RESULT 2012-2013


Degree : Btech In Computer Science & Engineering

09115001036 GOPAL CHANDRA PAUL D (10)C (18)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (28)A (16)B (14)B (14)A (16)6.696.776.730.00P
09115001038 IMAN PAUL C (12)D (15)B (21)C (18)D (15)C (24)A (16)B (14)B (14)A (16)5.816.356.080.00XP
11500110001 RISHIKA SARIN B (14)E (27)A (24)O (30)E (27)O (40)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)
11500110002 SOHINI DHAR B (14)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.548.428.480.00P
11500110003 ABHISHEK SRIVASTAVA B (14)C (18)C (18)D (15)D (15)F (8)A (16)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.775.856.310.00XP
11500110004 AAKANSHA KEDIA B (14)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (32)O (20)A (16)O (20)O (20)8.318.158.230.00P
11500110005 INDRAJIT BANERJEE C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (18)B (14)B (14)E (18)7.776.887.330.00P
11500110006 SANTOSH KUMAR D (10)A (24)C (18)B (21)A (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.507.197.350.00P
11500110007 ANWESHA BANERJEE D (10)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)D (20)O (20)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.657.427.540.00P
11500110008 DEBANKAN BAKSHI C (12)B (21)C (18)D (15)C (18)C (24)A (16)A (16)C (12)E (18)6.546.546.540.00XP
11500110009 NEHA SINGH B (14)E (27)B (21)E (27)B (21)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.968.088.020.00P
11500110012 ANIKET BASAK C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)F (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)5.856.356.100.00XP
11500110013 RUPAK CHAKRABORTY C (12)E (27)C (18)A (24)B (21)A (32)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)8.157.858.000.00P
11500110014 SUVAJIT DUTTA BANIK C (12)A (24)B (21)E (27)B (21)C (24)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.657.887.770.00P
11500110015 DIPAYAN MAITRA B (14)E (27)B (21)A (24)C (18)D (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.817.627.710.00P
11500110016 ARIJITA DAS C (12)E (27)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.047.586.810.00XP
11500110017 SOHAMN PRAMANIK B (14)A (24)A (24)D (15)C (18)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.047.587.810.00P
11500110018 PRATIK KUMAR MITRA C (12)E (27)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.738.428.580.00P
11500110019 VINAYAK RAJ C (12)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (32)E (18)A (16)O (20)A (16)7.427.737.580.00P
11500110020 KAMRAN HASSAN C (12)A (24)B (21)D (15)C (18)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500110021 SUTANU JANA D (10)A (24)A (24)C (18)C (18)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.547.087.310.00P
11500110022 SONIA CHANDA C (12)E (27)E (27)E (27)B (21)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.358.628.480.00P
11500110023 SHWETA KUMARI D (10)A (24)A (24)C (18)D (15)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.236.886.560.00P
11500110024 PRATIK SAHA B (14)E (27)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (20)B (14)A (16)E (18)8.468.318.380.00P
11500110025 TANDRIM CHAKRABORTY C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)D (15)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500110026 TIRTHANKAR DAS C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)
11500110027 BAITANIK TALUKDER C (12)O (30)O (30)A (24)B (21)E (36)O (20)A (16)O (20)E (18)8.888.738.810.00P
11500110029 SOUGATA DALAPATI C (12)C (18)A (24)B (21)D (15)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500110030 RAHUL RANJAN C (12)C (18)A (24)B (21)C (18)E (36)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.887.657.270.00P
11500110031 DIVYA SINGH B (14)A (24)E (27)A (24)B (21)E (36)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.888.318.100.00P
11500110032 ABHISHIKHA B (14)A (24)O (30)E (27)A (24)O (40)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.969.049.000.00P
11500110033 ADARSH PILANIA C (12)B (21)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (28)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.967.887.920.00P
11500110034 ARNAB PALIT C (12)C (18)B (21)B (21)A (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.927.317.120.00P
11500110035 ANIK MITRA B (14)B (21)B (21)D (15)B (21)D (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.467.237.350.00P
11500110036 PRONAY KUMAR TALAPATRA C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.357.047.190.00P
11500110037 DIBYAJYOTI NANDY D (10)C (18)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (28)E (18)B (14)A (16)O (20)6.817.197.000.00P
11500110038 MD MERAJ UDDIN D (10)D (15)C (18)C (18)B (21)B (28)A (16)A (16)B (14)O (20)6.356.776.560.00P
11500110039 SOUMYAJIT SARKAR C (12)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.468.588.520.00P
11500110040 DHARNA DUGAR D (10)C (18)B (21)C (18)C (18)B (28)A (16)B (14)E (18)O (20)6.466.966.710.00P
11500110041 ABHAY KUMAR SOMANI C (12)B (21)C (18)A (24)B (21)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.087.777.920.00P
11500110042 PRATYUSH PRAVEEN D (10)C (18)A (24)D (15)B (21)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.737.086.900.00P
11500110043 NEHA DUDHORIA B (14)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.238.588.400.00P
11500110044 ASHESH DAS B (14)A (24)E (27)E (27)A (24)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.548.548.540.00P
11500110045 PRASENJIT SAHA D (10)C (18)C (18)D (15)B (21)C (24)O (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.006.926.960.00P
11500110046 TRISHA SUR C (12)B (21)B (21)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)8.007.927.960.00P
11500110047 RIA SAHA C (12)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (21)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.777.587.670.00P
11500110048 ARKADEV ROY B (14)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (32)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.738.508.620.00P
11500110049 SHAMIK PAN B (14)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (36)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500110050 ANKITA PAREEK B (14)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.627.777.690.00P
11500110051 GOURAV KUMAR SHAW B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)9.088.548.810.00P
11500110052 KISHAN SHARMA B (14)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (20)B (14)E (18)E (18)8.588.278.420.00P
