Degree: BTech in Computer Science & Engineering

Roll NoNameHU301PH301CH301CS301CS302CS303PH391CS391CS392CS393SGPA3
11500110001RISHIKA SARIN A (24)A (32)E (27)A (24)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.66
11500110002SOHINI DHAR A (24)C (24)E (27)A (24)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.24
11500110003ABHISHEK SRIVASTAVA C (18)F (8)C (18)D (15)D (20)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.1
11500110004AAKANSHA KEDIA B (21)A (32)B (21)B (21)E (36)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.38
11500110005INDRAJIT BANERJEE B (21)A (32)C (18)B (21)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.52
11500110006SANTOSH KUMAR B (21)A (32)B (21)C (18)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.45
11500110007ANWESHA BANERJEE B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)C (24)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.21
11500110008DEBANKAN BAKSHI C (18)C (24)B (21)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.69
11500110009NEHA SINGH B (21)A (32)A (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.76
11500110012ANIKET BASAK B (21)F (8)C (18)F (6)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)5.76
11500110013RUPAK CHAKRABORTY C (18)B (28)B (21)B (21)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.52
11500110014SUVAJIT DUTTA BANIK C (18)C (24)A (24)C (18)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)O (20)6.62
11500110015DIPAYAN MAITRA C (18)D (20)B (21)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.14
11500110016ARIJITA DAS D (15)C (24)F (6)F (6)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)5.55
11500110017SOHAMN PRAMANIK A (24)C (24)E (27)C (18)A (32)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.97
11500110018PRATIK KUMAR MITRA A (24)B (28)A (24)B (21)C (24)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.03
11500110019VINAYAK RAJ B (21)B (28)B (21)C (18)B (28)B (28)B (14)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.38
11500110020KAMRAN HASSAN B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)D (20)C (24)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)6.66
11500110021SUTANU JANA B (21)D (20)A (24)C (18)D (20)D (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.72
11500110022SONIA CHANDA B (21)C (24)B (21)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.34
11500110023SHWETA KUMARI C (18)F (8)C (18)C (18)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)5.38
11500110024PRATIK SAHA B (21)B (28)A (24)B (21)A (32)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.07
11500110025TANDRIM CHAKRABORTY B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.34
11500110026TIRTHANKAR DAS B (21)C (24)C (18)D (15)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.83
11500110027BAITANIK TALUKDER B (21)A (32)A (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.72
11500110029SOUGATA DALAPATI B (21)C (24)B (21)D (15)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)O (20)6.72
11500110030RAHUL RANJAN C (18)B (28)A (24)D (15)D (20)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.86
11500110031DIVYA SINGH A (24)A (32)A (24)B (21)C (24)B (28)O (20)O (20)A (16)O (20)7.9
11500110032ABHISHIKHA B (21)A (32)A (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.24
11500110033ADARSH PILANIA B (21)B (28)B (21)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.62
11500110034ARNAB PALITB (21)D (20)B (21)C (18)C (24)C (24)B (14)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.69
11500110035ANIK MITRA B (21)B (28)B (21)C (18)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.17
11500110036PRONAY KUMAR TALAPATRA B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.62
11500110037DIBYAJYOTI NANDY B (21)B (28)A (24)F (6)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.66
11500110038MD MERAJ UDDIN C (18)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.55
11500110039SOUMYAJIT SARKAR B (21)E (36)A (24)O (30)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.66
11500110040DHARNA DUGAR C (18)A (32)C (18)D (15)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.07
11500110041ABHAY KUMAR SOMANI A (24)B (28)B (21)E (27)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.41
11500110042PRATYUSH PRAVEEN B (21)B (28)B (21)D (15)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.93
11500110043NEHA DUDHORIA A (24)A (32)B (21)E (27)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.34
11500110044ASHESH DAS A (24)A (32)A (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.14
11500110045PRASENJIT SAHA C (18)D (20)B (21)F (6)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.17
11500110046TRISHA SURB (21)B (28)E (27)C (18)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.86
11500110047RIA SAHA B (21)B (28)A (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (20)O (20)7.62
11500110048ARKADEV ROY B (21)B (28)A (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.03
11500110049SHAMIK PAN B (21)B (28)A (24)B (21)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8
11500110050ANKITA PAREEK B (21)D (20)B (21)D (15)B (28)B (28)B (14)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.07
11500110051GOURAV KUMAR SHAW A (24)A (32)A (24)E (27)B (28)E (36)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.59
11500110052KISHAN SHARMA B (21)A (32)B (21)A (24)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8
11500110053ARKA CHAKRABORTY B (21)D (20)B (21)D (15)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.86
11500110054SUVRADIP DAS C (18)B (28)A (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.41
11500110055SHUBHAM RAJ B (21)B (28)B (21)C (18)C (24)C (24)B (14)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.03
11500110056RUCHI AGARWALA B (21)B (28)B (21)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.45
11500110057DEEPAYAN NANDY B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)B (28)D (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)7
11500110058ANUSWAR KUMAR B (21)B (28)A (24)C (18)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.76
11500110059SHREYA SARKAR B (21)E (36)E (27)A (24)A (32)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.48
11500110060ELEZA CHAKRABORTY B (21)D (20)A (24)D (15)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.97
11500110061RIMPA GHOSH B (21)B (28)A (24)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)A (16)O (20)E (18)7.66
11500110062PUJA VASA B (21)C (24)A (24)B (21)B (28)A (32)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.79
11500110063JYOTI PRAKASH SARKAR C (18)B (28)C (18)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.31
11500110064PRATIK NANDI A (24)C (24)C (18)B (21)D (20)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.48
11500110065SYAMANTAK DATTA B (21)D (20)A (24)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)6.9
11500110066ANURAG GHOSH B (21)C (24)B (21)D (15)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.21
11500110067SUBHASH THAKUR B (21)C (24)C (18)D (15)E (36)B (28)B (14)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.24
11500110068MANISHA JHA B (21)C (24)E (27)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.83
11500110069SUBHADIP SAHA D (15)C (24)B (21)D (15)D (20)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.59
11500110070SAURABH JAINB (21)C (24)A (24)D (15)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.24
11500110071PROBIR SARKAR B (21)D (20)B (21)D (15)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.86
11500110072SNEHA PANDEY A (24)D (20)E (27)C (18)A (32)B (28)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.76
11500110073KUMAR SAURAV B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7
11500110074AMARTYA SHAW E (27)B (28)E (27)A (24)B (28)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.48
11500110075SUNNY RAJ C (18)F (8)B (21)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.14
11500110076ANUPRIYA BHATTACHARYYA B (21)B (28)A (24)B (21)A (32)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.93
11500110077TANAYA PODDAR B (21)A (32)A (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.24
11500110078PIYALI SIL E (27)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.52
11500110079PIYALI CHANDRA C (18)B (28)B (21)C (18)A (32)B (28)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.69
11500110080KRISHNENDU BANERJEE A (24)A (32)A (24)B (21)A (32)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.38
11500110081KAUSTAV BOSE B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)A (32)C (24)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.62
11500110082SOUMYADEEP DAS A (24)B (28)E (27)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)O (20)A (16)O (20)7.69
11500110083PRATIK KUMAR RAI C (18)C (24)A (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.31
11500110084AVRA SETT B (21)D (20)D (15)C (18)C (24)D (20)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.41
11500110085TRIDIB KUMAR DEY A (24)D (20)C (18)D (15)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.45
11500110086DIPANJAN MUKHOPADHYAY A (24)C (24)A (24)C (18)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.38
11500110087JOYDEEP BARAL A (24)B (28)A (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.76
11500110088SOURAV KARMAKAR A (24)C (24)A (24)D (15)A (32)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.41
11500110089SOUMIK SARKAR C (18)D (20)C (18)D (15)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.45
11500110090ANIS BASAK A (24)A (32)A (24)A (24)A (32)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.41
11500110091PIYUSH PANDEY A (24)B (28)A (24)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.69
11500110092SUBHRAJIT MUKHERJEE B (21)D (20)D (15)D (15)B (28)D (20)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.45
11500110093SOUMYA SAHA B (21)B (28)B (21)C (18)B (28)C (24)O (20)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.52
11500110094RAJDIP BISWAS D (15)D (20)D (15)F (6)D (20)F (8)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)5.38
11500110095POULAMI SAHA B (21)B (28)A (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)7.83
11500110097RANJAN SAHA B (21)C (24)B (21)A (24)B (28)C (24)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.52
11500110098RITOBRATO KUNDU A (24)C (24)B (21)A (24)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.28
11500110099AMIT KUMAR CHANDRA B (21)C (24)B (21)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.72
11500110100SOUMITRA ROY B (21)D (20)B (21)B (21)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.14
11500110101SONAM AGARWALA B (21)A (32)A (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.24
11500110102SOURAV KUNDU C (18)B (28)D (15)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.86
11500110103SISIR BHOWMIK C (18)F (8)B (21)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.62
11500110104SOUMYABRATA MOITRA B (21)A (32)A (24)E (27)B (28)C (24)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.14
11500110105DEVANSHU MOHAN A (24)B (28)A (24)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8
11500110106SUKANYA KUNDU C (18)B (28)B (21)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)A (16)O (20)7.62
11500110107JHILIK SANTRA B (21)A (32)A (24)E (27)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.14
11500110108ABHISHEK SA B (21)B (28)B (21)A (24)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.59
11500110109SUDIP GHORA B (21)C (24)B (21)A (24)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.83
11500110110KAUSTAV DEB B (21)F (8)C (18)B (21)C (24)B (28)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.34
11500110111ANIK DEB C (18)D (20)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)E (18)O (20)6.62
11500110112ORCHID GANGULY D (15)F (8)F (6)F (6)D (20)F (8)A (16)O (20)A (16)E (18)4.59
11500110113ANUBHAB DUTTA B (21)A (32)A (24)A (24)B (28)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.31
11500110114ABHINAV PRASAD LALA A (24)B (28)A (24)E (27)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.03
11500110115SOURAV DAS B (21)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.93
11500110116ARKA BANERJEE B (21)D (20)B (21)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.28
11500110117SHUBHAM KUMAR B (21)C (24)B (21)B (21)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.07
11500110118ASHISH KUMAR B (21)B (28)C (18)B (21)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.24
11500110119RAHUL PODDAR A (24)B (28)B (21)B (21)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)7.52
11500110120SUBHRA ADHIKARY B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.72
11500111117ANIRBAN SAHAC (18)D (20)D (15)D (15)C (24)C (24)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.21
11500111118ARIJIT BANERJEEB (21)F (8)B (21)B (21)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)O (20)O (20)6.86
11500111119ARPITA CHAUDHURIB (21)C (24)C (18)C (18)B (28)B (28)B (14)A (16)O (20)O (20)7.14
11500111120ASHUTOSH PATHAKC (18)F (8)D (15)A (24)D (20)D (20)C (12)A (16)O (20)E (18)5.9
11500111121BAKSHI SAHANWAZ REZA CHOUDHRYF (6)F (8)F (6)F (6)F (8)F (8)C (12)B (14)E (18)A (16)3.52
11500111122DIPIKA SARKARA (24)C (24)B (21)B (21)B (28)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.38
11500111123DIPTA KUNDUB (21)F (8)D (15)F (6)D (20)B (28)C (12)A (16)E (18)E (18)5.59
11500111124JINIYA MANNAA (24)C (24)B (21)D (15)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.31
11500111125KAUSIK JATID (15)F (8)D (15)F (6)C (24)C (24)C (12)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.24
11500111126KRISHNA SINGHAB (21)D (20)B (21)C (18)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.24
11500111127LINA MAJUMDERB (21)D (20)B (21)C (18)B (28)A (32)B (14)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.24
11500111128MALAY KUMAR MONDALB (21)F (8)D (15)C (18)C (24)C (24)C (12)A (16)E (18)E (18)6
11500111129MRINMOY BISWASB (21)C (24)C (18)D (15)C (24)B (28)C (12)A (16)O (20)E (18)6.76
11500111130NABAJYOTI MITRAB (21)D (20)B (21)C (18)A (32)B (28)B (14)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.17
11500111131NABANITA NASKARB (21)D (20)C (18)D (15)B (28)B (28)C (12)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.76
11500111132PRIYANKA ROYB (21)D (20)A (24)B (21)B (28)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.45
11500111133PROSENJIT CHOWDHURYB (21)C (24)B (21)C (18)B (28)B (28)B (14)E (18)B (14)A (16)6.97
11500111134SANGITA DEBB (21)C (24)B (21)C (18)A (32)A (32)B (14)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.45
11500111135SUKHENDU BANERJEEC (18)F (8)C (18)D (15)B (28)C (24)B (14)A (16)O (20)O (20)6.24
11500111136SUKUMAR JATIC (18)F (8)C (18)D (15)C (24)C (24)B (14)B (14)E (18)E (18)5.9
11500111137TRINA BISWASA (24)D (20)C (18)D (15)A (32)B (28)B (14)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.14

