RESULT 2012-2013


Degree : Btech In Computer Science & Engineering

11500110010 SAMBIT BHATTACHARJEE B (14)C (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.727.156.930.00P
11500110028 AMIRUL HASAN B (14)B (28)C (18)C (24)C (24)O (20)E (9)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.977.357.150.00P
11500110037 DIBYAJYOTI NANDY C (12)A (32)C (18)C (24)C (24)O (20)B (7)C (12)A (16)E (18)
11500110084 AVRA SETT C (12)C (24)F (6)B (28)D (20)A (16)A (8)C (12)A (16)A (16)6.416.086.250.00XP
11500110089 SOUMIK SARKAR A (16)B (28)D (15)B (28)C (24)B (14)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.457.156.780.00P
11500110094 RAJDIP BISWAS C (12)D (20)D (15)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (8)B (14)E (18)E (18)6.246.426.330.00P
11500110112 ORCHID GANGULY B (14)B (28)C (18)B (28)C (24)E (18)B (7)O (20)A (16)A (16)7.387.277.330.00P
11500110116 ARKA BANERJEE B (14)C (24)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)B (14)O (20)O (20)7.287.387.330.00P
11500110120 SUBHRA ADHIKARY C (12)C (24)C (18)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (8)B (14)E (18)O (20)6.726.696.710.00P
11500111001 AAYUSHI JAIN A (16)B (28)B (21)C (24)B (28)O (20)A (8)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.527.818.180.00P
11500111002 ABHINABA HABISHYASHI A (16)B (28)C (18)D (20)C (24)O (20)E (9)E (18)B (14)O (20)7.937.197.580.00P
11500111003 ABHIRUP CHAKRABORTY A (16)B (28)C (18)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (8)B (14)B (14)A (16)6.796.086.450.00XP
11500111004 ABHIRUP KUNDU E (18)B (28)B (21)D (20)C (24)B (14)A (8)E (18)B (14)O (20)7.487.127.310.00P
11500111005 ABHIRUP PAL E (18)C (24)B (21)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.487.627.550.00P
11500111006 ABHISEK MITRA E (18)A (32)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)A (16)E (18)O (20)8.037.857.950.00P
11500111007 ABHISHEK ANAND E (18)B (28)B (21)B (28)A (32)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.908.278.070.00P
11500111008 ABHISHEK DEY E (18)C (24)B (21)C (24)A (32)O (20)E (9)A (16)O (20)O (20)8.317.858.090.00P
11500111009 ABHISHEK GUPTA E (18)A (32)B (21)B (28)A (32)A (16)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.558.358.450.00P
11500111010 ADITYA PALCHOUDHURY E (18)A (32)C (18)D (20)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.727.547.640.00P
11500111011 ALIVA CHAKRABORTY C (12)B (28)B (21)D (20)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.977.357.150.00P
11500111013 ANISHA BAZAZ O (20)E (36)E (27)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)
11500111014 ANNESHA CHOWDHURY A (16)A (32)A (24)F (8)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.347.277.310.00XP
11500111015 ANURAG PRAJAPAT B (14)E (36)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.147.888.020.00P
11500111016 ANUSHKA ROY E (18)A (32)A (24)C (24)C (24)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500111017 APARNA BISWAS A (16)B (28)B (21)F (8)C (24)B (14)B (7)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.386.697.050.00XP
11500111018 ARIJIT GUHA A (16)B (28)A (24)D (20)C (24)O (20)A (8)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.247.627.420.00P
11500111019 ARITRA BANERJEE E (18)E (36)C (18)C (24)F (8)A (16)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.726.816.760.00XP
11500111020 ARKA JYOTI DAS I (4)I (8)I (6)I (8)I (8)C (12)B (7)I (4)I (4)I (4)4.212.503.400.00X
11500111022 ASHISH KUMAR E (18)A (32)A (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.907.887.890.00P
11500111023 AVINASH SHRIVASTAVA A (16)B (28)A (24)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (8)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.597.627.600.00P
11500111024 AYUSH PODDAR E (18)E (36)A (24)D (20)D (20)O (20)A (8)E (18)B (14)E (18)7.727.547.640.00P
11500111025 BHAVNA SOMANI O (20)A (32)A (24)C (24)B (28)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.628.318.470.00P
11500111026 BRAJESH KR SINGH E (18)A (32)B (21)C (24)C (24)B (14)B (7)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.977.387.160.00P
11500111027 CHAYANIKA CHANDA O (20)A (32)E (27)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.978.888.930.00P
11500111029 CHIRANJIVI KR SINGH E (18)C (24)B (21)C (24)F (8)B (14)A (8)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.076.586.840.00XP
11500111030 DEBADRITA GHATAK A (16)B (28)E (27)D (20)A (32)E (18)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.768.008.400.00P
11500111031 DEEPSHUBHRA BHATTACHARYA A (16)A (32)A (24)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.318.128.220.00P
11500111032 DIPANKAR BOSE B (14)A (32)B (21)C (24)C (24)C (12)A (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.977.197.070.00P
11500111033 DIYA GHOSH B (14)C (24)B (21)D (20)B (28)O (20)A (8)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.727.277.510.00P
11500111034 HEMANT KUMAR SINGH A (16)C (24)B (21)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.287.387.330.00P
11500111035 HIMANSHU KUMAR A (16)C (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)B (14)B (7)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.347.087.750.00P
11500111036 HIMANSU SAHA A (16)B (28)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.727.737.730.00P
11500111037 INDRANEEL BISWAS B (14)B (28)C (18)D (20)D (20)A (16)O (10)B (14)A (16)O (20)6.626.776.690.00P
11500111038 JAYATI KOLAY E (18)A (32)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.838.318.050.00P
11500111039 KABYAYAN ROY A (16)A (32)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.907.887.890.00P
11500111040 KALYAN MITRA GHOSH E (18)C (24)C (18)D (20)D (20)B (14)A (8)B (14)B (14)O (20)6.456.546.490.00P
11500111041 KAUSTAV MAJUMDAR B (14)C (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)C (12)E (9)B (14)A (16)E (18)7.246.777.020.00P
11500111042 KHUSHBOO KUMARI B (14)B (28)C (18)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (9)B (14)E (18)E (18)
11500111043 KHYATI TEJURA O (20)E (36)E (27)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500111044 KINGSHUK BASAK E (18)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)
11500111045 KISHAN KUMAR C (12)A (32)C (18)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (8)A (16)A (16)O (20)
11500111046 KRISHANU CHOWDHURY B (14)B (28)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.626.966.780.00P
11500111047 KUHELI BANDYOPADHYAY O (20)E (36)B (21)C (24)D (20)C (12)A (8)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.907.357.640.00P
11500111048 MADHURIMA BISHNU O (20)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.488.008.250.00P
11500111049 MAFIDUL HAQUE D (10)A (32)A (24)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (9)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.557.276.890.00P
11500111050 MANDIRA DEWANJEE E (18)E (36)E (27)B (28)A (32)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.628.658.640.00P
11500111051 MANJISTHA MUKHERJEE E (18)A (32)C (18)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.937.627.250.00P
11500111052 MANOJ KUMAR A (16)A (32)C (18)C (24)B (28)A (16)B (7)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.457.587.510.00P
11500111053 PALLAB KUMAR C (12)B (28)D (15)C (24)C (24)A (16)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.627.127.380.00P
11500111054 PAMELA DAW E (18)B (28)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.868.198.020.00P
11500111055 PIYALI MAUR B (14)B (28)B (21)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.107.387.240.00P