11500110053 ARKA CHAKRABORTY C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (28)A (16)B (14)C (12)E (18)7.926.967.440.00P
11500110054 SUVRADIP DAS C (12)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.127.928.020.00P
11500110055 SHUBHAM RAJ C (12)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)A (32)E (18)A (16)O (20)A (16)7.507.277.380.00P
11500110056 RUCHI AGARWALA C (12)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.127.507.810.00P
11500110057 DEEPAYAN NANDY B (14)B (21)B (21)C (18)D (15)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.237.427.330.00P
11500110058 ANUSWAR KUMAR B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)D (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.967.697.830.00P
11500110059 SHREYA SARKAR B (14)A (24)A (24)B (21)E (27)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.468.628.540.00P
11500110060 ELEZA CHAKRABORTY C (12)B (21)B (21)D (15)D (15)F (8)A (16)A (16)A (16)B (14)7.735.926.830.00XP
11500110061 RIMPA GHOSH C (12)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (21)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.627.587.600.00P
11500110062 PUJA VASA C (12)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (36)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.428.468.440.00P
11500110063 JYOTI PRAKASH SARKAR D (10)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.357.277.310.00P
11500110064 PRATIK NANDI C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)F (8)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.656.196.420.00XP
11500110065 SYAMANTAK DATTA C (12)C (18)D (15)C (18)B (21)C (24)A (16)A (16)O (20)E (18)7.316.857.080.00P
11500110066 ANURAG GHOSH B (14)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (18)D (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.357.087.210.00P
11500110067 SUBHASH THAKUR D (10)B (21)C (18)C (18)B (21)D (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.356.697.020.00P
11500110068 MANISHA JHA B (14)A (24)A (24)B (21)A (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.627.887.750.00P
11500110069 SUBHADIP SAHA C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (36)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)6.967.927.440.00P
11500110070 SAURABH JAIN B (14)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.317.927.620.00P
11500110071 PROBIR SARKAR C (12)B (21)C (18)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (20)A (16)
11500110072 SNEHA PANDEY B (14)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (18)A (32)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.927.697.810.00P
11500110073 KUMAR SAURAV C (12)B (21)C (18)B (21)D (15)C (24)A (16)B (14)E (18)E (18)6.466.816.630.00P
11500110074 AMARTYA SHAW B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (36)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.818.698.750.00P
11500110075 SUNNY RAJ C (12)A (24)C (18)B (21)D (15)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.157.387.270.00P
11500110076 ANUPRIYA BHATTACHARYYA B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)
11500110077 TANAYA PODDAR A (16)E (27)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.928.778.850.00P
11500110078 PIYALI SIL B (14)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (24)O (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.627.547.580.00P
11500110079 PIYALI CHANDRA C (12)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.158.357.750.00P
11500110080 KRISHNENDU BANERJEE B (14)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (36)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.548.738.630.00P
11500110081 KAUSTAV BOSE C (12)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.237.968.100.00P
11500110082 SOUMYADEEP DAS B (14)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)C (24)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.007.967.980.00P
11500110083 PRATIK KUMAR RAI C (12)A (24)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500110084 AVRA SETT C (12)D (15)C (18)B (21)D (15)C (24)C (12)A (16)C (12)E (18)5.586.275.920.00X
11500110085 TRIDIB KUMAR DEY C (12)B (21)C (18)B (21)B (21)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.467.277.370.00P
11500110086 DIPANJAN MUKHOPADHYAY B (14)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)6.737.547.130.00P
11500110087 JOYDEEP BARAL C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (28)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.007.697.850.00P
11500110088 SOURAV KARMAKAR D (10)B (21)C (18)A (24)B (21)C (24)A (16)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.507.087.290.00P
11500110089 SOUMIK SARKAR C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)D (15)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.546.856.690.00XP
11500110090 ANIS BASAK C (12)E (27)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.778.358.560.00P
11500110091 PIYUSH PANDEY C (12)D (15)C (18)B (21)B (21)B (28)E (18)A (16)C (12)O (20)7.236.967.100.00P
11500110092 SUBHRAJIT MUKHERJEE D (10)C (18)D (15)B (21)D (15)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.546.426.480.00XP
11500110093 SOUMYA SAHA C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)A (32)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.587.127.350.00P
11500110095 POULAMI SAHA B (14)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.858.588.710.00P
11500110097 RANJAN SAHA D (10)A (24)B (21)A (24)E (27)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.388.318.350.00P
11500110098 RITOBRATO KUNDU C (12)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.968.158.060.00P
11500110099 AMIT KUMAR CHANDRA A (16)B (21)C (18)E (27)A (24)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.468.008.230.00P
11500110100 SOUMITRA ROY B (14)B (21)D (15)B (21)C (18)D (20)B (14)A (16)A (16)O (20)6.856.736.790.00P
11500110101 SONAM AGARWALA A (16)E (27)A (24)E (27)E (27)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.928.738.830.00P
11500110102 SOURAV KUNDU B (14)E (27)B (21)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.358.238.290.00P
11500110103 SISIR BHOWMIK B (14)B (21)D (15)D (15)C (18)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.697.127.400.00P
11500110104 SOUMYABRATA MOITRA B (14)E (27)B (21)A (24)A (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)8.858.088.460.00P
11500110105 DEVANSHU MOHAN B (14)B (21)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (32)O (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)8.357.968.150.00P