Degree: BTech in Computer Science & Engineering

Roll NoNameM301CS302EE301CS303EC312CS301CS392EC382CS391EE391SGPA3
09115001032DIPTANU DASC (24)C (24)C (24)C (18)C (24)D (15)B (14)A (16)A (16)B (14)6.3
09115001036GOPAL CHANDRA PAULD (20)C (24)D (20)D (15)C (24)D (15)B (14)B (14)C (12)B (14)5.73
09115001038IMAN PAULB (28)C (24)F (8)D (15)D (20)D (15)E (18)B (14)C (12)B (14)5.6
09115001069RESHAV GHOSHALC (24)B (28)D (20)C (18)C (24)C (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)O (20)6.87
09115001070RIYA DUTTAC (24)D (20)C (24)D (15)C (24)D (15)E (18)C (12)A (16)A (16)6.13
09115001116VINAYAK PALC (24)D (20)D (20)D (15)C (24)D (15)E (18)B (14)O (20)O (20)6.33
09115001117ARNAB DASD (20)D (20)D (20)D (15)F (8)F (6)B (14)E (18)E (18)E (18)5.23
11500110128 SABYASACHI PALD (20)C (24)D (20)D (15)C (24)D (15)E (18)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.13
11500110129 DEEPANJAN SAHAD (20)D (20)D (20)D (15)D (20)C (18)E (18)A (16)B (14)E (18)5.97
11500110132 DHRUBABRATA CHATTOPADHYAYD (20)B (28)D (20)C (18)A (32)B (21)E (18)E (18)B (14)E (18)6.9
11500110134 ARUP KUMAR SAHAD (20)D (20)D (20)C (18)C (24)D (15)A (16)C (12)E (18)B (14)5.9
11500110135 SOURAV KUMAR ROYD (20)D (20)D (20)B (21)C (24)D (15)E (18)C (12)A (16)E (18)6.13

