYA SARKAR A (32)B (28)B (28)E (36)D (20)O (30)E (27)O (30)7.97
11501013006 DEBOTRA PAL A (32)D (20)C (24)F (8)C (24)O (30)A (24)E (27)6.52
11501013007 KRISHNENDU GHOSH B (28)D (20)B (28)D (20)D (20)E (27)B (21)E (27)6.59
11501013008 MANAS PRAMANIK D (20)F (8)B (28)D (20)D (20)E (27)B (21)A (24)5.79
11501013009 PALLAVI JHA A (32)A (32)A (32)C (24)C (24)O (30)E (27)E (27)7.86
11501013010 PRAMIT MAITY B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)O (30)O (30)O (30)7.79
11501013011 PROGNASHREE SARKAR B (28)E (36)B (28)A (32)B (28)E (27)E (27)O (30)8.14
11501013012 SAMIRAN SAMANTA B (28)B (28)B (28)D (20)B (28)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.34
11501013013 SANHITA GHOSH C (24)C (24)C (24)D (20)C (24)E (27)A (24)A (24)6.59
11501013014 SAURAV BHANSALI B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)O (30)E (27)E (27)7.59
11501013015 SHAFAT ALI A (32)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.76
11501013016 SIRSHA DAN B (28)B (28)C (24)D (20)B (28)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.21
11501013017 SK KHALEDUR RAHAMAN C (24)A (32)B (28)C (24)B (28)E (27)E (27)A (24)7.38
11501013018 SOHAM CHAKRABORTY A (32)B (28)B (28)E (36)C (24)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.10
11501013019 SUBHRAJIT MONDAL B (28)E (36)A (32)E (36)B (28)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.62
11501013020 SUBHRANIL SAMADDER B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)D (20)O (30)B (21)E (27)7.10
11501013021 SUKANTA BANERJEE A (32)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)O (30)E (27)E (27)8.28
11501013022 SUKANYA BOSE B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (32)O (30)E (27)E (27)8.14
11501013023 SUPARNA DHAR B (28)C (24)A (32)C (24)B (28)E (27)A (24)E (27)7.38
11501013024 TANIA KHATUN MOLLAH B (28)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (32)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.21
11501013025 TONAY KANTHAL B (28)C (24)B (28)A (32)C (24)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.48