11500111056 POULAMI SAHA D (10)C (24)D (15)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (8)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.285.736.020.00XP
11500111057 POUSHALI SAHA A (16)A (32)A (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.978.358.150.00P
11500111058 PRADIPTA SAHA C (12)A (32)A (24)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.837.737.250.00P
11500111059 PRATYAY CHATTERJEE E (18)E (36)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.668.317.960.00P
11500111060 PRETISH KUMAR NANDY A (16)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (8)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.727.887.800.00P
11500111061 PRIYANKA BHOTIKA E (18)E (36)A (24)B (28)A (32)A (16)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.698.628.650.00P
11500111062 PRIYANKA SINHA ROY O (20)E (36)A (24)B (28)A (32)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.868.858.850.00P
11500111064 PROBALI SAHA E (18)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500111066 PURNENDU MONDAL E (18)B (28)A (24)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.867.967.910.00P
11500111067 RAHUL DEY A (16)B (28)A (24)D (20)A (32)A (16)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.037.857.950.00P
11500111068 RAHUL PRASAD B (14)B (28)B (21)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.907.317.090.00P
11500111069 RAJDEEP BASAK A (16)A (32)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.867.927.890.00P
11500111070 RAJESH SAMUI C (12)C (24)C (18)F (8)D (20)E (18)B (7)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.526.126.330.00XP
11500111071 RESHU PRATAP A (16)A (32)A (24)C (24)E (36)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.728.468.600.00P
11500111072 RIA BHADRA A (16)E (36)A (24)C (24)E (36)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.908.698.800.00P
11500111073 RISHABH RAJ B (14)C (24)B (21)F (8)C (24)E (18)A (8)B (14)E (18)E (18)6.006.426.200.00XP
11500111074 RITESH SARKAR A (16)C (24)A (24)D (20)C (24)O (20)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.867.587.730.00P
11500111075 SAGNIK BHAWAL E (18)B (28)E (27)B (28)A (32)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)9.008.508.760.00P
11500111076 SAHELI PAUL E (18)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.318.197.730.00P
11500111077 SAJAL MAKHARIA E (18)A (32)B (21)D (20)A (32)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.528.197.840.00P
11500111078 SANCHARI MUKHERJEE A (16)A (32)A (24)D (20)B (28)O (20)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.697.967.820.00P
11500111080 SATRAJIT DUTTA B (14)C (24)D (15)F (8)B (28)O (20)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.456.696.560.00XP
11500111081 SAURABH KUMAR O (20)E (36)A (24)C (24)A (32)O (20)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.078.658.350.00P
11500111082 SAYAK CHAKRABORTY E (18)B (28)A (24)C (24)A (32)O (20)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.458.278.360.00P
11500111083 SAYAN SAHA B (14)C (24)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)B (7)B (14)B (14)A (16)6.076.386.220.00XP
11500111084 SAYAN SIKDAR C (12)C (24)F (6)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.176.426.820.00XP
11500111085 SAYANI DATTA E (18)B (28)B (21)F (8)C (24)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.417.197.310.00XP
11500111086 SAYANTAN CHATTERJEE C (12)C (24)B (21)D (20)C (24)O (20)A (8)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.726.886.800.00P
11500111087 SAYANTAN MUKHOPADHYAY E (18)B (28)B (21)D (20)B (28)O (20)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.077.817.420.00P
11500111088 SAYAR BANERJEE B (14)D (20)C (18)F (8)D (20)E (18)A (8)B (14)E (18)E (18)5.866.005.930.00XP
11500111089 SHILADITYA KUNDU O (20)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)O (10)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.938.157.510.00P
11500111090 SHIVJEE YADAV A (16)D (20)D (15)F (8)C (24)E (18)A (8)A (16)E (18)O (20)
11500111091 SHOURJYA ROY E (18)B (28)B (21)A (32)C (24)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.347.967.640.00P
11500111092 SHOUVIK SEN A (16)C (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)B (7)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.937.237.070.00P
11500111093 SHUBHAM BANERJEE D (10)D (20)D (15)D (20)D (20)E (18)B (7)C (12)B (14)A (16)4.695.855.240.00X
11500111094 SHUBHAM GHOSH A (16)B (28)D (15)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.246.856.530.00P
11500111095 SHUKLA SAHA O (20)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.458.087.750.00P
11500111096 SINDAN RAY E (18)A (32)C (18)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500111097 SOMYA BAROLIA E (18)A (32)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.318.428.360.00P
11500111098 SOURAV BANERJEE A (16)A (32)E (27)A (32)E (36)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.558.888.710.00P
11500111099 SOURAV DEB O (20)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.488.237.840.00P
11500111100 SOURAV DUTTA A (16)C (24)C (18)C (24)C (24)O (20)A (8)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.797.156.960.00P
11500111101 SOURAV SHARMA A (16)B (28)C (18)C (24)A (32)E (18)A (8)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.077.857.960.00P
11500111102 SOURAV SINHA A (16)C (24)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.867.277.050.00P
11500111103 SOURITA BAKSHI A (16)C (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.077.547.290.00P
11500111104 SOUVIK PANI E (18)C (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)E (18)A (8)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.798.157.960.00P
11500111105 SRIJANI MUKHERJEE E (18)C (24)E (27)E (36)O (40)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500111106 SRIMOYE SEN A (16)C (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.598.047.800.00P
11500111107 SUBHAJIT GHOSH B (14)D (20)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500111108 SUBHAJIT PODDER A (16)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)B (7)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.387.777.560.00P
11500111109 SUBHASHIS CHOUDHURY A (16)C (24)B (21)D (20)C (24)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500111110 SUPRIYO MALLICK A (16)F (8)D (15)D (20)D (20)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.456.126.290.00XP
11500111111 SURAJ PRASAD A (16)C (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)O (20)A (8)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.627.507.560.00P
11500111112 SWAPNADIP CHAKRABORTY O (20)A (32)E (27)A (32)E (36)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.489.128.780.00P
11500111113 TAHSEEN AHMED SIDDIQUI B (14)C (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.037.547.270.00P
11500111114 TITAS DATTA O (20)E (36)E (27)B (28)E (36)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500111115 TUHIN KUNDU E (18)B (28)E (27)D (20)E (36)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.108.428.250.00P
11500111116 UJJAINI MONDAL C (12)D (20)B (21)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)5.906.776.310.00XP
11500112160 ABHRANIL SWARNAKAR B (14)C (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)B (14)A (8)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.906.966.930.00P
11500112161 BHARAT SANKAR MAITI D (10)D (20)D (15)C (24)D (20)B (14)B (7)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.386.005.670.00P