Degree: BTech in Information Technology

Roll NoNameHU301PH301CH301CS301CS302CS303PH391CS391CS392CS393SGPA3
09115002052SUMAN PRAMANICKC (18)D (20)C (18)D (15)C (24)F (8)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.76
11500210001KANUPRIYA B (21)A (32)E (27)A (24)C (24)E (36)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)8.07
11500210002ANKIT RAJ B (21)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.17
11500210003KHUSHBOO PERIWAL B (21)B (28)A (24)A (24)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.76
11500210004RADHIKA DAS B (21)D (20)B (21)B (21)D (20)E (36)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.21
11500210006CHITRALEKHA BANERJEE B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)D (20)C (24)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.07
11500210007ARYAN PRATAP SINGH C (18)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.14
11500210008SUCHATA BISWAS B (21)C (24)E (27)B (21)C (24)B (28)O (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.48
11500210009WASIM AHMED D (15)D (20)B (21)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.45
11500210010SHYAM KUMAR C (18)B (28)A (24)B (21)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.21
11500210011NIRAJ PAUL D (15)F (8)D (15)D (15)D (20)D (20)B (14)E (18)E (18)A (16)5.48
11500210012DEBANJAN SAHA B (21)C (24)E (27)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.62
11500210013ANKUR AZAD C (18)F (8)C (18)D (15)F (8)D (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)B (14)5.28
11500210014MALVIKA C (18)C (24)A (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.17
11500210015NISHITA PODDAR C (18)B (28)B (21)B (21)C (24)A (32)E (18)O (20)O (20)A (16)7.52
11500210016PUJA CHOURASIYA C (18)C (24)E (27)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.62
11500210017MANISH RAJ VERMA C (18)C (24)B (21)D (15)D (20)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.55
11500210018KOUSHIK KUNDU C (18)F (8)B (21)D (15)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.28
11500210019MANISH KUMAR B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.21
11500210020VIVEK KUMAR MISHRA B (21)D (20)B (21)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.59
11500210021AKANKSHA SUMAN B (21)C (24)A (24)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.34
11500210022PRATIK JAIN C (18)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)D (20)B (14)B (14)A (16)A (16)6.38
11500210023ABHISHEK CHANDAN C (18)D (20)D (15)D (15)D (20)D (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)B (14)6
11500210024WASHIM RAJA B (21)D (20)B (21)D (15)D (20)D (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.45
11500210025MONAS BHAR C (18)C (24)A (24)A (24)B (28)E (36)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.93
11500210026MOUMITA GHOSH B (21)D (20)E (27)A (24)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.45
11500210027JAYANTI KUMARI B (21)D (20)B (21)B (21)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.28
11500210028SHREEMEE SINHA B (21)A (32)E (27)A (24)A (32)A (32)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.21
11500210029TUHIN OJHA C (18)F (8)C (18)F (6)D (20)F (8)B (14)B (14)A (16)A (16)4.76
11500210030SUBARNA TALUKDAR A (24)C (24)E (27)B (21)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)A (16)8.14
11500210031KAUSHAL KUMAR AGRAWAL C (18)D (20)B (21)D (15)C (24)C (24)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.41
11500210032UPASANA SINHA B (21)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.17
11500210033SHUBHADIP CHAKRABORTY C (18)C (24)C (18)C (18)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.83
11500210034MOHIT SINGH B (21)C (24)C (18)C (18)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.86
11500210035SURUCHI A (24)B (28)E (27)C (18)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.9
11500210036SAURAV CHAKRABORTY B (21)D (20)B (21)B (21)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.07
11500210037MINAKSHI C (18)B (28)A (24)C (18)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.45
11500210038SANCHITA KUNDU A (24)C (24)B (21)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)7.52
11500210039MAHASWETA KESHRI B (21)C (24)B (21)C (18)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.03
11500210040DEBAYAN SENGUPTA B (21)B (28)A (24)B (21)C (24)C (24)E (18)O (20)A (16)E (18)7.38
11500210041ARNAB BISWAS B (21)D (20)C (18)D (15)B (28)B (28)A (16)E (18)A (16)B (14)6.69
11500210042AMULYA KUMAR SINGH B (21)F (8)D (15)F (6)C (24)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)5.66
11500210043ADITYA KUMAR DUBEY C (18)B (28)C (18)D (15)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.72
11500210044SAGAR KUMAR BHUWANIA B (21)D (20)B (21)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (20)A (16)O (20)7.48
11500210045TANDRA JAISWAL E (27)B (28)A (24)C (18)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.9
11500210046ANCHAL ARORA B (21)C (24)E (27)C (18)B (28)A (32)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.72
11500210047RAJEEV RANJAN SINGH C (18)D (20)B (21)C (18)D (20)D (20)B (14)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.24
11500210048SUBHAJIT NANDI B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)B (28)B (28)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.07
11500210049ASTHA SINHA B (21)C (24)A (24)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.72
11500210050VISHAL RANJAN C (18)B (28)C (18)D (15)A (32)C (24)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.14
11500210051DIPASREE GHOSH A (24)B (28)E (27)E (27)A (32)A (32)O (20)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.55
11500210052ABHISHEK SINHA B (21)D (20)C (18)C (18)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)B (14)6.66
11500210053RINKITA DEY B (21)D (20)B (21)C (18)B (28)D (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.9
11500210054SAPTAK KUMAR BANERJEE C (18)D (20)D (15)D (15)B (28)C (24)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.41
11500210055AMITABHA GUPTA B (21)C (24)A (24)A (24)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (18)O (20)A (16)7.76
11500210056PREETI KUMARI SINHA B (21)C (24)B (21)B (21)B (28)B (28)O (20)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.48
11500210057SOUMIK SENGUPTA C (18)C (24)B (21)D (15)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (20)O (20)B (14)7.1
11500210058RITIKA C (18)D (20)B (21)B (21)B (28)C (24)A (16)O (20)A (16)A (16)6.9
11500211061DIPTANGSU KUMARC (18)F (8)D (15)F (6)C (24)D (20)B (14)A (16)E (18)A (16)5.34
11500211062GOUTAM KUMARD (15)D (20)D (15)F (6)D (20)D (20)B (14)A (16)E (18)A (16)5.52
11500211063RAHUL DASD (15)D (20)D (15)D (15)B (28)D (20)B (14)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.17
11500211064SREEA DATTAB (21)F (8)C (18)D (15)C (24)C (24)C (12)A (16)A (16)B (14)5.79
11500211065SUNANDAN HALDERD (15)F (8)F (6)F (6)C (24)D (20)C (12)B (14)E (18)B (14)4.72

Degree: BTech in Information Technology

Roll NoNameM301EE301MCS312EC311EC312CS302EC382CS392MCS382EE391SGPA3
08115002039SUNNY SARKARC (24)D (20)D (15)D (15)C (24)C (24)A (16)B (14)E (18)C (12)6.07
09115002001ABHIJIT PALB (28)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)D (20)B (14)B (14)E (18)A (16)6.47
09115002018DEEPANJAN PALD (20)C (24)D (15)D (15)C (24)B (28)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)6.27
09115002023JAY PRAKASH SINGHC (24)D (20)C (18)B (21)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.7
09115002030MOHAMMAD TABREZ ALAM ANSARID (20)B (28)C (18)C (18)D (20)C (24)B (14)B (14)A (16)E (18)6.33
09115002032MRINMOY PURKAYASTHAA (32)B (28)A (24)A (24)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.47
09115002039RAJDEEP GANGULYD (20)D (20)C (18)B (21)C (24)D (20)A (16)E (18)B (14)A (16)6.23
11500210059 SUSHANT BHARDWAJD (20)D (20)B (21)D (15)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)B (14)E (18)6.33
11500210063 DEBANJAN GHOSHD (20)D (20)D (15)C (18)D (20)D (20)A (16)B (14)A (16)A (16)5.83