Degree : Btech In Electrical Engineering

ROLL NO. NAME HU101CH101M101ME101ES101CH191ES191ME191HU181XC181 SGPA
11501613001 ABHISHEK KHEMKA C (12)E (36)A (32)A (32)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)A (8)8.56
11501613002 ABHISHEK RANJAN A (16)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)O (20)A (16)E (27)E (9)A (8)8.30
11501613003 ADITI BOSE A (16)A (32)A (32)E (36)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (30)O (10)A (8)8.74
11501613004 ALIPRIYA SAHA A (16)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (32)E (18)A (16)A (24)O (10)A (8)7.85
11501613005 AMAR KUMAR SINGH C (12)C (24)B (28)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)B (21)O (10)E (9)7.11
11501613006 AMIT KUMAR KESHRI B (14)C (24)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (27)A (8)O (10)7.89
11501613007 ANAMIKA KUNDU B (14)B (28)E (36)B (28)E (36)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.26
11501613008 ANITA MAHAPATRA A (16)E (36)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.44
11501613009 ANKITA SINHA A (16)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.15
11501613010 ARIJIT DUTTA B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.81
11501613011 ARINDAM PAL A (16)C (24)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.30
11501613012 ASHWINI KUMAR JAISWAL A (16)C (24)B (28)E (36)C (24)E (18)B (14)B (21)E (9)E (9)7.37
11501613013 AVIJOY SEN A (16)E (36)A (32)E (36)E (36)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.81
11501613014 AVIK MUKHERJEE B (14)C (24)F (8)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)6.52
11501613015 BIKRAM KUMAR A (16)C (24)C (24)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (16)O (30)A (8)E (9)7.22
11501613016 BUBUN ROY C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (24)A (8)E (9)7.52
11501613017 DEBOJIT CHAKRABORTY B (14)C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)B (14)B (14)B (21)E (9)A (8)6.81
11501613018 INDRANI ROY B (14)E (36)E (36)A (32)E (36)O (20)A (16)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.85
11501613019 JITESH KUMAR PANDEY C (12)D (20)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (16)B (21)A (8)A (8)6.33
11501613020 KOUSTAV DUTTA B (14)D (20)A (32)D (20)C (24)A (16)B (14)E (27)E (9)A (8)6.81
11501613021 MAINAK MITRA C (12)D (20)C (24)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)O (10)O (10)6.78
11501613022 MALLIKA MAJUMDER B (14)F (8)B (28)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)6.56
11501613023 MANOJ GHORAI C (12)D (20)A (32)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)B (21)A (8)E (9)6.81
11501613024 MD JULFIKAR ALI BHUTTO C (12)C (24)C (24)A (32)A (32)B (14)E (18)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.37
11501613025 MIRAJUL SK B (14)D (20)E (36)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.22
11501613026 NITIN GUPTA A (16)B (28)E (36)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)O (30)E (9)A (8)8.19
11501613027 PRABAR DAS B (14)C (24)O (40)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.04
11501613028 PRAKRITI KUMAR SRIVASTAVA B (14)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)B (14)A (16)E (27)A (8)A (8)7.81
11501613029 PRASHANT KUMAR JAISWAL B (14)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)B (14)E (18)A (24)A (8)E (9)7.52
11501613030 PRIYANKA GARAI B (14)B (28)E (36)A (32)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.44
11501613031 PROSENJIT HALDER B (14)A (32)O (40)E (36)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)9.00
11501613032 PUJA KUMARI C (12)A (32)O (40)A (32)O (40)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.89
11501613033 RAVI RANJAN PRASAD B (14)B (28)B (28)E (36)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)E (9)7.93
11501613034 SAIF HASAN C (12)C (24)B (28)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.00
11501613035 SAMANWAY BERA C (12)B (28)E (36)B (28)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (30)A (8)E (9)8.26
11501613036 SANJANA SAHA B (14)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.07
11501613037 SANJEET KUMAR F (4)F (8)D (20)F (8)D (20)A (16)B (14)A (24)A (8)O (10)4.89
11501613038 SAYAN HALDER C (12)B (28)E (36)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)E (27)E (9)A (8)8.07
11501613039 SAYANTAN DAS B (14)C (24)O (40)C (24)E (36)A (16)B (14)E (27)E (9)A (8)7.85
11501613040 SERAJ ALAM C (12)C (24)C (24)B (28)A (32)B (14)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.30
11501613041 SHILPI BASU C (12)A (32)E (36)B (28)O (40)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.44
11501613042 SHIVAM SINHA C (12)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)B (14)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.81
11501613043 SOUMYADIP BASU C (12)B (28)C (24)B (28)A (32)B (14)A (16)A (24)O (10)E (9)7.30
11501613044 SOUNAK KUMAR ROY D (10)C (24)E (36)B (28)E (36)E (18)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.89
11501613045 SOURAV MUKHERJEE D (10)C (24)E (36)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.22
11501613046 SOURAV PANJA B (14)C (24)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.56
11501613047 SOURAV SUMAN C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)C (24)B (14)A (16)E (27)E (9)O (10)7.41
11501613048 SRIYA GHOSH D (10)C (24)O (40)F (8)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.07
11501613049 SUBHABRATA PAL C (12)A (32)O (40)D (20)E (36)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (9)E (9)8.04
11501613050 SUBHADIP MAITY B (14)C (24)O (40)A (32)E (36)A (16)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.44
11501613051 SUBHAM BASAK B (14)B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.22
11501613052 SUBHAM RAJ A (16)C (24)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)A (24)E (9)A (8)7.52
11501613053 SUBHANKAR GHOSHAL B (14)C (24)O (40)A (32)E (36)A (16)E (18)O (30)E (9)A (8)8.41
11501613054 SURJYADIPTA SUR A (16)B (28)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (24)E (9)E (9)7.63
11501613055 SUSHANT ANAND B (14)A (32)B (28)A (32)A (32)E (18)A (16)O (30)E (9)E (9)8.15
11501613056 SUVAJIT NANDI C (12)C (24)E (36)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (27)E (9)E (9)7.81
11501613057 VISHAL YADAV C (12)D (20)D (20)D (20)C (24)B (14)A (16)A (24)E (9)A (8)6.19
11501613058 YESHITA DUTTA A (16)E (36)E (36)B (28)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (30)O (10)E (9)8.78

Incomplete as per WBUT First Regulation Part 2 Chapter 1 (ii)
A transitory lettergrade I (carrying points 2) shall be introduced for cases where the candidate fails to appear in End Semester examination(s) and where the results are incomplete.