11500112162 DANISH AKHTAR C (12)C (24)C (18)C (24)D (20)B (14)A (8)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.666.466.560.00P
11500112163 DEBALINA PAUL A (16)C (24)B (21)C (24)A (32)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.457.507.470.00P
11500112164 DEBLINA MAJUMDER B (14)I (8)B (21)C (24)D (20)B (14)E (9)B (14)E (18)E (18)
11500112165 DEBORSHI CHAKRABORTY B (14)D (20)C (18)C (24)F (8)E (18)A (8)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.596.156.380.00XP
11500112166 HAFIZUL SK A (16)C (24)C (18)C (24)D (20)B (14)A (8)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.866.776.820.00P
11500112167 ITU JAMATIA C (12)C (24)D (15)D (20)D (20)B (14)B (7)B (14)E (18)E (18)
11500112168 KOUSIK KAJLI D (10)D (20)D (15)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (8)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.766.426.600.00P
11500112169 MANIDIPA ROY CHOWDHURY B (14)D (20)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.317.317.310.00P
11500112170 MRIGANKA CHAKRABORTY D (10)D (20)D (15)F (8)F (8)B (14)B (7)C (12)B (14)E (18)5.724.855.310.00XP
11500112171 NABANITA MOITRA C (12)F (8)C (18)C (24)F (8)A (16)E (9)C (12)A (16)E (18)6.345.425.910.00XP
11500112172 NANDITA BARDHAN D (10)B (28)A (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.907.317.090.00P
11500112173 NARAYAN MUKHERJEE D (10)C (24)C (18)C (24)F (8)A (16)B (7)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.556.046.310.00XP
11500112174 NILANJAN ROY D (10)D (20)D (15)C (24)F (8)B (14)C (6)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.485.736.130.00XP
11500112175 PAYEL MOISHAL D (10)D (20)F (6)D (20)D (20)C (12)A (8)C (12)A (16)A (16)4.865.385.110.00XP
11500112176 PIU HAZRA C (12)C (24)C (18)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (9)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.597.277.440.00P
11500112177 PRASANTA DAS F (4)D (20)F (6)D (20)D (20)E (18)B (7)B (14)A (16)A (16)5.765.425.600.00XP
11500112178 PRATIMA BERA D (10)C (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)A (16)B (7)C (12)E (18)A (16)6.216.626.400.00P
11500112179 PUSHPA KUMARI E (18)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)O (20)O (20)
11500112180 RINTU ADHIKARY C (12)D (20)D (15)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)B (14)A (16)5.836.506.150.00P
11500112181 ROHIT KUMAR BASAK C (12)D (20)D (15)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (8)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.386.656.510.00P
11500112182 SAGARIKA BANIK A (16)C (24)C (18)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500112183 SAMRAT PAUL B (14)B (28)B (21)C (24)D (20)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.347.276.780.00P
11500112184 SARMILA SAHU C (12)B (28)B (21)A (32)B (28)O (20)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.107.777.420.00P
11500112185 SHILPA DAW C (12)D (20)D (15)E (36)C (24)E (18)A (8)B (14)O (20)O (20)7.317.197.250.00P
11500112186 SOUMEN CHAKRABORTY D (10)F (8)F (6)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (8)C (12)A (16)A (16)5.315.085.200.00XP
11500112187 SOUMYADITYA KOLAY B (14)F (8)F (6)F (8)D (20)C (12)B (7)B (14)A (16)A (16)5.794.655.250.00XP
11500112188 SUBHA DEB A (16)C (24)C (18)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.247.736.950.00P
11500112189 SUBRATA MAJUMDER I (4)I (8)I (6)I (8)I (8)C (12)B (7)I (4)I (4)I (4)5.832.504.250.00X
11500112190 SUDIPA SHIL B (14)A (32)B (21)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)5.557.546.490.00P
11500112191 SURAJIT DAS A (16)A (32)B (21)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.768.007.350.00P
11500112192 TANUSREE SINHA B (14)D (20)D (15)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (8)A (16)E (18)E (18)
11500112193 TARASANKAR GHORAI B (14)D (20)D (15)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (8)A (16)A (16)B (14)6.176.506.330.00P
11500112194 TUHIN KOLE B (14)D (20)F (6)B (28)C (24)E (18)B (7)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.006.355.640.00XP
11500211002 ALKA BURNWAL E (18)E (36)E (27)E (36)A (32)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500211034 PRIYANKA KAUSHAL E (18)B (28)E (27)E (36)E (36)E (18)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.558.888.710.00P

Degree : Btech In Computer Science & Engineering

09115001117 ARNAB DAS C (24)F (8)F (8)D (15)F (8)A (16)C (12)C (12)E (18)5.534.485.040.00XP
11500110129 DEEPANJAN SAHA D (20)F (8)D (20)D (15)D (20)B (14)E (18)C (12)A (16)5.975.305.650.00XP

Degree : Btech In Information Technology

11500210005 SABYASACHI GHOSH F (4)D (20)D (15)D (20)F (8)B (14)C (6)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.695.195.450.00XP
11500210011 NIRAJ PAUL B (14)B (28)C (18)C (24)C (24)B (14)B (7)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.176.886.510.00P
11500210041 ARNAB BISWAS C (12)B (28)C (18)D (20)B (28)B (14)B (7)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.696.656.670.00P
11500211001 AKASH JAIN B (14)A (32)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)
11500211003 ALOK KUMAR B (14)C (24)C (18)C (24)F (8)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)B (14)
11500211004 ARANYAJIT SARKAR E (18)E (36)B (21)C (24)A (32)O (20)E (9)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.418.237.800.00P
11500211005 ARIJITA CHATTERJEE E (18)E (36)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.908.428.150.00P
11500211006 ARNESH CHOUDHURY C (12)B (28)F (6)B (28)D (20)B (14)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)
11500211007 ARTI PANDEY E (18)A (32)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (9)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.768.358.040.00P
11500211008 ASHIA REZA A (16)E (36)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.728.197.950.00P
11500211009 BIJAY AGARWAL O (20)A (32)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)A (8)O (20)E (18)E (18)
11500211010 CHANDNI KUMARI B (14)A (32)E (27)A (32)B (28)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500211011 CHANDRANATH DUTTA E (18)D (20)C (18)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.316.856.560.00P
11500211012 CHITRASRI BISWAS E (18)C (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)A (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.557.777.650.00P
11500211013 DEBADYUTI BHATTACHARJEE B (14)A (32)A (24)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.937.737.840.00P
11500211014 DEBAJIT MITRA A (16)E (36)B (21)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.177.927.530.00P
11500211015 DEBDEEP GHOSH E (18)A (32)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500211016 DIBYANSHU C (12)C (24)C (18)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.906.776.840.00P
11500211017 DIPANNITA PODDER E (18)A (32)B (21)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)
11500211018 JAYITA PANDA E (18)A (32)A (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.768.278.000.00P
11500211019 KITTU BHANGAR E (18)E (36)A (24)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.938.047.980.00P
11500211020 KRISHAN MOHAN PATEL B (14)D (20)C (18)F (8)F (8)A (16)C (6)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.665.316.020.00XP
11500211021 KRISHNENDU DASGUPTA A (16)A (32)F (6)B (28)A (32)A (16)C (6)A (16)E (18)E (18)
11500211022 KRISHNENDU PATRA C (12)C (24)C (18)F (8)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.556.236.400.00XP