Degree: BTech in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Roll NoNameMCS301M302EC301EC302EC303EC304MCS391EC391EC392EC393EC394SGPA3
11500110011VICKY AGARWAL A (16)E (36)O (40)E (27)B (21)B (28)E (9)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.86
11500310001SK SAIFUDDIN A (16)B (28)C (24)B (21)C (18)A (32)O (10)O (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.69
11500310002MAYURI DASGUPTA A (16)C (24)C (24)C (18)B (21)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.38
11500310003SOUVIK ROY D (10)F (8)D (20)D (15)C (18)B (28)E (9)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.07
11500310004SRAMANA CHAKRABARTY A (16)B (28)A (32)A (24)E (27)A (32)E (9)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)8.21
11500310005ARINDAM DAS C (12)F (8)D (20)D (15)C (18)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.86
11500310006SAYANTA DEY A (16)B (28)A (32)B (21)A (24)A (32)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.1
11500310007NITIN SOMANI B (14)C (24)B (28)B (21)A (24)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.66
11500310008SHUBHRAJYOTI BHATTACHARYA A (16)B (28)C (24)B (21)A (24)A (32)O (10)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.76
11500310009RAJEN PRASAD E (18)C (24)A (32)A (24)B (21)A (32)E (9)E (18)A (16)E (18)O (20)8
11500310010SUKANYA GHOSH E (18)E (36)B (28)E (27)A (24)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.48
11500310011SANJIB BERA D (10)D (20)C (24)C (18)C (18)B (28)O (10)E (18)O (20)A (16)E (18)6.9
11500310012SOUMYAJIT GUCHHAIT A (16)B (28)A (32)B (21)E (27)A (32)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.21
11500310013RAJEEV KUMAR A (16)C (24)A (32)B (21)A (24)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8
11500310014SUBHAJIT BASAK A (16)E (36)E (36)A (24)E (27)A (32)O (10)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.86
11500310015RAJU KUMAR B (14)C (24)C (24)D (15)B (21)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7
11500310016AINDRILA SUR B (14)D (20)D (20)B (21)C (18)B (28)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.93
11500310017SHITAL GANERIWAL O (20)O (40)O (40)A (24)E (27)A (32)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.41
11500310018SOUVIK KUMAR PAUL E (18)A (32)A (32)A (24)E (27)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.48
11500310019SAYANTANI CHAKRABORTY E (18)B (28)E (36)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (10)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.55
11500310020ARIJIT DAS A (16)F (8)B (28)C (18)B (21)B (28)O (10)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)7
11500310021SOURADIP NANDI A (16)D (20)B (28)C (18)B (21)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.24
11500310022ANAMITRA DAS B (14)C (24)D (20)B (21)A (24)E (36)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.69
11500310023ANINDYA ROY CHOUDHURY A (16)C (24)B (28)B (21)A (24)A (32)O (10)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)7.97
11500310024MD MERAZ AHMED A (16)A (32)A (32)A (24)A (24)O (40)E (9)O (20)E (18)O (20)A (16)8.66
11500310025RAJAT JAISWAL C (12)D (20)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.72
11500310026SOUMIK SENAPATI A (16)A (32)E (36)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.55
11500310027NIKITA A SHAH E (18)B (28)A (32)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (9)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.38
11500310028DIBYAJYOTI DAS A (16)D (20)B (28)B (21)B (21)B (28)E (9)A (16)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.41
11500310030RINTU SARKAR A (16)A (32)B (28)C (18)A (24)B (28)O (10)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.79
11500310031PRATIK KUMAR CHHAPOLIKA A (16)A (32)B (28)A (24)A (24)E (36)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.45
11500310032KAVISH AL KHALID C (12)B (28)C (24)C (18)D (15)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.97
11500310033PRIYANGI DAS A (16)E (36)A (32)B (21)E (27)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.45
11500310034RAVINDER SINGH B (14)E (36)B (28)B (21)O (30)A (32)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.52
11500310035AMITRAJIT RAY D (10)B (28)C (24)C (18)C (18)A (32)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.38
11500310036SAMEER KUMAR C (12)B (28)A (32)B (21)B (21)B (28)E (9)A (16)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.62
11500310037ARPAN CHATTERJEE B (14)A (32)C (24)C (18)A (24)C (24)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.59
11500310038ARUP SEN A (16)B (28)B (28)A (24)B (21)E (36)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.17
11500310040KAUSTAV DUTTA C (12)A (32)B (28)C (18)C (18)A (32)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.48
11500310041AMIT KUMAR CHAURASIA C (12)A (32)B (28)B (21)B (21)A (32)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.93
11500310042SHIKHA AGRAWAL A (16)B (28)B (28)A (24)E (27)A (32)O (10)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)8.31
11500310043RAVI RANJAN KUMAR B (14)B (28)D (20)D (15)D (15)D (20)E (9)E (18)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.52
11500310044RIYA MUKHERJEE B (14)E (36)B (28)A (24)E (27)A (32)E (9)O (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)8.34
11500310045TANIA DATTA E (18)E (36)A (32)A (24)E (27)E (36)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.86
11500310046SAYANTAN GHOSH B (14)A (32)A (32)B (21)E (27)E (36)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.52
11500310047ANANDA SANKAR CHOUDHURI E (18)E (36)E (36)A (24)E (27)E (36)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.21
11500310048SOUMYADIP SETH B (14)C (24)B (28)A (24)A (24)A (32)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8
11500310049ASHOK PRASAD KUSHWARA D (10)C (24)C (24)D (15)D (15)D (20)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.52
11500310050REETAM CHATTERJEE C (12)D (20)D (20)C (18)D (15)C (24)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)O (20)6.48
11500310051ABHINANDAN KUMAR PANDEY C (12)C (24)B (28)B (21)A (24)A (32)O (10)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.76
11500310052ARGHYA DUTTA F (4)C (24)C (24)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.52
11500310053SOUMO SAHA A (16)A (32)B (28)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.24
11500310054ROMIT CHAURASIA C (12)C (24)C (24)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (9)O (20)A (16)E (18)O (20)7.14
11500310055AMAN PANDEY D (10)F (8)C (24)D (15)F (6)C (24)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)5.76
11500310056NILOTPAL DUTTA A (16)E (36)A (32)B (21)E (27)E (36)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)8.72
11500310058SUNANDAN KUMAR E (18)B (28)E (36)A (24)B (21)E (36)E (9)E (18)A (16)A (16)O (20)8.34
11500310059RUPALI ROY C (12)F (8)D (20)C (18)D (15)D (20)O (10)A (16)E (18)A (16)O (20)5.97
11500310060SAUMIK SYED C (12)F (8)D (20)B (21)F (6)B (28)O (10)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)5.9
11500310061UDITA KAR C (12)D (20)D (20)D (15)D (15)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.45
11500310062SUCHANDRA PARAL A (16)C (24)A (32)B (21)E (27)E (36)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.28
11500310063GOURAV DHOL C (12)F (8)C (24)C (18)D (15)B (28)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.14
11500310064SHREYA ADHIKARY B (14)C (24)D (20)C (18)B (21)A (32)O (10)E (18)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.34
11500310066SUDIP PRATIHAR A (16)A (32)B (28)B (21)B (21)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.03
11500310067RITAYAN JETA A (16)C (24)D (20)C (18)D (15)B (28)O (10)O (20)A (16)E (18)E (18)7
11500310068SANGITA MAITY A (16)B (28)B (28)A (24)B (21)A (32)O (10)O (20)E (18)A (16)O (20)8.03
11500310069TAMAL GHOSH A (16)A (32)A (32)A (24)B (21)A (32)E (9)O (20)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.34
11500310070SOMNATH SAHA C (12)A (32)C (24)B (21)A (24)B (28)O (10)E (18)O (20)E (18)O (20)7.83
11500310071RISHIN BANERJEE D (10)C (24)C (24)D (15)B (21)B (28)E (9)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.93
11500310072MOUMITA DAS B (14)B (28)C (24)A (24)B (21)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.72
11500310073TAPOMAY RAY A (16)A (32)A (32)A (24)E (27)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)O (20)8.55
11500310074VINIT KUMAR GUPTA C (12)D (20)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)E (18)6.59
11500310075TIRTHANKAR BANERJEE B (14)B (28)C (24)C (18)C (18)B (28)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.31
11500310076SOUMIK GHOSH C (12)F (8)F (8)B (21)D (15)C (24)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)5.86
11500310077SUDIP SAMADDAR C (12)F (8)C (24)C (18)A (24)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)6.59
11500310078KRISHNENDU PAL F (4)F (8)D (20)F (6)F (6)D (20)O (10)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)4.76
11500310079RISHAV BHATTACHARYYA A (16)B (28)B (28)B (21)B (21)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)E (18)7.48
11500310080MAYANK SHYAMSUKHA A (16)B (28)A (32)C (18)A (24)E (36)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.17
11500310081RAHUL GORAI B (14)D (20)D (20)C (18)B (21)B (28)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)6.83
11500310082MAINAK DAS B (14)B (28)B (28)C (18)C (18)A (32)E (9)A (16)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.55
11500310083SOURAV TRIBEDI A (16)B (28)A (32)C (18)E (27)B (28)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.03
11500310084DEEPAK KUMAR B (14)B (28)D (20)C (18)C (18)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.93
11500310085NILESH SINGH B (14)B (28)B (28)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.38
11500310087MONICA KANCHAN A (16)E (36)A (32)B (21)A (24)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.41
11500310088NEHA RANI E (18)B (28)E (36)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.38
11500310089MD GHAREEB NAWAZ B (14)C (24)C (24)B (21)A (24)B (28)E (9)E (18)O (20)O (20)E (18)7.59
11500310090ARGHYA ROY B (14)F (8)C (24)C (18)B (21)C (24)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)A (16)6.34
11500310092BALVEER KUMAR C (12)D (20)A (32)C (18)D (15)C (24)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7
11500310093ANKIT MAKHIJA A (16)B (28)A (32)C (18)E (27)E (36)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)O (20)8.38
11500310094ARITRO DEY B (14)D (20)B (28)D (15)A (24)A (32)O (10)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)7.55
11500310095ANEESH DAS A (16)C (24)C (24)C (18)A (24)B (28)E (9)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.34
11500310096SHREYA ROY A (16)A (32)O (40)A (24)E (27)E (36)O (10)E (18)O (20)O (20)O (20)9.07
11500310097KUTUBUDDIN SARDAR B (14)D (20)A (32)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (9)A (16)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.28
11500310098BAIBHAW ANAND A (16)F (8)B (28)B (21)C (18)A (32)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.03
11500310099ROHIT GUPTA A (16)B (28)E (36)A (24)B (21)A (32)E (9)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.28
11500310100MRINMAY BANIK B (14)F (8)B (28)C (18)C (18)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.45
11500310101HASIB ROWSHAN B (14)B (28)E (36)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.62
11500310103SUNDEEPAN SHARMA C (12)B (28)A (32)C (18)C (18)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)A (16)O (20)7.48
11500310104ARUN PATEL B (14)E (36)E (36)A (24)C (18)A (32)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)8.41
11500310105DIPTA HALDER B (14)D (20)B (28)C (18)C (18)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)6.72
11500310106ANSHU KUMARI E (18)B (28)A (32)B (21)B (21)C (24)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.86
11500310107RASHMI RANI A (16)E (36)E (36)A (24)B (21)B (28)O (10)O (20)O (20)O (20)O (20)8.66
11500310108NAVNEET TIWARI B (14)B (28)E (36)E (27)C (18)A (32)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.28
11500310109LABONI DEY A (16)B (28)A (32)A (24)C (18)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.83
11500310110PUNYA TARU O (20)E (36)E (36)E (27)B (21)A (32)E (9)O (20)O (20)E (18)E (18)8.86
11500310111DEEPSIKHA BANERJEE A (16)B (28)A (32)B (21)B (21)B (28)O (10)O (20)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.93
11500310112ARMAN HAIDER C (12)F (8)C (24)B (21)C (18)D (20)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)6.31
11500310113GYANANJAY KUMAR E (18)A (32)E (36)A (24)B (21)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)O (20)E (18)8.34
11500310114DEBDEEP PHARIKAL B (14)D (20)B (28)A (24)C (18)B (28)O (10)E (18)E (18)E (18)A (16)7.31
11500310116PAWAN KUMAR AGARWAL B (14)C (24)A (32)A (24)D (15)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)7.1
11500310117PRIYASHREE BASU E (18)C (24)E (36)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.79
11500310118SAYANTAN DAS B (14)C (24)B (28)C (18)D (15)D (20)E (9)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)6.76
11500310119DEBANKAN SEN B (14)A (32)A (32)B (21)D (15)C (24)E (9)E (18)E (18)E (18)E (18)7.55
11500310120ARITRA CHATTERJEE A (16)B (28)A (32)B (21)C (18)C (24)O (10)E (18)A (16)O (20)E (18)7.62
11500311122ABHISHEK RANAA (16)D (20)A (32)A (24)C (18)A (32)O (10)O (20)A (16)B (14)A (16)7.52
11500311123ABUJAR AHAMEDD (10)F (8)D (20)D (15)D (15)D (20)E (9)E (18)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.55
11500311124ALOKE KUMAR DASF (4)F (8)D (20)F (6)F (6)D (20)E (9)B (14)B (14)B (14)B (14)4.45
11500311125ARGHYA DASF (4)F (8)F (8)F (6)F (6)F (8)E (9)A (16)B (14)B (14)B (14)3.69
11500311126BISWARUP BANIKC (12)F (8)D (20)C (18)D (15)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)5.86
11500311127DEBANJAN ROYD (10)F (8)D (20)D (15)D (15)C (24)O (10)O (20)A (16)E (18)A (16)5.93
11500311128DEBARGHYA MUKHERJEED (10)F (8)D (20)D (15)F (6)C (24)A (8)A (16)A (16)A (16)B (14)5.28
11500311129DIBWAJYOTI BANDYOPADHYAYD (10)F (8)D (20)C (18)F (6)C (24)A (8)E (18)A (16)B (14)E (18)5.52
11500311130DIBYASHREE CHAKRABORTYC (12)F (8)D (20)C (18)F (6)B (28)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)5.69
11500311131MANISH KUMAR KARNC (12)F (8)D (20)C (18)D (15)B (28)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)5.93
11500311132NILAKSHI KARC (12)F (8)F (8)D (15)F (6)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)B (14)4.9
11500311133PALASH HALDERD (10)F (8)F (8)F (6)F (6)D (20)E (9)A (16)B (14)B (14)A (16)4.38
11500311134PALLABI DED (10)F (8)F (8)D (15)F (6)D (20)E (9)A (16)A (16)A (16)A (16)4.83
11500311135PAWAN KUMAR RAIF (4)F (8)F (8)C (18)F (6)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)4.86
11500311136PRANAB KUMAR NANDID (10)F (8)D (20)D (15)F (6)C (24)E (9)E (18)A (16)B (14)E (18)5.45
11500311137PRITAM CHANDAC (12)F (8)F (8)C (18)F (6)B (28)E (9)E (18)B (14)B (14)A (16)5.21
11500311138PRITAM DASB (14)D (20)C (24)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (9)E (18)A (16)E (18)E (18)7.03
11500311139RAHUL KANTI DEVD (10)F (8)D (20)D (15)F (6)C (24)E (9)A (16)B (14)B (14)A (16)5.24
11500311140SABYASACHI CHATTERJEEC (12)D (20)C (24)B (21)C (18)A (32)O (10)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)6.93
11500311141SAGAR KUMAR PAHIF (4)F (8)F (8)C (18)F (6)D (20)A (8)A (16)A (16)B (14)A (16)4.62
11500311142SOUMABRATA NANDIB (14)F (8)D (20)C (18)D (15)B (28)A (8)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)6.03
11500311143SPONDITA DUTTAD (10)F (8)F (8)C (18)F (6)C (24)E (9)A (16)A (16)B (14)E (18)5.07
11500311144SUSHOVAN BHOWMICKB (14)F (8)D (20)C (18)F (6)B (28)A (8)A (16)A (16)E (18)E (18)5.86
11500311145SWARNAVA BANERJEEC (12)F (8)F (8)C (18)F (6)B (28)E (9)A (16)E (18)A (16)E (18)5.41
11500311146TUHIN SETTD (10)F (8)F (8)F (6)F (6)D (20)A (8)A (16)B (14)E (18)E (18)4.55