11500110106 SUKANYA KUNDU B (14)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.658.428.540.00P
11500110107 JHILIK SANTRA B (14)E (27)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (32)O (20)O (20)E (18)A (16)8.738.318.520.00P
11500110108 ABHISHEK SA A (16)E (27)B (21)A (24)C (18)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.888.007.940.00P
11500110109 SUDIP GHORA B (14)E (27)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.007.697.850.00P
11500110110 KAUSTAV DEB B (14)E (27)B (21)B (21)B (21)D (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.467.627.540.00P
11500110111 ANIK DEB B (14)A (24)D (15)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.427.277.350.00P
11500110113 ANUBHAB DUTTA A (16)E (27)B (21)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.888.548.710.00P
11500110114 ABHINAV PRASAD LALA A (16)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (32)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500110115 SOURAV DAS B (14)B (21)C (18)B (21)B (21)A (32)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)8.007.357.670.00P
11500110116 ARKA BANERJEE A (16)E (27)A (24)A (24)D (15)A (32)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.468.158.310.00P
11500110117 SHUBHAM KUMAR C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)B (14)7.317.197.250.00P
11500110118 ASHISH KUMAR B (14)E (27)A (24)B (21)C (18)A (32)O (20)B (14)A (16)E (18)8.387.858.120.00P
11500110119 RAHUL PODDAR B (14)A (24)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)A (16)7.967.627.790.00P
11500110120 SUBHRA ADHIKARY C (12)B (21)C (18)C (18)D (15)D (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.776.627.190.00P
11500111117 ANIRBAN SAHA D (10)C (18)C (18)C (18)D (15)C (24)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)5.816.356.080.00XP
11500111118 ARIJIT BANERJEE B (14)E (27)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.387.737.560.00P
11500111119 ARPITA CHAUDHURI C (12)E (27)B (21)A (24)A (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.277.857.560.00P
11500111120 ASHUTOSH PATHAK D (10)C (18)D (15)C (18)D (15)C (24)B (14)C (12)B (14)B (14)5.695.925.810.00XP
11500111122 DIPIKA SARKAR B (14)A (24)C (18)A (24)B (21)A (32)O (20)B (14)E (18)O (20)7.387.887.630.00P
11500111123 DIPTA KUNDU C (12)C (18)B (21)B (21)D (15)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)B (14)5.816.656.230.00XP
11500111124 JINIYA MANNA B (14)B (21)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (28)O (20)A (16)A (16)O (20)7.817.857.830.00P
11500111125 KAUSIK JATI C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (24)A (16)B (14)A (16)E (18)
11500111126 KRISHNA SINGHA A (16)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)A (32)E (18)B (14)A (16)O (20)
11500111127 LINA MAJUMDER B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.318.388.350.00P
11500111128 MALAY KUMAR MONDAL B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)C (18)B (28)B (14)A (16)C (12)A (16)7.467.087.270.00XP
11500111129 MRINMOY BISWAS B (14)A (24)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (28)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.776.926.850.00P
11500111130 NABAJYOTI MITRA B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.657.427.540.00P
11500111131 NABANITA NASKAR C (12)A (24)B (21)C (18)B (21)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.737.387.560.00P
11500111132 PRIYANKA ROY B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)8.387.858.120.00P
11500111133 PROSENJIT CHOWDHURY B (14)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (32)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)7.157.507.330.00P
11500111134 SANGITA DEB B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)
11500111135 SUKHENDU BANERJEE D (10)C (18)C (18)C (18)D (15)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.586.586.580.00P
11500111136 SUKUMAR JATI D (10)C (18)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.006.776.880.00P
11500111137 TRINA BISWAS B (14)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.317.427.370.00P

Degree : Btech In Computer Science & Engineering

09115001015 ARUNANGSHU RAY B (28)E (36)E (27)A (24)A (24)E (18)O (20)A (16)O (20)O (20)7.778.638.210.00P

Degree : Btech In Information Technology

08115002039 SUNNY SARKAR C (12)C (18)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (14)A (16)C (12)C (12)5.046.365.690.00XP
09115002018 DEEPANJAN PAL C (12)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)C (12)C (12)
11500210001 KANUPRIYA B (14)A (24)E (27)C (18)A (24)E (27)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.388.248.310.00P
11500210002 ANKIT RAJ B (14)B (21)A (24)C (18)A (24)B (21)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.927.687.290.00P
11500210003 KHUSHBOO PERIWAL B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)A (16)A (16)8.197.808.000.00P
11500210004 RADHIKA DAS B (14)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)8.047.727.880.00P
11500210006 CHITRALEKHA BANERJEE A (16)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500210007 ARYAN PRATAP SINGH C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.627.647.630.00P
11500210008 SUCHATA BISWAS A (16)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500210009 WASIM AHMED B (14)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)O (20)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.317.567.430.00P
11500210010 SHYAM KUMAR D (10)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)A (24)O (20)E (18)A (16)A (16)
11500210011 NIRAJ PAUL D (10)D (15)C (18)D (15)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.656.606.630.00P
11500210012 DEBANJAN SAHA B (14)A (24)A (24)B (21)E (27)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)
11500210013 ANKUR AZAD C (12)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)5.817.006.390.00XP
11500210014 MALVIKA C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.157.647.390.00P
11500210015 NISHITA PODDAR B (14)A (24)B (21)B (21)E (27)A (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.858.288.060.00P
11500210016 PUJA CHOURASIYA C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.197.567.370.00P
11500210017 MANISH RAJ VERMA C (12)C (18)B (21)C (18)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.387.246.800.00P
11500210018 KOUSHIK KUNDU C (12)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500210019 MANISH KUMAR C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)B (21)O (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)8.127.447.780.00P