11500211023 KULDIP CHANDR JHA A (16)A (32)B (21)F (8)C (24)O (20)C (6)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.696.887.310.00XP
11500211024 MADHUMANTI GHOSH E (18)B (28)E (27)A (32)A (32)O (20)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.248.698.450.00P
11500211025 MADHUPARNA SAHA A (16)C (24)B (21)D (20)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.527.197.360.00P
11500211026 MARVEL CHOMAL E (18)A (32)E (27)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)B (14)A (16)O (20)7.767.927.840.00P
11500211027 MD TAJUDDIN B (14)D (20)C (18)D (20)C (24)A (16)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)6.076.426.240.00P
11500211028 NISHITA BAID A (16)C (24)B (21)D (20)C (24)O (20)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500211029 PARMINDER SINGH E (18)C (24)C (18)D (20)B (28)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)A (16)7.387.467.420.00P
11500211030 PRASUN SAURABH B (14)C (24)C (18)F (8)B (28)A (16)B (7)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.106.426.780.00XP
11500211031 PRATYUSH RANJAN A (16)C (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)B (14)B (7)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.977.087.020.00P
11500211032 PRITAM GANGOPADHYAY C (12)D (20)D (15)C (24)F (8)A (16)E (9)B (14)A (16)B (14)5.555.695.620.00XP
11500211033 PRIYANKA BAGLA O (20)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.557.967.750.00P
11500211035 PUJA KUMARI E (18)A (32)A (24)E (36)C (24)A (16)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.628.387.980.00P
11500211036 RAJEEV KUMAR E (18)B (28)B (21)B (28)D (20)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.557.317.440.00P
11500211037 RAJIT BASU C (12)D (20)B (21)C (24)D (20)O (20)A (8)O (20)A (16)E (18)6.866.886.870.00P
11500211038 RISHITA BAGCHI B (14)C (24)B (21)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.036.926.980.00P
11500211039 ROHIT BHUWANIA O (20)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)
11500211040 RUPASHREE GOSWAMI A (16)B (28)C (18)A (32)B (28)B (14)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.937.507.730.00P
11500211041 RUPSA ROY A (16)C (24)D (15)B (28)D (20)B (14)E (9)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.386.776.560.00P
11500211042 SACHIN KUMAR E (18)C (24)B (21)A (32)C (24)A (16)A (8)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.557.357.450.00P
11500211043 SAIKAT DESHMUKH C (12)B (28)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.217.467.330.00P
11500211044 SANJEEV KUMAR C (12)C (24)D (15)B (28)F (8)B (14)A (8)E (18)B (14)A (16)
11500211045 SANTOSH SHRIVASTAV D (10)B (28)C (18)C (24)D (20)B (14)A (8)E (18)B (14)E (18)6.146.626.360.00P
11500211046 SARUPYA PAUL A (16)B (28)B (21)C (24)A (32)E (18)B (7)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.347.627.470.00P
11500211047 SAURABH SHARMA B (14)C (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)B (14)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.837.197.000.00P
11500211048 SHARANYU GHOSH E (18)C (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)B (14)A (8)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.417.547.470.00P
11500211049 SHIKHA PANDEY A (16)B (28)B (21)B (28)C (24)B (14)A (8)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.667.507.580.00P
11500211050 SHIVENDRA VERMA B (14)C (24)A (24)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (8)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.867.086.960.00P
11500211051 SHUBHAM GADODIA A (16)C (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.837.427.640.00P
11500211052 SOMNATH PAUL A (16)D (20)D (15)B (28)C (24)B (14)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.387.087.240.00P
11500211054 SUBHANKAR KANRAR C (12)D (20)C (18)B (28)D (20)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.696.776.730.00P
11500211055 SUDHANSHU ANAND A (16)C (24)B (21)C (24)D (20)A (16)B (7)B (14)E (18)E (18)7.346.857.110.00P
11500211056 SULABH TIWARI A (16)A (32)B (21)A (32)C (24)B (14)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.457.627.530.00P
11500211057 SULAGNA SAHA A (16)A (32)B (21)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (8)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.387.587.470.00P
11500211058 SYED SOHEB AHMED B (14)D (20)D (15)D (20)D (20)A (16)B (7)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.386.316.350.00XP
11500211059 UTSAV KUMAR DEO B (14)C (24)B (21)B (28)D (20)A (16)B (7)E (18)E (18)E (18)
11500211060 V LOKESH KUMAR B (14)D (20)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)B (7)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.726.546.640.00P
11500211064 SREEA DATTA D (10)B (28)C (18)C (24)B (28)C (12)C (6)C (12)B (14)A (16)6.346.466.400.00P
11500211065 SUNANDAN HALDER D (10)D (20)D (15)C (24)B (28)C (12)B (7)C (12)A (16)E (18)5.906.236.050.00P
11500212064 AMRITA DAS A (16)B (28)C (18)C (24)D (20)A (16)O (10)B (14)A (16)B (14)5.696.776.200.00P
11500212065 ARPITA CHAKRABORTY C (12)C (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (9)A (16)E (18)O (20)
11500212066 DEBARATI DAS D (10)F (8)D (15)F (8)F (8)B (14)E (9)B (14)A (16)B (14)4.594.464.530.00X
11500212067 KALPANA DAS D (10)D (20)D (15)D (20)F (8)B (14)A (8)B (14)A (16)B (14)5.035.355.180.00XP
11500212068 MADHURIMA CHATTERJEE D (10)C (24)B (21)F (8)C (24)A (16)A (8)B (14)A (16)B (14)6.345.966.160.00XP
11500212069 NEHA RAI A (16)B (28)A (24)D (20)D (20)B (14)E (9)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.666.966.800.00P
11500212070 SAPTARSHI SUTRADHAR D (10)D (20)D (15)F (8)F (8)B (14)A (8)B (14)A (16)B (14)5.314.885.110.00XP
11500212071 SREEJITA GHOSH A (16)B (28)B (21)B (28)D (20)A (16)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.107.317.200.00P
11500212072 SUMIT KUMAR MANDAL C (12)D (20)D (15)D (20)F (8)B (14)C (6)A (16)B (14)B (14)5.035.355.180.00XP

Degree : Btech In Electronics & Communication Engineering

11500211053 SOURAV MAJUMDER A (24)E (36)E (27)E (36)E (36)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.599.128.840.00P
11500310005 ARINDAM DAS D (15)D (20)C (18)D (20)C (24)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.416.196.310.00P
11500310076 SOUMIK GHOSH B (21)C (24)B (21)D (20)D (20)O (20)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.696.776.730.00XP
11500310077 SUDIP SAMADDAR C (18)D (20)B (21)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)A (16)7.006.506.760.00P
11500310097 KUTUBUDDIN SARDAR C (18)C (24)C (18)C (24)D (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.286.777.040.00P
11500310105 DIPTA HALDER B (21)D (20)C (18)A (32)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.726.886.800.00P
11500310115 BISWAJIT DAS B (21)F (8)C (18)D (20)F (8)B (14)B (14)C (12)C (12)4.144.884.490.00X
11500311001 AAKRITI A (24)A (32)O (30)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.348.858.580.00P
11500311002 ABHIJEET DEY B (21)A (32)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.217.627.400.00P
11500311003 ABHIRUP SAHA C (18)B (28)A (24)C (24)B (28)A (16)O (20)A (16)A (16)6.527.316.890.00P
11500311004 AHAN ROY B (21)D (20)A (24)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)
11500311005 AKASH MISHRA B (21)A (32)E (27)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.078.317.650.00P
11500311006 AKASH SONI A (24)E (36)E (27)A (32)B (28)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.078.588.310.00P
11500311007 AKHILESH KUMAR SHAW B (21)E (36)B (21)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.698.007.310.00P