Degree: BTech in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Roll NoNameM302EE301EC301CS302MCS312EI302EE391CS382EI382SGPA3
09115003022SANJEET KUMARA (32)B (28)C (18)B (28)C (18)C (24)O (20)E (36)E (18)7.4
09115003024SARWAR KAMALB (28)B (28)C (18)D (20)B (21)B (28)E (18)A (32)E (18)7.03
09115003025SATADAL MAITYD (20)D (20)B (21)D (20)D (15)B (28)A (16)E (36)A (16)6.4
09115003026SATYENDRA KUMAR TIWARIB (28)D (20)B (21)C (24)B (21)B (28)A (16)A (32)E (18)6.93
09115003064AMIT KUMARC (24)D (20)C (18)D (20)C (18)D (20)A (16)E (36)A (16)6.27
09115003068ANKIT GHORUIC (24)D (20)D (15)D (20)B (21)D (20)A (16)E (36)E (18)6.33
09115003072ANWESHA ASHB (28)D (20)D (15)D (20)C (18)D (20)A (16)E (36)E (18)6.37
09115003082BARUN KUMAR MANDALA (32)C (24)B (21)B (28)A (24)A (32)E (18)B (28)E (18)7.5
09115003110MANISH KUMARB (28)D (20)C (18)C (24)C (18)C (24)E (18)E (36)B (14)6.67
11500310122 JOYDEEP MUKHERJEEC (24)F (8)D (15)D (20)D (15)D (20)A (16)C (24)A (16)5.27
11500310124 SOUMEN BHATTACHARYAC (24)C (24)C (18)D (20)D (15)C (24)A (16)B (28)A (16)6.17
11500310129 SUBHAMOY PAULB (28)C (24)C (18)D (20)A (24)B (28)E (18)E (36)A (16)7.07
11500310130 ATINDRA GANGULYC (24)D (20)B (21)C (24)C (18)C (24)A (16)A (32)E (18)6.57
11500310133 ABHIJIT SILC (24)F (8)D (15)D (20)D (15)C (24)A (16)A (32)A (16)5.67