11500210020 VIVEK KUMAR MISHRA C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)C (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.587.327.450.00P
11500210021 AKANKSHA SUMAN C (12)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.777.367.570.00P
11500210022 PRATIK JAIN C (12)C (18)B (21)C (18)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)B (14)A (16)6.967.087.020.00P
11500210023 ABHISHEK CHANDAN C (12)C (18)C (18)C (18)A (24)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.387.167.270.00P
11500210024 WASHIM RAJA C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)A (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.087.887.980.00P
11500210025 MONAS BHAR C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.157.848.000.00P
11500210026 MOUMITA GHOSH B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.887.967.920.00P
11500210027 JAYANTI KUMARI C (12)B (21)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.777.967.860.00P
11500210028 SHREEMEE SINHA C (12)A (24)A (24)E (27)E (27)B (21)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.158.448.290.00P
11500210030 SUBARNA TALUKDAR B (14)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.888.248.060.00P
11500210031 KAUSHAL KUMAR AGRAWAL C (12)B (21)C (18)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.967.567.250.00P
11500210032 UPASANA SINHA C (12)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.857.807.820.00P
11500210033 SHUBHADIP CHAKRABORTY C (12)C (18)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.087.847.960.00P
11500210034 MOHIT SINGH B (14)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (27)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.697.887.780.00P
11500210035 SURUCHI C (12)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.548.247.880.00P
11500210036 SAURAV CHAKRABORTY C (12)B (21)C (18)C (18)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.007.527.760.00P
11500210037 MINAKSHI C (12)C (18)A (24)B (21)E (27)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.967.887.920.00P
11500210038 SANCHITA KUNDU C (12)B (21)C (18)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.697.687.690.00P
11500210039 MAHASWETA KESHRI C (12)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.927.807.860.00P
11500210040 DEBAYAN SENGUPTA C (12)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500210041 ARNAB BISWAS B (14)C (18)B (21)A (24)E (27)B (21)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.127.647.370.00P
11500210042 AMULYA KUMAR SINGH D (10)C (18)C (18)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.697.166.920.00P
11500210043 ADITYA KUMAR DUBEY D (10)C (18)B (21)C (18)B (21)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500210044 SAGAR KUMAR BHUWANIA C (12)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)8.277.848.060.00P
11500210045 TANDRA JAISWAL C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (27)A (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.858.087.960.00P
11500210046 ANCHAL ARORA B (14)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.588.327.940.00P
11500210047 RAJEEV RANJAN SINGH B (14)C (18)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.857.367.100.00P
11500210048 SUBHAJIT NANDI B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.627.887.750.00P
11500210049 ASTHA SINHA C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.967.727.840.00P
11500210050 VISHAL RANJAN D (10)C (18)C (18)B (21)E (27)B (21)O (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.467.327.390.00P
11500210051 DIPASREE GHOSH C (12)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (27)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.088.368.220.00P
11500210052 ABHISHEK SINHA C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (27)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.387.887.630.00P
11500210053 RINKITA DEY C (12)A (24)B (21)B (21)E (27)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.657.927.780.00P
11500210054 SAPTAK KUMAR BANERJEE F (4)C (18)C (18)C (18)C (18)C (18)A (16)B (14)C (12)C (12)5.425.925.670.00X
11500210055 AMITABHA GUPTA B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (27)E (27)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.628.328.470.00P
11500210056 PREETI KUMARI SINHA C (12)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)A (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500210057 SOUMIK SENGUPTA D (10)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.237.607.410.00P
11500210058 RITIKA D (10)C (18)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.657.567.610.00P
11500211061 DIPTANGSU KUMAR D (10)C (18)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500211062 GOUTAM KUMAR D (10)C (18)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.626.686.650.00P
11500211063 RAHUL DAS D (10)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)B (21)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.506.886.690.00P
11500211064 SREEA DATTA D (10)C (18)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (14)B (14)C (12)A (16)6.236.366.290.00P
11500211065 SUNANDAN HALDER D (10)D (15)D (15)D (15)D (15)C (18)A (16)B (14)C (12)A (16)5.585.845.710.00XP

Degree : Btech In Electronics & Communication Engineering

09115003025 SATADAL MAITY C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (18)A (16)B (14)B (14)C (12)6.426.686.550.00P
11500110011 VICKY AGARWAL C (12)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (24)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.468.408.430.00P
11500310001 SK SAIFUDDIN C (12)B (21)A (24)D (15)B (21)D (15)E (18)O (20)O (20)A (16)
11500310002 MAYURI DASGUPTA B (14)E (27)O (30)B (21)A (24)E (27)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.818.848.310.00P
11500310003 SOUVIK ROY A (16)C (18)A (24)C (18)C (18)D (15)E (18)O (20)E (18)A (16)
11500310004 SRAMANA CHAKRABARTY B (14)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)A (16)7.928.007.960.00P
11500310005 ARINDAM DAS C (12)C (18)A (24)D (15)D (15)C (18)A (16)E (18)B (14)C (12)5.356.485.900.00XP
11500310006 SAYANTA DEY B (14)E (27)O (30)B (21)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)A (16)8.548.248.390.00P
11500310007 NITIN SOMANI A (16)A (24)E (27)C (18)C (18)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.387.808.100.00P
11500310008 SHUBHRAJYOTI BHATTACHARYA A (16)A (24)O (30)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.358.408.370.00P