11500311008 ALOLIKA DAS C (18)C (24)B (21)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)4.906.585.690.00XP
11500311009 AMRISH KUMAR B (21)E (36)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.627.737.670.00P
11500311010 AMRITA CHAKRABORTY E (27)E (36)O (30)A (32)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.769.048.890.00P
11500311011 ANGELA SAHA E (27)O (40)E (27)A (32)E (36)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)
11500311012 ANIMESH HALDER B (21)C (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.487.157.330.00P
11500311013 ANINDITA DUTTA A (24)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.768.087.910.00P
11500311014 ANISH DAS B (21)D (20)B (21)D (20)F (8)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)
11500311015 ANKAN NASKAR B (21)A (32)A (24)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.907.507.180.00P
11500311016 ANNESHA MUKHERJEE A (24)C (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)6.667.587.090.00P
11500311017 ANUJ TIWARI B (21)C (24)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.867.317.070.00P
11500311018 ANUP DEY B (21)C (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.077.427.240.00P
11500311019 ANURIMA DAS A (24)B (28)B (21)A (32)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.908.358.110.00P
11500311020 ANWESHA RAY A (24)C (24)E (27)C (24)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.767.967.850.00P
11500311021 APURVA JAISWAL A (24)E (36)E (27)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.458.818.620.00P
11500311022 ARIJIT KAMLAY A (24)E (36)E (27)A (32)A (32)A (16)E (18)O (20)O (20)9.388.659.040.00P
11500311023 ARIJIT MUKHOPADHYAY B (21)D (20)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)
11500311024 ARIJIT PODDAR B (21)C (24)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)O (20)E (18)7.287.427.350.00P
11500311025 ARINDAM PAL B (21)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.317.657.470.00P
11500311026 ARITRA GHOSH A (24)A (32)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.937.777.330.00P
11500311027 ARUNDHATI GUCHAIT A (24)A (32)E (27)E (36)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.868.658.760.00P
11500311028 ARUNIMA SAHA A (24)A (32)E (27)A (32)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.938.588.760.00P
11500311029 ASHUTOSH KUMAR A (24)A (32)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (20)A (16)E (18)7.767.857.800.00P
11500311030 AVIK PAUL C (18)B (28)C (18)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (20)A (16)E (18)6.317.546.890.00P
11500311031 AYAN SADHU B (21)A (32)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.177.967.550.00P
11500311033 BISWARUP GANGULY A (24)A (32)B (21)B (28)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.348.127.710.00P
11500311034 BUDHADITYA BHATTACHARYA B (21)E (36)E (27)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.528.238.380.00P
11500311035 DEBAYAN BANERJEE A (24)E (36)E (27)E (36)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.699.128.890.00P
11500311036 DILIP PAYRA A (24)B (28)B (21)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)
11500311037 ELLA AVINASH A (24)F (8)C (18)D (20)D (20)B (14)B (14)B (14)A (16)4.725.695.180.00X
11500311038 GANESH YADAV E (27)B (28)O (30)O (40)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.838.818.290.00P
11500311039 GARGI BISWAS A (24)C (24)A (24)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.418.087.730.00P
11500311040 GAUTAM KUMAR B (21)A (32)A (24)B (28)C (24)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.177.507.330.00P
11500311041 HARISH SHARMA A (24)B (28)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.177.858.020.00P
11500311042 HRISHABH RAJ A (24)E (36)A (24)E (36)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.668.778.710.00P
11500311043 JAYDEEP ROY B (21)B (28)B (21)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.627.927.760.00P
11500311044 JUI SAHA A (24)B (28)A (24)E (36)E (36)E (18)E (18)O (20)A (16)7.938.468.180.00P
11500311045 KAUSHIK SINGH B (21)C (24)D (15)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (20)A (16)
11500311046 KAUSTAV SENGUPTA B (21)A (32)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.387.697.530.00P
11500311047 KOMAL AMBEDIKA A (24)E (36)A (24)E (36)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.528.778.640.00P
11500311048 KUMAR PRINCE C (18)C (24)B (21)D (20)D (20)B (14)B (14)A (16)B (14)6.456.196.330.00P
11500311050 MANINI DHAR A (24)B (28)A (24)A (32)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)
11500311051 MANOJIT DEWAN A (24)A (32)E (27)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.558.357.930.00P
11500311052 MASUD AKHTAR B (21)B (28)B (21)B (28)C (24)B (14)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.457.087.270.00P
11500311053 MD AFRID UDDIN MONDAL B (21)A (32)B (21)A (32)B (28)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.487.697.580.00P
11500311054 MOHAMMAD MINHAZUR RAHAMAN C (18)F (8)B (21)D (20)D (20)B (14)B (14)A (16)C (12)4.455.504.950.00X
11500311055 MOITRAYEE ROY A (24)C (24)A (24)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.317.697.490.00P
11500311056 MOUMITA DATTA A (24)C (24)E (27)A (32)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (20)O (20)7.558.047.780.00P
11500311058 MRINMOY SENGUPTA A (24)C (24)E (27)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (20)O (20)6.977.887.400.00P
11500311059 NANDAN ROY B (21)C (24)B (21)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.767.547.130.00P
11500311060 NILADRI KAR A (24)B (28)A (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.598.087.820.00P
11500311061 NILESH CHANDRA GIRI B (21)C (24)D (15)D (20)D (20)B (14)A (16)E (18)B (14)
11500311062 PANKAJ KUMAR PANDIT B (21)C (24)B (21)A (32)B (28)A (16)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.837.697.760.00P
11500311063 PAWAN YADAV A (24)A (32)A (24)A (32)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.597.927.220.00P
11500311064 POOJA PAYAL E (27)A (32)A (24)E (36)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.078.588.310.00P
11500311065 PRASENJIT DAS B (21)A (32)B (21)E (36)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.868.087.960.00P
11500311066 PRATYAY MAITRA A (24)A (32)B (21)E (36)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)
11500311067 PRITAM SAHU C (18)C (24)C (18)D (20)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)5.936.546.220.00XP
11500311068 PRITHVI RAJ A (24)B (28)E (27)A (32)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.558.197.850.00P
11500311069 RAHIL AHMED B (21)C (24)C (18)C (24)C (24)C (12)B (14)E (18)A (16)5.836.586.180.00P
11500311070 RAHUL DWIVEDI B (21)D (20)B (21)D (20)D (20)B (14)C (12)C (12)C (12)5.415.855.620.00XP
11500311071 RAIHAN SHAIKH A (24)A (32)E (27)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.628.047.820.00P
11500311072 RAJAN MISHRA A (24)E (36)E (27)A (32)A (32)A (16)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.008.738.870.00P
11500311073 RAJEEV RANJAN B (21)C (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.867.126.980.00P
11500311074 RAKESH KUMAR B (21)B (28)C (18)B (28)B (28)B (14)A (16)E (18)E (18)
11500311075 RANJIT PRADHAN A (24)B (28)E (27)E (36)A (32)A (16)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.628.588.600.00P
11500311076 RITARAJ SASMAL E (27)A (32)E (27)E (36)E (36)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.799.008.890.00P