Degree: Master of Computer Applications

Roll NoNameMCA301MCA302MCA303MMCA301MBA301MBA302MCA392MMCA391MBA392SGPA3
09115010036TITASH ADHIKARYI (8)I (8)I (8)B (28)B (14)D (10)E (27)O (30)E (27)5.52
11501010001SONALI TARAFDER B (28)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (16)B (14)E (27)A (24)A (24)7.76
11501010002ARNAB MUKHERJEE D (20)B (28)C (24)C (24)C (12)C (12)B (21)A (24)C (18)6.31
11501010003SHREOSEE CHAUDHURI A (32)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (16)B (14)E (27)O (30)E (27)8.21
11501010004SAYANTAN MUKHERJEE A (32)A (32)E (36)A (32)A (16)A (16)O (30)E (27)E (27)8.55
11501010006KOUSHIK DEY C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (14)C (12)E (27)O (30)E (27)7.52
11501010007AYAN CHATTERJEE B (28)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (14)B (14)E (27)O (30)E (27)7.86
11501010008AMRITA PAL E (36)E (36)E (36)B (28)A (16)C (12)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.76
11501010010PUSPENDU GHOSH B (28)A (32)E (36)A (32)E (18)B (14)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.52
11501010011PROSENJIT MANDAL B (28)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (16)B (14)E (27)O (30)E (27)8.07
11501010013PRITAM PAUL B (28)A (32)A (32)B (28)B (14)B (14)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.21
11501010014BIDYUT KUMAR MANDAL B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)A (16)B (14)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.41
11501010015SUNDAR ROY CHOWDHURY A (32)A (32)A (32)B (28)A (16)C (12)E (27)E (27)E (27)8.03
11501010016RITESH KUMAR BARANWAL A (32)E (36)B (28)C (24)A (16)B (14)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.97
11501010017SUDARSANA BANERJEE E (36)A (32)B (28)E (36)A (16)B (14)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.59
11501010018RINI CHAKRABORTY C (24)B (28)C (24)A (32)C (12)D (10)E (27)O (30)E (27)7.38
11501010019KRISHNA SAHA E (36)E (36)B (28)A (32)B (14)B (14)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.62
11501010020ESHITA DAM B (28)A (32)C (24)A (32)A (16)C (12)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.07
11501010021SHRABONI GUHA A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)A (16)A (16)E (27)E (27)E (27)8.31
11501010022PRATYAY CHAKRABORTY B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)B (14)D (10)E (27)E (27)O (30)7.31
11501010023KOUSIK MAJI C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)B (14)D (10)E (27)O (30)E (27)7.31
11501010024ABHINANDAN GHOSH E (36)A (32)B (28)A (32)B (14)C (12)E (27)O (30)E (27)8.21
11501010025ARITRA BANERJEE A (32)A (32)B (28)C (24)B (14)C (12)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.69
11501010026SAYANDEB BOSE A (32)A (32)C (24)B (28)B (14)B (14)E (27)O (30)A (24)7.76
11501010027ANINDYA BHATTACHARYA D (20)D (20)D (20)C (24)B (14)C (12)A (24)O (30)E (27)6.59
11501010028TANIA NANDY B (28)E (36)C (24)A (32)B (14)D (10)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.76
11501010029TURYA BANERJEE E (36)E (36)B (28)B (28)A (16)B (14)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.45
11501010030MANALI DEY A (32)E (36)B (28)O (40)A (16)B (14)E (27)O (30)O (30)8.72
11501010032ASHUTOSH SINGH A (32)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (16)B (14)E (27)O (30)A (24)7.97
11501010033PRITAM ROY B (28)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (14)C (12)E (27)E (27)E (27)7.14
11501010034TAMAL KANTI MAJUMDER B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)B (14)C (12)E (27)E (27)A (24)7.17
11501010035SRIYA VIPIN A (32)B (28)C (24)A (32)B (14)C (12)E (27)O (30)E (27)7.79
11501010036SUMANA KUNDU A (32)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (16)D (10)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.03
11501010037KAUSTAV GHOSH A (32)E (36)B (28)A (32)B (14)B (14)O (30)O (30)E (27)8.38
11501010038PREETY KUMARI E (36)E (36)B (28)A (32)E (18)B (14)O (30)O (30)O (30)8.76