11500310009 RAJEN PRASAD B (14)A (24)E (27)D (15)C (18)E (27)E (18)A (16)E (18)C (12)7.387.567.470.00P
11500310010 SUKANYA GHOSH B (14)E (27)E (27)B (21)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.198.608.390.00P
11500310011 SANJIB BERA C (12)A (24)O (30)B (21)A (24)D (15)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.737.767.240.00XP
11500310012 SOUMYAJIT GUCHHAIT B (14)O (30)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.388.528.450.00P
11500310013 RAJEEV KUMAR C (12)A (24)O (30)C (18)A (24)A (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.198.328.250.00P
11500310014 SUBHAJIT BASAK C (12)E (27)E (27)A (24)E (27)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.428.568.490.00P
11500310015 RAJU KUMAR C (12)C (18)B (21)C (18)C (18)D (15)E (18)E (18)O (20)B (14)7.156.887.020.00P
11500310016 AINDRILA SUR B (14)E (27)E (27)C (18)B (21)D (15)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.087.928.000.00P
11500310017 SHITAL GANERIWAL B (14)E (27)O (30)E (27)E (27)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500310018 SOUVIK KUMAR PAUL C (12)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (27)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)A (16)8.628.568.590.00P
11500310019 SAYANTANI CHAKRABORTY C (12)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (24)B (21)A (16)O (20)A (16)E (18)
11500310020 ARIJIT DAS D (10)C (18)A (24)C (18)C (18)D (15)E (18)A (16)O (20)O (20)6.857.086.960.00P
11500310021 SOURADIP NANDI D (10)C (18)A (24)B (21)C (18)D (15)O (20)O (20)E (18)A (16)
11500310022 ANAMITRA DAS D (10)E (27)E (27)A (24)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.657.967.800.00P
11500310023 ANINDYA ROY CHOUDHURY B (14)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.817.887.840.00P
11500310024 MD MERAZ AHMED B (14)E (27)O (30)A (24)A (24)A (24)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)9.198.768.980.00P
11500310025 RAJAT JAISWAL B (14)B (21)E (27)B (21)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.737.807.760.00P
11500310026 SOUMIK SENAPATI B (14)E (27)E (27)A (24)E (27)B (21)E (18)E (18)O (20)A (16)9.128.488.800.00P
11500310027 NIKITA A SHAH B (14)E (27)E (27)B (21)E (27)E (27)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.928.768.840.00P
11500310028 DIBYAJYOTI DAS B (14)E (27)A (24)B (21)A (24)C (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500310030 RINTU SARKAR B (14)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.818.047.920.00P
11500310031 PRATIK KUMAR CHHAPOLIKA B (14)A (24)E (27)E (27)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.628.328.470.00P
11500310032 KAVISH AL KHALID B (14)B (21)E (27)C (18)B (21)B (21)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.737.927.820.00P
11500310033 PRIYANGI DAS B (14)A (24)E (27)B (21)E (27)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.278.408.330.00P
11500310034 RAVINDER SINGH B (14)B (21)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.817.967.880.00P
11500310035 AMITRAJIT RAY C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.317.207.250.00P
11500310036 SAMEER KUMAR C (12)C (18)E (27)C (18)A (24)C (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)B (14)7.427.327.370.00P
11500310037 ARPAN CHATTERJEE C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)C (18)B (21)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.157.807.980.00P
11500310038 ARUP SEN C (12)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (21)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.468.208.330.00P
11500310040 KAUSTAV DUTTA C (12)B (21)A (24)C (18)C (18)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.737.327.530.00P
11500310041 AMIT KUMAR CHAURASIA B (14)A (24)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.888.288.590.00P
11500310042 SHIKHA AGRAWAL C (12)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.778.207.980.00P
11500310043 RAVI RANJAN KUMAR C (12)C (18)A (24)D (15)B (21)C (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)A (16)6.967.287.120.00P
11500310044 RIYA MUKHERJEE B (14)A (24)B (21)C (18)C (18)A (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.927.807.860.00P
11500310045 TANIA DATTA A (16)E (27)O (30)A (24)E (27)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)9.158.969.060.00P
11500310046 SAYANTAN GHOSH B (14)E (27)O (30)A (24)E (27)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.738.768.750.00P
11500310047 ANANDA SANKAR CHOUDHURI B (14)E (27)E (27)E (27)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.158.929.040.00P
11500310048 SOUMYADIP SETH B (14)A (24)E (27)B (21)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.738.488.610.00P
11500310049 ASHOK PRASAD KUSHWARA D (10)C (18)B (21)C (18)C (18)D (15)O (20)O (20)A (16)E (18)7.656.967.310.00P
11500310050 REETAM CHATTERJEE C (12)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)A (16)6.857.167.000.00P
11500310051 ABHINANDAN KUMAR PANDEY C (12)A (24)E (27)C (18)B (21)C (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.357.847.590.00P
11500310052 ARGHYA DUTTA B (14)D (15)D (15)C (18)F (6)C (18)A (16)B (14)B (14)C (12)5.965.685.820.00XP
11500310053 SOUMO SAHA C (12)A (24)E (27)A (24)C (18)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)8.627.848.240.00P
11500310054 ROMIT CHAURASIA B (14)B (21)A (24)B (21)C (18)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.817.807.800.00P
11500310055 AMAN PANDEY B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)A (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.888.047.960.00P
11500310056 NILOTPAL DUTTA B (14)E (27)O (30)A (24)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.928.848.880.00P
11500310058 SUNANDAN KUMAR C (12)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.737.807.760.00P
11500310059 RUPALI ROY C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)O (20)7.507.367.430.00P
11500310060 SAUMIK SYED D (10)B (21)C (18)B (21)C (18)D (15)E (18)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.817.006.900.00P
11500310061 UDITA KAR C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)D (15)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.817.167.490.00P
11500310062 SUCHANDRA PARAL C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)C (18)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.547.728.140.00P
11500310063 GOURAV DHOL D (10)C (18)B (21)C (18)D (15)D (15)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)5.886.686.270.00P