11500311077 RIYA SAHA A (24)C (24)E (27)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.217.887.530.00P
11500311078 SAGARIKA BERA A (24)A (32)E (27)E (36)A (32)A (16)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.628.738.150.00P
11500311079 SAHIN AKHTAR A (24)B (28)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.528.087.780.00P
11500311080 SAMARESH PAL B (21)D (20)B (21)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.456.926.670.00P
11500311081 SAMRAT SOM CHOUDHURY A (24)A (32)E (27)E (36)A (32)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.838.428.110.00P
11500311082 SANKHA SUBHRA SINHA A (24)B (28)E (27)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.347.817.560.00P
11500311083 SANTANU DAS A (24)E (36)B (21)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.767.967.850.00P
11500311084 SANTANU PAUL A (24)B (28)C (18)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)6.767.086.910.00P
11500311085 SANU GHOSH E (27)O (40)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.528.588.550.00P
11500311086 SATYAKI GHOSH E (27)O (40)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)7.558.197.850.00P
11500311087 SATYAM B (21)C (24)C (18)C (24)F (8)B (14)B (14)B (14)B (14)6.285.816.050.00XP
11500311089 SAURABH PANDEY B (21)O (40)E (27)E (36)B (28)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.938.778.850.00P
11500311090 SHALANKARA ROY A (24)E (36)O (30)E (36)E (36)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.489.158.800.00P
11500311091 SHALINI SARKAR A (24)B (28)E (27)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)
11500311092 SHATAKSHI BHOWMICK A (24)O (40)E (27)E (36)E (36)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.459.358.870.00P
11500311093 SHEMONTI CHANDRA A (24)E (36)A (24)A (32)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (16)O (20)
11500311094 SHILPITA SARKAR A (24)E (36)E (27)A (32)E (36)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.488.968.710.00P
11500311095 SHIRSHENDU BHATTACHARYA A (24)A (32)E (27)B (28)E (36)A (16)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.698.588.640.00P
11500311096 SHRESHTHA BHATTACHARYYA A (24)B (28)O (30)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.528.087.780.00P
11500311097 SHUBHADEEP BHATTACHARYYA A (24)E (36)O (30)E (36)E (36)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)
11500311098 SHUBHAM KUMAR A (24)A (32)A (24)E (36)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.458.468.450.00P
11500311099 SHUVRA SAHA ROY A (24)A (32)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)
11500311100 SOHAM BHATTACHARYA A (24)A (32)E (27)B (28)B (28)A (16)B (14)O (20)O (20)
11500311101 SOHAM CHATTERJEE A (24)A (32)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.598.317.930.00P
11500311102 SOHAM MAJUMDER A (24)B (28)E (27)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.597.817.690.00P
11500311103 SOHINI LALA B (21)B (28)E (27)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.007.697.330.00P
11500311104 SOMANWITA DEY B (21)A (32)A (24)A (32)B (28)A (16)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.528.128.330.00P
11500311105 SOUDIP SANYAL B (21)D (20)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.766.926.840.00XP
11500311106 SOUMA DUTTA B (21)B (28)E (27)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.527.858.200.00P
11500311107 SOUMEN BAGUI A (24)C (24)B (21)D (20)C (24)A (16)A (16)B (14)B (14)7.036.656.850.00P
11500311108 SOURAV CHOWDHURY B (21)C (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.867.507.690.00P
11500311109 SOURAV MONDAL A (24)E (36)E (27)A (32)A (32)A (16)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.838.658.750.00P
11500311110 SOUVIK SAHA C (18)B (28)B (21)C (24)C (24)B (14)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.867.197.550.00P
11500311111 SPANDAN SENGUPTA B (21)B (28)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.077.737.910.00P
11500311112 SUBHABRATA CHAKRABORTY C (18)A (32)A (24)C (24)C (24)B (14)B (14)E (18)A (16)
11500311113 SUBHADIP KARAR B (21)A (32)O (30)A (32)A (32)A (16)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.178.588.890.00P
11500311114 SUBHAJIT DANDAPAT C (18)D (20)C (18)B (28)C (24)B (14)O (20)B (14)B (14)5.106.545.780.00XP
11500311115 SUBHAJIT ROY B (21)C (24)C (18)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.766.886.820.00P
11500311116 SUBHANKAR BANERJEE A (24)A (32)A (24)E (36)E (36)A (16)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.598.698.640.00P
11500311117 SUBHANKAR RAY B (21)B (28)B (21)B (28)B (28)A (16)O (20)A (16)E (18)7.727.547.640.00P
11500311118 SUBHRAJYOTI DUTTA A (24)E (36)O (30)E (36)O (40)B (14)O (20)O (20)E (18)9.419.159.290.00P
11500311119 SUMIT KUMAR GUPTA B (21)B (28)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.147.737.950.00P
11500311120 SUPRIO CHAKRABORTY C (18)A (32)B (21)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.557.817.670.00P
11500311121 SURAJ ARYA B (21)A (32)A (24)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.078.358.200.00P
11500311123 ABUJAR AHAMED B (21)D (20)B (21)C (24)D (20)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)6.246.466.350.00P
11500311124 ALOKE KUMAR DAS I (6)I (8)I (6)I (8)I (8)C (12)I (4)I (4)I (4)4.452.313.440.00X
11500311125 ARGHYA DAS I (6)I (8)I (6)I (8)I (8)C (12)I (4)I (4)I (4)3.692.313.040.00X
11500311128 DEBARGHYA MUKHERJEE B (21)D (20)D (15)B (28)D (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.346.776.550.00P
11500311133 PALASH HALDER C (18)D (20)C (18)F (8)D (20)C (12)C (12)B (14)C (12)5.765.155.470.00XP
11500311134 PALLABI DE C (18)D (20)D (15)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.905.965.930.00XP
11500311135 PAWAN KUMAR RAI B (21)C (24)C (18)D (20)D (20)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)6.626.356.490.00P
11500311139 RAHUL KANTI DEV C (18)C (24)D (15)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (16)B (14)B (14)6.316.196.250.00P
11500311141 SAGAR KUMAR PAHI B (21)F (8)C (18)F (8)F (8)A (16)B (14)B (14)B (14)5.974.655.350.00XP
11500311146 TUHIN SETT D (15)D (20)C (18)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.486.356.420.00P
11500312179 ANANJAN GOSWAMI B (21)D (20)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)B (14)A (16)A (16)5.666.816.200.00P
11500312180 ARGHYA MUKHOPADHYAY I (6)I (8)I (6)I (8)I (8)I (4)I (4)I (4)I (4)3.412.002.750.00X
11500312181 ARIJIT BHOWMICK C (18)F (8)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.286.386.330.00XP
11500312182 ATASHI HAZRA B (21)D (20)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.147.547.330.00P
11500312183 AYAN BASU A (24)D (20)C (18)D (20)D (20)B (14)B (14)A (16)A (16)5.416.235.800.00P
11500312184 BHASWATI PAUL A (24)A (32)A (24)B (28)E (36)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.458.467.930.00P
11500312185 BIRAT ADHIKARY I (6)I (8)I (6)I (8)I (8)I (4)I (4)I (4)I (4)5.792.004.000.00X
11500312186 CHANDAN DAS A (24)F (8)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)B (14)A (16)B (14)5.346.545.910.00XP
11500312187 DEBANJAN KONCH A (24)C (24)A (24)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)5.867.386.580.00P
11500312188 ISITA CHANDRA A (24)E (36)E (27)E (36)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.248.737.950.00P
11500312189 KRISHANU SAHA B (21)C (24)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)7.037.317.160.00P
11500312190 KRISHNENDU MALLICK A (24)C (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (20)E (18)6.317.696.960.00P