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Applications

Roll NoNameBCA301BCA302BCA303BM301BBA301BCA393BCA392SGPA3
08115012029SUBHA GUHA THAKURTAD (20)D (20)D (20)C (24)C (24)E (36)E (36)6.43
08115012056ANINDA KARMAKARC (24)D (20)D (20)D (20)D (20)D (20)A (32)5.57
09115012005KOBIR RAYD (20)D (20)D (20)C (24)D (20)A (32)E (36)6.14
09115012006MONDAAR BOSED (20)D (20)C (24)C (24)D (20)E (36)E (36)6.43
09115012009SANJIB PALD (20)D (20)C (24)C (24)D (20)E (36)E (36)6.43
09115012010SOUMIK DASD (20)D (20)C (24)C (24)D (20)A (32)E (36)6.29
09115012011TAMOJIT DED (20)D (20)C (24)B (28)C (24)E (36)O (40)6.86
09115012012ARINDAM CHATTERJEEC (24)C (24)B (28)C (24)D (20)A (32)O (40)6.86
09115012013RITAM HALDERC (24)D (20)C (24)D (20)D (20)E (36)O (40)6.57
09115012016PREETAM RAHAD (20)C (24)D (20)A (32)C (24)D (20)B (28)6
09115012018SRIRUP GOSWAMIB (28)C (24)C (24)D (20)C (24)E (36)E (36)6.86
09115012023DEEPSUBHRA GHOSHB (28)C (24)D (20)A (32)C (24)E (36)O (40)7.29
09115012029AMIYA SHOMED (20)D (20)D (20)B (28)D (20)C (24)A (32)5.86
09115012030ANINDYA DASC (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)D (20)A (32)E (36)6.57
11501210003UTSAV GUHA C (24)F (8)C (24)A (32)D (20)B (28)A (32)6
11501210004SUDIPTA KUMAR MONDAL B (28)B (28)B (28)E (36)C (24)E (36)O (40)7.86
11501210005DEBASMITA PAUL A (32)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)O (40)O (40)8.14
11501210006SOURAV BOSE B (28)D (20)C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)A (32)6.57
11501210008SAPTARSHI GOSWAMI D (20)D (20)C (24)C (24)C (24)A (32)A (32)6.29
11501210012PRIYANK DASSANI C (24)D (20)D (20)B (28)C (24)A (32)O (40)6.71
11501210013SWARNAVA BARDHAN C (24)C (24)D (20)B (28)C (24)A (32)E (36)6.71
11501210014MALAY GHOSH B (28)C (24)B (28)F (8)C (24)B (28)E (36)6.29
11501210016SUDEEP KUMAR BISWAS B (28)B (28)D (20)A (32)B (28)B (28)E (36)7.14
11501210017DEBANJALI DEY C (24)A (32)C (24)B (28)C (24)E (36)E (36)7.29
11501210018ANUPAM MONDAL D (20)C (24)D (20)A (32)C (24)A (32)O (40)6.86
11501210019SWASTIKA TIWARI D (20)D (20)F (8)C (24)C (24)E (36)A (32)5.86
11501210020JOYJIT MUKHERJEE D (20)D (20)F (8)A (32)D (20)A (32)E (36)6
11501210021DEBJIT TALUKDAR B (28)D (20)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (36)E (36)6.86
11501210022SHANKHADIP BANERJEE C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (28)A (32)E (36)7
11501210023AYUSH AGARWAL C (24)A (32)A (32)A (32)C (24)O (40)O (40)8
11501210024SWARNA CHANPA MONDAL C (24)A (32)B (28)B (28)C (24)E (36)A (32)7.29
11501210025RISHANT AGARWAL B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)B (28)O (40)O (40)8
11501210026ABHIJIT SARKAR D (20)C (24)D (20)D (20)D (20)B (28)E (36)6
11501210027SHREYA DASGUPTA C (24)B (28)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (36)O (40)7.14
11501210028AMIT KUMAR DEY C (24)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)E (36)O (40)7.43
11501210029MOUTUSHI SARKAR A (32)A (32)B (28)A (32)B (28)E (36)O (40)8.14
11501210030SUVANIL CHAKRABORTY C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)B (28)A (32)E (36)7.14
11501210032PURBASHA ROY B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)O (40)O (40)7.86
11501210033ANANYA PANI C (24)C (24)B (28)C (24)B (28)O (40)E (36)7.29
11501210034SARITSAYAR DUTTA D (20)D (20)D (20)F (8)B (28)B (28)E (36)5.71
11501210035SOUMIKA GOSWAMI C (24)A (32)A (32)E (36)A (32)O (40)O (40)8.43
11501210036SOURAV MUKHERJEE D (20)D (20)C (24)A (32)C (24)E (36)E (36)6.86
11501210037SUDIPTA PAHARI I (8)I (8)F (8)F (8)C (24)D (20)A (32)3.86
11501210038SOURAV CHAUDHURY D (20)B (28)D (20)B (28)B (28)E (36)O (40)7.14
11512062009PALLABI CHURAC (24)C (24)D (20)A (32)D (20)A (32)A (32)6.57