11500310064 SHREYA ADHIKARY C (12)E (27)A (24)E (27)C (18)B (21)E (18)A (16)O (20)O (20)
11500310066 SUDIP PRATIHAR C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (21)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.237.928.080.00P
11500310067 RITAYAN JETA D (10)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.967.967.960.00P
11500310068 SANGITA MAITY C (12)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.468.608.530.00P
11500310069 TAMAL GHOSH C (12)A (24)E (27)E (27)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.278.648.450.00P
11500310070 SOMNATH SAHA C (12)E (27)E (27)A (24)E (27)B (21)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.388.648.510.00P
11500310071 RISHIN BANERJEE C (12)C (18)B (21)C (18)A (24)C (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)O (20)6.657.246.940.00P
11500310072 MOUMITA DAS B (14)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.888.448.160.00P
11500310073 TAPOMAY RAY B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (27)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.628.608.610.00P
11500310074 VINIT KUMAR GUPTA C (12)B (21)A (24)C (18)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.627.767.690.00P
11500310075 TIRTHANKAR BANERJEE C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.507.647.570.00P
11500310076 SOUMIK GHOSH C (12)B (21)C (18)D (15)C (18)D (15)C (12)A (16)C (12)C (12)5.816.045.920.00X
11500310077 SUDIP SAMADDAR D (10)B (21)C (18)D (15)B (21)D (15)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.546.726.630.00P
11500310079 RISHAV BHATTACHARYYA C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (21)C (18)O (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.697.647.670.00P
11500310080 MAYANK SHYAMSUKHA C (12)A (24)A (24)B (21)A (24)D (15)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.507.768.140.00P
11500310081 RAHUL GORAI D (10)A (24)A (24)D (15)C (18)B (21)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)
11500310082 MAINAK DAS C (12)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.858.087.960.00P
11500310083 SOURAV TRIBEDI C (12)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)
11500310084 DEEPAK KUMAR D (10)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)O (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.087.447.250.00P
11500310085 NILESH SINGH C (12)A (24)B (21)E (27)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.508.408.450.00P
11500310087 MONICA KANCHAN C (12)A (24)A (24)E (27)E (27)B (21)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.198.528.350.00P
11500310088 NEHA RANI B (14)B (21)E (27)E (27)E (27)E (27)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.588.928.750.00P
11500310089 MD GHAREEB NAWAZ C (12)B (21)E (27)E (27)E (27)E (27)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.088.688.370.00P
11500310090 ARGHYA ROY C (12)D (15)B (21)C (18)B (21)C (18)E (18)O (20)B (14)E (18)
11500310092 BALVEER KUMAR D (10)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500310093 ANKIT MAKHIJA D (10)C (18)A (24)A (24)A (24)C (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.967.687.820.00P
11500310094 ARITRO DEY C (12)C (18)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.387.447.410.00P
11500310095 ANEESH DAS C (12)B (21)B (21)A (24)C (18)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.467.487.470.00P
11500310096 SHREYA ROY C (12)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)
11500310097 KUTUBUDDIN SARDAR D (10)C (18)C (18)B (21)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)B (14)6.586.966.760.00P
11500310098 BAIBHAW ANAND B (14)E (27)O (30)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)8.048.448.240.00P
11500310099 ROHIT GUPTA B (14)E (27)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)O (20)
11500310100 MRINMAY BANIK B (14)B (21)E (27)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.007.727.350.00P
11500310101 HASIB ROWSHAN C (12)A (24)O (30)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.157.887.510.00P
11500310103 SUNDEEPAN SHARMA B (14)C (18)A (24)C (18)C (18)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.547.407.470.00P
11500310104 ARUN PATEL B (14)O (30)E (27)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500310105 DIPTA HALDER B (14)A (24)E (27)B (21)C (18)C (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.737.527.120.00P
11500310106 ANSHU KUMARI C (12)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)8.047.887.960.00P
11500310107 RASHMI RANI B (14)E (27)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.508.808.650.00P
11500310108 NAVNEET TIWARI B (14)O (30)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.088.929.000.00P
11500310109 LABONI DEY B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)B (14)7.777.807.780.00P
11500310110 PUNYA TARU B (14)E (27)E (27)E (27)E (27)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.778.968.860.00P
11500310111 DEEPSIKHA BANERJEE B (14)E (27)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)A (16)8.588.368.470.00P
11500310112 ARMAN HAIDER B (14)A (24)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.317.407.350.00P
11500310113 GYANANJAY KUMAR B (14)E (27)E (27)A (24)A (24)E (27)O (20)O (20)E (18)A (16)8.818.688.750.00P
11500310114 DEBDEEP PHARIKAL B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.928.248.080.00P
11500310116 PAWAN KUMAR AGARWAL C (12)A (24)E (27)C (18)C (18)C (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.357.247.290.00P
11500310117 PRIYASHREE BASU C (12)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (21)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.817.887.840.00P
11500310118 SAYANTAN DAS C (12)B (21)E (27)C (18)B (21)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)O (20)7.047.607.310.00P
11500310119 DEBANKAN SEN C (12)A (24)E (27)B (21)B (21)A (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.737.967.840.00P
11500310120 ARITRA CHATTERJEE C (12)B (21)E (27)C (18)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.817.487.650.00P
11500310122 JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE F (4)D (15)C (18)D (15)D (15)D (15)E (18)B (14)B (14)C (12)4.965.605.270.00X
11500311122 ABHISHEK RANA C (12)B (21)B (21)A (24)B (21)E (27)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.627.767.690.00P
11500311123 ABUJAR AHAMED B (14)B (21)A (24)C (18)C (18)B (21)A (16)A (16)A (16)C (12)6.357.046.690.00XP