11500312191 MITHLESH KUMAR A (24)D (20)C (18)A (32)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.557.236.870.00P
11500312192 NEHPRIYA A (24)B (28)A (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.907.927.380.00P
11500312193 RAKHI SAHA A (24)B (28)A (24)E (36)A (32)A (16)B (14)E (18)E (18)6.488.087.240.00P
11500312194 RATNADIP SAHA A (24)F (8)B (21)D (20)B (28)A (16)C (12)B (14)B (14)
11500312195 RATUL MAJUMDER A (24)D (20)C (18)B (28)B (28)B (14)E (18)A (16)A (16)
11500312196 SAJAL BALA B (21)F (8)C (18)F (8)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)4.625.505.040.00XP
11500312197 SAMAYEETA GHOSH A (24)B (28)A (24)B (28)E (36)E (18)B (14)E (18)E (18)
11500312198 SHRABASTI PAL A (24)F (8)A (24)D (20)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.346.926.620.00XP
11500312199 SUBHASISH MAITI B (21)C (24)C (18)C (24)A (32)B (14)E (18)B (14)E (18)
11500312200 SUJAN BHATTA B (21)B (28)A (24)C (24)E (36)A (16)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.247.887.550.00P
11500312201 SUJIT KUMAR DAS D (15)D (20)C (18)D (20)B (28)B (14)A (16)A (16)A (16)
11500312202 SUMAN DEY B (21)A (32)A (24)B (28)O (40)B (14)A (16)E (18)E (18)
11500312203 SUMAN PAUL B (21)F (8)C (18)D (20)A (32)B (14)C (12)A (16)C (12)5.455.885.650.00XP
11500312204 SUMANTA BANERJEE C (18)F (8)B (21)D (20)D (20)B (14)E (18)B (14)B (14)5.835.655.750.00XP
11500312205 SWATI RANI A (24)B (28)E (27)A (32)E (36)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.248.357.760.00P
11500312206 TONMOY DATTA C (18)F (8)C (18)C (24)A (32)A (16)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.176.316.240.00XP

Degree : Btech In Electrical Engineering

11501610003 RAJ KUMAR SANTRA D (15)D (20)C (18)D (15)D (20)D (15)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.335.966.150.00P
11501611001 ABHISHEK MISHRA E (27)B (28)A (24)E (27)D (20)B (21)O (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)8.197.828.000.00P
11501611002 ADITYA MAITRA B (21)C (24)C (18)B (21)D (20)D (15)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.196.686.440.00XP
11501611003 ANIRBAN ROY A (24)B (28)D (15)A (24)B (28)D (15)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.787.146.960.00P
11501611004 ARITRA CHONGDAR B (21)D (20)F (6)B (21)C (24)F (6)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.785.796.270.00XP
11501611005 ARITRA DATTA E (27)E (36)A (24)O (30)A (32)A (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.268.969.110.00P
11501611006 ARNAB KUMAR DAS E (27)B (28)A (24)O (30)C (24)B (21)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.528.217.870.00P
11501611007 ARNAB MUKHERJEE A (24)C (24)D (15)C (18)F (8)C (18)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)4.895.965.440.00XP
11501611008 ARPAN BHUNIA E (27)B (28)B (21)E (27)D (20)A (24)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)6.817.547.180.00P
11501611009 ARPAN CHAKRABORTY E (27)A (32)A (24)E (27)B (28)A (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.788.298.040.00P
11501611010 B KRISHNAN E (27)E (36)B (21)E (27)E (36)A (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.158.898.530.00P
11501611011 CHAITALI SAHA A (24)C (24)D (15)A (24)C (24)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.707.076.890.00P
11501611012 DEBANJAN DEBNATH B (21)C (24)C (18)B (21)D (20)B (21)E (18)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.676.756.710.00P
11501611013 DEBARSHI CHAKRABORTY A (24)B (28)C (18)A (24)D (20)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.677.186.930.00P
11501611014 DEVBRAT KUMAR A (24)A (32)D (15)C (18)C (24)B (21)O (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.447.216.840.00P
11501611015 DILIP VERMA A (24)B (28)C (18)C (18)A (32)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.197.647.420.00P
11501611016 GOLOK BISWAS C (18)C (24)D (15)D (15)C (24)B (21)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.896.466.670.00P
11501611017 GOURABH KUMAR B (21)A (32)C (18)C (18)B (28)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.197.547.360.00P
11501611018 HIRANMOY ROY A (24)E (36)B (21)A (24)A (32)A (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.008.548.270.00P
11501611019 JIT MUKHERJEE A (24)C (24)C (18)B (21)C (24)C (18)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.156.896.530.00XP
11501611020 KABIRUL MONDAL A (24)A (32)B (21)A (24)E (36)B (21)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.448.007.730.00P
11501611021 KALLOL ROY C (18)C (24)D (15)C (18)C (24)C (18)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.706.326.020.00XP
11501611022 KAMAL KANTA ADAK C (18)B (28)C (18)C (18)C (24)B (21)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.786.826.800.00P
11501611023 KIRAN KUMAR SHARMA A (24)A (32)B (21)A (24)B (28)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.707.717.710.00P
11501611024 MAMATA ROY CHOWDHURY B (21)E (36)B (21)B (21)D (20)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.377.367.360.00P
11501611025 MD NASIMUL HAQUE B (21)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.006.936.470.00P
11501611026 MRINMOY ROY B (21)B (28)C (18)B (21)C (24)C (18)O (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.677.076.870.00P
11501611027 MRITYUNJOY CHAKRABORTY C (18)C (24)F (6)D (15)F (8)F (6)O (20)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.415.115.750.00XP
11501611028 MUKUND SHANKAR A (24)B (28)A (24)A (24)C (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.937.757.840.00P
11501611029 NABA KUMAR JANA B (21)C (24)D (15)C (18)C (24)C (18)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.446.506.470.00XP
11501611030 NILANJAN MUKHERJEE B (21)B (28)A (24)B (21)D (20)B (21)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.567.046.800.00XP
11501611031 NILESH KUMAR C (18)D (20)D (15)C (18)B (28)B (21)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.856.436.150.00XP
11501611032 PRAJOY PAUL A (24)A (32)A (24)E (27)B (28)B (21)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)7.787.937.850.00P
11501611033 PRAKASH KUMAR B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (18)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.566.466.510.00P
11501611034 PRITISH HALDAR B (21)C (24)D (15)C (18)C (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)5.446.896.180.00XP
11501611035 RAHUL ADARSH A (24)A (32)C (18)A (24)B (28)B (21)O (20)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.007.756.890.00XP
11501611037 RAISHUL ALAM A (24)A (32)C (18)O (30)A (32)A (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.378.217.800.00P
11501611038 RAJIV KR GUPTA B (21)B (28)B (21)A (24)B (28)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.817.617.220.00P
11501611039 RAJU KUMAR B (21)D (20)C (18)B (21)C (24)C (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.526.796.650.00P
11501611040 RAUNAK AGRAWAL A (24)C (24)B (21)A (24)E (36)C (18)O (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.047.827.440.00P
11501611041 ROHAN MUKHOPADHYAY E (27)B (28)B (21)E (27)B (28)C (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.117.967.550.00P
11501611042 SAMBIT CHAKRABORTY E (27)B (28)A (24)E (27)O (40)E (27)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.598.898.750.00P
11501611043 SANJAY YADAV C (18)C (24)D (15)D (15)C (24)C (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)5.856.436.150.00XP
11501611044 SASWATA ROY A (24)C (24)C (18)B (21)C (24)C (18)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.226.896.560.00P