11500311126 BISWARUP BANIK D (10)B (21)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)O (20)A (16)7.387.687.530.00P
11500311127 DEBANJAN ROY B (14)C (18)A (24)A (24)C (18)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.817.647.220.00P
11500311128 DEBARGHYA MUKHERJEE C (12)C (18)C (18)B (21)C (18)D (15)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.386.806.590.00P
11500311129 DIBWAJYOTI BANDYOPADHYAY C (12)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.737.166.940.00P
11500311130 DIBYASHREE CHAKRABORTY C (12)A (24)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.357.406.860.00XP
11500311131 MANISH KUMAR KARN A (16)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)B (21)A (16)C (12)A (16)E (18)6.967.327.140.00P
11500311132 NILAKSHI KAR C (12)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)D (15)A (16)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.816.886.840.00P
11500311136 PRANAB KUMAR NANDI C (12)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)D (15)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.126.486.290.00P
11500311137 PRITAM CHANDA C (12)B (21)A (24)C (18)C (18)C (18)B (14)B (14)A (16)A (16)6.856.846.840.00P
11500311138 PRITAM DAS B (14)A (24)A (24)A (24)B (21)B (21)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.587.767.670.00P
11500311139 RAHUL KANTI DEV C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)C (18)B (14)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.587.006.780.00P
11500311140 SABYASACHI CHATTERJEE C (12)E (27)A (24)A (24)C (18)C (18)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)7.507.487.490.00P
11500311142 SOUMABRATA NANDI D (10)B (21)B (21)C (18)A (24)C (18)E (18)A (16)B (14)E (18)6.817.126.960.00P
11500311143 SPONDITA DUTTA D (10)B (21)B (21)B (21)C (18)B (21)A (16)B (14)A (16)E (18)
11500311144 SUSHOVAN BHOWMICK C (12)C (18)B (21)D (15)C (18)C (18)A (16)B (14)A (16)O (20)6.736.726.730.00P
11500311145 SWARNAVA BANERJEE C (12)B (21)B (21)C (18)C (18)C (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.547.126.820.00P

Degree : Btech In Electrical Engineering

09115016047 RAKESH SHAW D (10)D (20)B (28)D (20)F (6)F (6)B (14)B (14)B (14)A (16)
11500110096 SUNNY PRASAD B (14)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.967.577.770.00P
11501610002 CHANDRA SHEKHAR TIWARY C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (21)B (21)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.507.577.540.00P
11501610004 PRAKALPA CHATTERJEE B (14)B (28)E (36)D (20)B (21)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.327.397.360.00P
11501610005 NEERAJ KUMAR D (10)F (8)B (28)F (8)D (15)C (18)B (14)B (14)C (12)A (16)5.715.115.410.00XP
11501610006 IPSITA MAJUMDER A (16)D (20)C (24)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.146.576.860.00P
11501610007 ANKIT AGRAWAL C (12)C (24)C (24)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.826.576.700.00P
11501610008 GARGI BISWAS D (10)B (28)B (28)D (20)B (21)A (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.327.397.360.00P
11501610009 NIKUNJ BIDAWATKA B (14)B (28)A (32)D (20)A (24)E (27)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.617.827.710.00P
11501610010 SAIKAT PAUL B (14)D (20)B (28)C (24)B (21)C (18)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.756.827.290.00P
11501610013 GAZALA AMIN SIDDIQUEE B (14)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (24)E (27)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.398.188.290.00P
11501610014 MITALI DEY C (12)A (32)A (32)C (24)B (21)A (24)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.187.897.540.00P
11501610015 ANKITA DAS B (14)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (24)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.688.078.380.00P
11501610016 VINEET KUMAR B (14)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (24)E (27)A (16)E (18)O (20)O (20)
11501610017 AMARTYA BHATTACHARYYA C (12)C (24)C (24)F (8)B (21)C (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.866.396.630.00XP
11501610018 RAJIV RAUSHAN D (10)B (28)A (32)F (8)C (18)C (18)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.076.436.750.00XP
11501610019 CHANDAN KUMAR SHARMA C (12)C (24)B (28)D (20)C (18)A (24)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.546.867.200.00P
11501610020 SHARVIL GUPTA C (12)C (24)B (28)C (24)C (18)B (21)B (14)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.546.967.250.00P
11501610021 BHAGWAN KUMAR PANDIT D (10)D (20)B (28)D (20)C (18)F (6)B (14)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11501610022 AMIT GHOSH C (12)C (24)B (28)C (24)B (21)A (24)A (16)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.437.117.270.00P
11501610023 TUNIR SAHA C (12)B (28)B (28)B (28)C (18)C (18)A (16)O (20)C (12)E (18)
11501610024 MD TAUFIQUE AHMAD F (4)D (20)B (28)D (20)D (15)D (15)B (14)A (16)C (12)E (18)6.295.796.040.00XP
11501610025 ABHISHEK MODAK C (12)C (24)A (32)E (36)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.257.868.050.00P
11501610026 KIBRIYA RAHAMAN B (14)B (28)A (32)A (32)C (18)B (21)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.937.547.730.00P
11501610027 SUBHENDU MONDAL B (14)C (24)A (32)B (28)C (18)A (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.717.507.610.00P
11501610028 ABHIRUP HALDAR B (14)C (24)B (28)B (28)C (18)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)
11501610029 MAYUKH DUTTA B (14)C (24)A (32)C (24)C (18)D (15)B (14)A (16)A (16)O (20)7.756.897.320.00P
11501610030 SOURAV PAUL D (10)F (8)C (24)F (8)D (15)D (15)B (14)A (16)C (12)A (16)6.644.935.790.00XP
11501610031 JOYAPRITA SAMANTA C (12)B (28)O (40)A (32)A (24)E (27)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.898.468.680.00P
11501610032 SIDHARTH KUMAR C (12)B (28)O (40)C (24)C (18)B (21)E (18)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.147.547.340.00P
11501610033 KASHIF BAKHT MUHAMMAD NABI B (14)A (32)O (40)B (28)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)
11501610034 SOURAV DAS C (12)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.897.617.750.00P
11501610035 AJAY KUMAR SHAW C (12)C (24)B (28)F (8)A (24)C (18)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.186.436.800.00XP
11501610036 SOUMI MALLIK C (12)E (36)B (28)C (24)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.077.647.860.00P
11501610038 BABLU KUMAR F (4)B (28)C (24)D (20)C (18)D (15)E (18)A (16)B (14)C (12)7.466.046.750.00XP