11501611045 SAURAV KUMAR A (24)A (32)B (21)B (21)A (32)B (21)O (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)8.377.968.160.00P
11501611046 SAYAN DE A (24)B (28)B (21)A (24)A (32)B (21)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.487.797.640.00P
11501611047 SHAMIM HASAN MOLLA A (24)A (32)C (18)B (21)C (24)D (15)O (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.937.367.150.00P
11501611049 SOHAM GUPTA E (27)B (28)A (24)A (24)C (24)C (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.897.827.850.00P
11501611050 SOUMYADIP GAN A (24)A (32)B (21)E (27)A (32)B (21)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.528.328.420.00P
11501611051 SOURAV PAUL A (24)A (32)A (24)B (21)E (36)B (21)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.338.368.350.00P
11501611052 SOURAV SINHA B (21)B (28)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (18)O (20)A (16)A (16)E (18)
11501611053 SUBHAJIT BANIK A (24)B (28)C (18)B (21)C (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.307.437.360.00P
11501611054 SUJAL KUMAR MITRA B (21)B (28)B (21)C (18)B (28)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)6.267.546.910.00XP
11501611055 SUKRITI PATTY C (18)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)A (24)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)5.446.866.160.00XP
11501611056 SUMANTA BANERJEE A (24)C (24)A (24)B (21)A (32)C (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.747.757.750.00P
11501611057 SUMIT KUMAR C (18)A (32)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)A (16)
11501611058 SURAJ CHAND D (15)C (24)F (6)F (6)D (20)F (6)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.074.895.470.00XP
11501611059 SUVOJEET SHIL E (27)C (24)B (21)E (27)C (24)B (21)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.157.717.440.00P
11501611061 VIVEK KR SINGH B (21)C (24)C (18)B (21)C (24)C (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)B (14)6.046.716.380.00XP
11501611065 ARIJIT SHARMA B (21)B (28)C (18)B (21)C (24)B (21)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.307.326.820.00P
11501611073 SUBHA SARKAR B (21)D (20)D (15)C (18)C (24)C (18)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.486.436.450.00P
11501612064 ANUPRABHAT PANDA C (18)F (8)F (6)C (18)F (8)D (15)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.964.895.420.00XP
11501612065 ANWESHA CHAKRABORTY B (21)C (24)D (15)B (21)D (20)C (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.116.616.360.00P
11501612066 GOPINATH DEY B (21)C (24)C (18)B (21)C (24)B (21)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)6.076.756.420.00P
11501612067 JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE B (21)D (20)C (18)B (21)F (8)D (15)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.855.895.870.00XP
11501612068 MOUMITA GHOSH B (21)D (20)C (18)B (21)D (20)B (21)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.196.686.440.00P
11501612069 NARAYAN SINGH C (18)C (24)D (15)D (15)D (20)C (18)B (14)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.746.075.910.00P
11501612070 PRADIP KUIRI I (6)F (8)F (6)F (6)F (8)F (6)C (12)B (14)C (12)B (14)
11501612071 RAJIB CHANDRA B (21)C (24)C (18)B (21)D (20)C (18)B (14)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.446.576.020.00P
11501612072 RAMKRISHNA DEY C (18)D (20)D (15)C (18)D (20)C (18)B (14)A (16)A (16)B (14)4.966.045.510.00P
11501612073 SANTANU BHOWAL C (18)D (20)D (15)D (15)F (8)C (18)B (14)A (16)B (14)B (14)4.265.434.850.00X
11501612074 SAYANI GHOSH B (21)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)A (24)A (16)A (16)E (18)B (14)6.447.006.730.00P
11501612075 SHANTANU BHATTACHARYYA B (21)F (8)B (21)B (21)F (8)D (15)C (12)C (12)C (12)B (14)4.375.144.760.00X
11501612076 SMRITI KISHOR DAS C (18)C (24)D (15)C (18)F (8)F (6)C (12)B (14)C (12)C (12)5.154.965.050.00XP
11501612077 TANAY BISWAS I (6)I (8)I (6)I (6)I (8)I (6)I (4)I (4)I (4)I (4)
11501612078 UTSAB GHOSH C (18)F (8)D (15)D (15)F (8)F (6)C (12)C (12)C (12)C (12)3.564.213.890.00X

Degree : Master Of Computer Applications

11501011001 ABHIRUP DAS D (20)D (20)C (24)D (20)C (18)A (24)A (24)B (21)5.906.116.000.00P
11501011002 AMIT CHAKRABORTY C (24)D (20)C (24)F (8)B (21)E (27)B (21)E (27)6.796.146.470.00XP
11501011003 AMIT KUMAR C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (21)A (24)B (21)A (24)6.766.796.770.00P
11501011004 ANIRBAN CHAKRABORTY C (24)B (28)C (24)A (32)B (21)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.457.507.470.00P
11501011005 ANTARIP PAL B (28)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (24)E (27)E (27)O (30)7.728.007.860.00P
11501011006 ANURUP SARKAR C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)B (21)E (27)A (24)A (24)6.767.146.950.00P
11501011007 ARGHYA MUKHERJEE B (28)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (21)E (27)B (21)B (21)7.666.937.300.00P
11501011008 ARPITA DEY B (28)B (28)C (24)E (36)B (21)O (30)O (30)E (27)7.668.007.820.00P
11501011010 CHANDRIMA CHATTERJEE B (28)C (24)A (32)E (36)E (27)O (30)E (27)E (27)7.938.258.090.00P
11501011011 CHANDRIMA ROY CHOUDHURY B (28)C (24)B (28)A (32)B (21)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.837.647.740.00P
11501011012 DHRUBARAJ DEBNATH B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (24)O (30)B (21)B (21)7.697.437.560.00P
11501011013 DIBABASU BHATTACHARYA B (28)B (28)C (24)A (32)B (21)O (30)O (30)A (24)7.287.757.510.00P
11501011014 GLORY TANDON B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)E (27)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.528.368.440.00P
11501011015 JAYATI CHAKRABORTY C (24)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (21)E (27)B (21)B (21)7.346.937.140.00P
11501011016 KAUSHIK MAL C (24)B (28)C (24)A (32)B (21)O (30)E (27)A (24)7.107.507.300.00P
11501011018 PARTHASARATHI GUPTA C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (21)E (27)A (24)A (24)
11501011019 PREETI NAMBIAR B (28)A (32)B (28)O (40)E (27)O (30)O (30)E (27)7.388.648.000.00P
11501011020 PRITAM PAUL B (28)C (24)C (24)B (28)E (27)O (30)E (27)O (30)7.457.797.610.00P
11501011021 RANA DEEP SAHA C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (21)E (27)A (24)A (24)7.387.007.190.00P
11501011022 RIKABRATA PAL A (32)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (27)O (30)O (30)O (30)7.938.328.120.00P
11501011023 ROHIT GUPTA E (36)A (32)A (32)O (40)E (27)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.869.189.020.00P
11501011024 RUBY JAIN B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (24)E (27)A (24)E (27)7.797.647.720.00P
11501011025 SAPTARSHI RAY C (24)C (24)D (20)D (20)E (27)E (27)B (21)A (24)7.456.687.070.00P
11501011026 SAYAK CHATTERJEE B (28)C (24)B (28)C (24)B (21)E (27)E (27)O (30)7.487.467.470.00P
11501011027 SOURAV GHOSH C (24)C (24)C (24)D (20)B (21)E (27)B (21)B (21)6.796.506.650.00P
11501011028 SOUVIK CHOWDHURY B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (24)E (27)O (30)O (30)7.627.967.790.00P
11501011029 SUMAN MORE A (32)C (24)B (28)E (36)A (24)O (30)E (27)O (30)7.668.257.950.00P
11501011030 SUMANA MUKHERJEE I (8)I (8)I (8)I (8)I (6)I (6)I (6)I (6)7.662.004.880.00X
11501011031 SUSMI SAHA B (28)B (28)B (28)E (36)A (24)O (30)O (30)E (27)7.698.257.960.00P

Incomplete as per WBUT First Regulation Part 2 Chapter 1 (ii)
A transitory lettergrade I (carrying points 2) shall be introduced for cases where the candidate fails to appear in End Semester examination(s) and where the results are incomplete.