11501610039 SUBHA PRATIM DUTTA C (12)B (28)A (32)D (20)B (21)D (15)A (16)E (18)B (14)A (16)6.796.866.820.00P
11501610040 SASWATA MUKHERJEE C (12)B (28)A (32)D (20)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)B (14)E (18)
11501610041 SAYANI SETH A (16)E (36)E (36)B (28)A (24)A (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.828.718.770.00P
11501610042 ANIK DAS D (10)B (28)B (28)C (24)A (24)C (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.297.437.360.00P
11501610043 UPAMANYU SENGUPTA C (12)B (28)A (32)C (24)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.077.687.880.00P
11501610044 SOURAV GARGARI B (14)A (32)E (36)B (28)A (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.898.258.570.00P
11501610045 RUPESH KUMAR D (10)D (20)B (28)C (24)C (18)C (18)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.866.576.710.00P
11501610046 SAIKAT KHAN D (10)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (21)D (15)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.826.366.590.00X
11501610047 PINAKI PAL D (10)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (21)B (21)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.797.217.000.00P
11501610048 SAROJ SADHU D (10)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.437.717.570.00P
11501610049 SUVADEEP MUKHERJEE D (10)A (32)B (28)B (28)C (18)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.717.467.590.00P
11501610050 SOUNAK MOHANTA C (12)E (36)E (36)A (32)B (21)B (21)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)9.118.368.730.00P
11501610051 RAJEEV RANJAN C (12)B (28)B (28)F (8)C (18)C (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.006.506.750.00XP
11501610052 AVISHEK BOSE C (12)B (28)B (28)F (8)C (18)C (18)B (14)B (14)E (18)E (18)
11501610053 SAGNIK CHAKRABORTY C (12)E (36)B (28)D (20)A (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.547.547.540.00P
11501610054 ARNAB SAMADDER D (10)A (32)B (28)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)B (14)E (18)6.756.866.800.00P
11501610055 KHOKAN MAITY C (12)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (21)B (21)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.647.216.930.00P
11501610056 SOURAV GHOSH C (12)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (18)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.717.147.430.00P
11501610057 SAYANTAN SAHA C (12)A (32)A (32)C (24)D (15)C (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.897.187.540.00P
11501610058 MOHAMMED TAMIM MANDAL C (12)E (36)A (32)C (24)C (18)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.937.577.750.00P
11501610059 SANTANU MONDAL D (10)B (28)D (20)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.256.436.840.00P
11501610060 PRAKASH KUMAR CHOUDHARY B (14)A (32)A (32)C (24)C (18)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.827.717.770.00P
11501611062 ABHISHEK JANA D (10)D (20)B (28)F (8)C (18)F (6)A (16)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.075.576.320.00XP
11501611063 AMAJIT ROY C (12)C (24)C (24)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.646.506.570.00P
11501611064 ANIRBAN PAL C (12)D (20)B (28)D (20)C (18)D (15)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)
11501611065 ARIJIT SHARMA C (12)C (24)B (28)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.756.646.700.00P
11501611066 KOUSIK GHORAI C (12)B (28)C (24)D (20)C (18)C (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.466.646.550.00P
11501611067 KRISHNENDU DEY B (14)B (28)B (28)D (20)B (21)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.797.217.000.00P
11501611068 RINKU SAHA C (12)D (20)C (24)C (24)C (18)C (18)A (16)E (18)B (14)E (18)6.686.506.590.00P
11501611069 SAIKAT MUKHERJEE C (12)D (20)C (24)D (20)C (18)F (6)A (16)B (14)B (14)E (18)6.575.796.180.00XP
11501611071 SOURAV SAHA D (10)D (20)C (24)D (20)D (15)D (15)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.616.076.340.00P
11501611072 SOUVIK SAHA D (10)F (8)B (28)F (8)D (15)F (6)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.864.825.340.00X
11501611073 SUBHA SARKAR C (12)C (24)A (32)C (24)C (18)D (15)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.116.967.040.00P
11501611074 SUBRATA GHOSH C (12)C (24)A (32)B (28)B (21)D (15)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11501611075 SUMANTA SAHA C (12)C (24)E (36)B (28)C (18)D (15)A (16)E (18)B (14)A (16)
11501611076 SURJYAJYOTI PAUL D (10)C (24)B (28)B (28)D (15)D (15)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)6.796.576.680.00P

Degree : Master Of Computer Applications

11501010001 SONALI TARAFDER E (261)7.429.008.188.04P
11501010002 ARNAB MUKHERJEE B (203)6.847.006.926.73P
11501010003 SHREOSEE CHAUDHURI E (261)
11501010004 SAYANTAN MUKHERJEE E (261)8.819.008.908.65P
11501010006 KOUSHIK DEY E (261)
11501010007 AYAN CHATTERJEE E (261)7.619.008.287.95P
11501010008 AMRITA PAL E (261)8.659.008.828.78P
11501010010 PUSPENDU GHOSH E (261)8.979.008.988.87P
11501010011 PROSENJIT MANDAL E (261)
11501010013 PRITAM PAUL E (261)8.489.008.738.42P
11501010014 BIDYUT KUMAR MANDAL E (261)7.429.008.187.72P
11501010015 SUNDAR ROY CHOWDHURY O (290)8.5810.009.278.51P
11501010016 RITESH KUMAR BARANWAL O (290)8.2610.009.108.35P
11501010017 SUDARSANA BANERJEE O (290)8.9010.009.438.79P
11501010018 RINI CHAKRABORTY O (290)8.0310.008.988.07P
11501010019 KRISHNA SAHA O (290)8.7710.009.378.81P
11501010020 ESHITA DAM O (290)8.1910.009.078.45P
11501010021 SHRABONI GUHA E (261)
11501010022 PRATYAY CHAKRABORTY E (261)
11501010023 KOUSIK MAJI E (261)7.689.008.327.56P
11501010024 ABHINANDAN GHOSH E (261)
11501010025 ARITRA BANERJEE E (261)8.429.008.708.23P
11501010026 SAYANDEB BOSE O (290)8.0610.009.008.40P
11501010027 ANINDYA BHATTACHARYA E (261)7.399.008.177.34P
11501010028 TANIA NANDY O (290)8.5210.009.238.43P
11501010029 TURYA BANERJEE O (290)8.4510.009.208.63P
11501010030 MANALI DEY O (290)8.5510.009.258.76P
11501010032 ASHUTOSH SINGH O (290)8.6810.009.328.52P
11501010033 PRITAM ROY E (261)7.619.008.287.59P
11501010034 TAMAL KANTI MAJUMDER E (261)7.489.008.227.63P
11501010035 SRIYA VIPIN E (261)
11501010036 SUMANA KUNDU O (290)7.9410.008.938.55P
11501010037 KAUSTAV GHOSH E (261)8.459.008.728.47P
11501010038 PREETY KUMARI O (290)8.7710.009.379.06P

Incomplete as per WBUT First Regulation Part 2 Chapter 1 (ii)
A transitory lettergrade I (carrying points 2) shall be introduced for cases where the candidate fails to appear in End Semester examination(s) and where the results are incomplete.