Degree: BTech in Electrical Engineering

Roll NoNameMCS301M302ECEE301ECEE302EE301EE302ECEE391MCS391EE391HU381SGPA3
11500110096SUNNY PRASAD B (14)B (28)A (24)C (18)B (28)A (32)O (20)E (9)O (20)E (18)7.81
11501610002CHANDRA SHEKHAR TIWARY B (14)D (20)C (18)D (15)O (40)D (20)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)7.07
11501610003RAJ KUMAR SANTRA C (12)F (8)F (6)F (6)D (20)F (8)A (16)O (10)E (18)E (18)4.52
11501610004PRAKALPA CHATTERJEE B (14)D (20)B (21)A (24)B (28)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)7.44
11501610005NEERAJ KUMAR C (12)F (8)D (15)D (15)D (20)B (28)A (16)B (7)E (18)A (16)5.74
11501610006IPSITA MAJUMDER B (14)D (20)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (24)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)6.78
11501610007ANKIT AGRAWAL D (10)F (8)C (18)F (6)D (20)F (8)A (16)B (7)E (18)E (18)4.78
11501610008GARGI BISWAS A (16)D (20)B (21)A (24)B (28)B (28)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)7.67
11501610009NIKUNJ BIDAWATKA A (16)F (8)B (21)B (21)C (24)C (24)O (20)O (10)E (18)O (20)6.74
11501610010SAIKAT PAUL B (14)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)O (20)7.04
11501610013GAZALA AMIN SIDDIQUEE A (16)C (24)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (36)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)8.3
11501610014MITALI DEY A (16)A (32)A (24)A (24)B (28)E (36)E (18)A (8)O (20)E (18)8.3
11501610015ANKITA DAS E (18)B (28)A (24)A (24)A (32)E (36)O (20)E (9)O (20)O (20)8.56
11501610016VINEET KUMAR A (16)E (36)A (24)A (24)B (28)E (36)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)8.44
11501610017AMARTYA BHATTACHARYYA B (14)C (24)D (15)C (18)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)6.85
11501610018RAJIV RAUSHAN B (14)D (20)F (6)D (15)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (9)E (18)C (12)6.22
11501610019CHANDAN KUMAR SHARMA B (14)C (24)B (21)B (21)C (24)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)7.37
11501610020SHARVIL GUPTA A (16)A (32)C (18)C (18)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)7.52
11501610021BHAGWAN KUMAR PANDIT C (12)F (8)D (15)D (15)C (24)B (28)A (16)E (9)O (20)E (18)6.11
11501610022AMIT GHOSH B (14)C (24)D (15)B (21)C (24)A (32)A (16)E (9)E (18)E (18)7.07
11501610023TUNIR SAHA E (18)B (28)B (21)B (21)B (28)A (32)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)7.85
11501610024MD TAUFIQUE AHMAD C (12)F (8)F (6)F (6)D (20)F (8)E (18)B (7)E (18)E (18)4.48
11501610025ABHISHEK MODAK B (14)B (28)C (18)C (18)C (24)A (32)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)7.41
11501610026KIBRIYA RAHAMAN B (14)B (28)B (21)C (18)B (28)E (36)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)7.78
11501610027SUBHENDU MONDAL B (14)D (20)B (21)C (18)D (20)B (28)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)6.85
11501610028ABHIRUP HALDAR C (12)C (24)C (18)C (18)C (24)B (28)A (16)A (8)E (18)O (20)6.89
11501610029MAYUKH DUTTA B (14)F (8)C (18)C (18)D (20)B (28)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)6.3
11501610030SOURAV PAUL B (14)C (24)B (21)F (6)D (20)C (24)A (16)E (9)O (20)A (16)6.3
11501610031JOYAPRITA SAMANTA A (16)B (28)E (27)A (24)B (28)E (36)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)8.48
11501610032SIDHARTH KUMAR C (12)C (24)C (18)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)B (14)6.33
11501610033KASHIF BAKHT MUHAMMAD NABI B (14)B (28)A (24)B (21)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)7.7
11501610034SOURAV DAS A (16)B (28)D (15)B (21)D (20)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)E (18)7.15
11501610035AJAY KUMAR SHAW C (12)D (20)B (21)D (15)D (20)C (24)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)6.59
11501610036SOUMI MALLIK A (16)E (36)A (24)C (18)A (32)B (28)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)8.22
11501610038BABLU KUMAR E (18)A (32)B (21)B (21)A (32)A (32)E (18)O (10)O (20)E (18)8.22
11501610039SUBHA PRATIM DUTTA B (14)C (24)B (21)D (15)C (24)F (8)A (16)O (10)E (18)A (16)6.15
11501610040SASWATA MUKHERJEE A (16)A (32)B (21)B (21)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)8.04
11501610041SAYANI SETH E (18)A (32)E (27)A (24)E (36)A (32)O (20)O (10)O (20)E (18)8.78
11501610042ANIK DAS B (14)D (20)C (18)A (24)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (9)O (20)O (20)6.93
11501610043UPAMANYU SENGUPTA C (12)B (28)B (21)D (15)D (20)D (20)E (18)B (7)E (18)E (18)6.56
11501610044SOURAV GARGARI A (16)B (28)B (21)B (21)B (28)C (24)E (18)O (10)O (20)O (20)7.63
11501610045RUPESH KUMAR C (12)D (20)C (18)D (15)C (24)D (20)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)6.37
11501610046SAIKAT KHAN C (12)F (8)B (21)F (6)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (8)E (18)C (12)4.78
11501610047PINAKI PAL B (14)A (32)A (24)C (18)A (32)E (36)A (16)B (7)O (20)E (18)8.04
11501610048SAROJ SADHU E (18)B (28)D (15)C (18)B (28)C (24)E (18)A (8)O (20)E (18)7.22
11501610049SUVADEEP MUKHERJEE C (12)D (20)B (21)D (15)B (28)D (20)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)6.52
11501610050SOUNAK MOHANTA A (16)B (28)A (24)B (21)B (28)E (36)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)7.96
11501610051RAJEEV RANJAN B (14)D (20)B (21)F (6)B (28)D (20)E (18)B (7)E (18)O (20)6.37
11501610052AVISHEK BOSE B (14)D (20)B (21)D (15)B (28)C (24)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)6.89
11501610053SAGNIK CHAKRABORTY C (12)D (20)D (15)D (15)D (20)B (28)A (16)A (8)E (18)O (20)6.37
11501610054ARNAB SAMADDER B (14)F (8)D (15)F (6)C (24)C (24)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)5.67
11501610055KHOKAN MAITY B (14)F (8)C (18)D (15)C (24)D (20)E (18)B (7)O (20)E (18)6
11501610056SOURAV GHOSH A (16)C (24)A (24)D (15)C (24)C (24)O (20)O (10)O (20)O (20)7.3
11501610057SAYANTAN SAHA A (16)B (28)A (24)D (15)C (24)B (28)E (18)A (8)O (20)E (18)7.37
11501610058MOHAMMED TAMIM MANDAL B (14)B (28)A (24)D (15)A (32)B (28)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)7.56
11501610059SANTANU MONDAL A (16)C (24)D (15)D (15)B (28)D (20)E (18)E (9)E (18)A (16)6.63
11501610060PRAKASH KUMAR CHOUDHARY E (18)A (32)B (21)B (21)C (24)A (32)E (18)E (9)E (18)E (18)7.81
11501611062ABHISHEK JANAD (10)F (8)D (15)C (18)D (20)F (8)A (16)E (9)E (18)A (16)5.11
11501611063AMAJIT ROYD (10)F (8)D (15)F (6)D (20)F (8)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)4.78
11501611064ANIRBAN PALD (10)F (8)D (15)F (6)F (8)F (8)A (16)O (10)E (18)O (20)4.41
11501611065ARIJIT SHARMAD (10)F (8)C (18)C (18)D (20)D (20)O (20)A (8)E (18)E (18)5.85
11501611066KOUSIK GHORAID (10)F (8)A (24)F (6)C (24)D (20)E (18)A (8)E (18)E (18)5.7
11501611067KRISHNENDU DEYC (12)C (24)D (15)C (18)B (28)C (24)A (16)A (8)E (18)A (16)6.63
11501611068RINKU SAHAA (16)D (20)C (18)D (15)D (20)C (24)A (16)O (10)E (18)A (16)6.41
11501611069SAIKAT MUKHERJEEC (12)C (24)C (18)D (15)D (20)C (24)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)6.41
11501611070SOUMYAJIT DEYB (14)C (24)B (21)C (18)C (24)C (24)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)7
11501611071SOURAV SAHAD (10)F (8)C (18)D (15)D (20)D (20)A (16)A (8)E (18)A (16)5.52
11501611072SOUVIK SAHAD (10)F (8)D (15)F (6)D (20)F (8)A (16)E (9)E (18)E (18)4.74
11501611073SUBHA SARKARD (10)B (28)D (15)F (6)F (8)D (20)A (16)A (8)E (18)E (18)5.44
11501611074SUBRATA GHOSHC (12)F (8)C (18)C (18)C (24)C (24)A (16)O (10)E (18)C (12)5.93
11501611075SUMANTA SAHAC (12)D (20)B (21)D (15)C (24)C (24)E (18)O (10)E (18)E (18)6.67
11501611076SURJYAJYOTI PAULD (10)F (8)C (18)F (6)C (24)F (8)A (16)O (10)E (18)E (18)5.04

Degree: BTech in Electrical Engineering

Roll NoNameEE301EE302MSEE301CS302M302CS312EE391EE392CS392CS382SGPA3
09115016036MILTON KUNDUC (24)B (28)B (21)C (24)B (28)D (15)E (18)E (18)E (18)O (20)7.13
09115016047RAKESH SHAWB (28)C (24)D (15)D (20)D (20)D (15)A (16)A (16)E (18)A (16)6.27
11501610062 SOUVIK MUKHERJEEC (24)B (28)C (18)C (24)B (28)D (15)E (18)E (18)A (16)C (12)6.7
11501610063 SANTANU RAUTD (20)C (24)C (18)D (20)C (24)C (18)B (14)A (16)A (16)O (20)6.33

Degree: Hospital Management

Roll NoNameBHM301BHM302BHM303BHM304BHM305BHM386BHM387SGPA3
09115033001AATRAYEE DASB (28)D (20)C (24)B (28)B (28)E (36)O (20)7.08
09115033005DOLAN HALDARD (20)C (24)D (20)D (20)D (20)O (40)E (18)6.23
09115033006PARNAB DUTTAC (24)D (20)A (32)C (24)C (24)O (40)O (20)7.08
09115033008RAJSREE DASC (24)C (24)B (28)D (20)C (24)O (40)E (18)6.85
09115033013MONALISA CHATTERJEEC (24)F (8)D (20)D (20)C (24)E (36)O (20)5.85
09115033014SOUMIK BANERJEEC (24)D (20)A (32)D (20)C (24)O (40)O (20)6.92
11503310001RUPANJALI ROY B (28)B (28)B (28)A (32)E (36)O (40)O (20)8.15
11503310002SUBHADEEP GHOSH B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)O (40)O (20)8.31
11503310003SOMA HALDER C (24)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)O (40)O (20)7.38
11503310004SUBHAJIT MAITY B (28)F (8)C (24)C (24)C (24)E (36)E (18)6.23
11503310005SUKANYA BELEL B (28)A (32)A (32)A (32)E (36)O (40)O (20)8.46
11503310006MADHURA BANERJEE C (24)F (8)C (24)B (28)B (28)O (40)O (20)6.62
11503310007SAYANI DUTTA B (28)E (36)A (32)E (36)A (32)O (40)O (20)8.62
11503310008PRIYABRATA ROY B (28)F (8)B (28)B (28)B (28)E (36)E (18)6.69

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

Roll NoNameBBA301BBA302BBA303BBA304BBA305BBA306SGPA3
071152050027ABHINABA BHATTACHARJEED (20)D (20)C (24)C (24)B (28)D (20)5.67
08115050002DEBANJAN DASC (24)C (24)B (28)F (8)A (32)C (24)5.83
08115050070RIK MITRAB (28)D (20)D (20)F (8)C (24)C (24)5.17
09115050012RAKESH MURMUC (24)B (28)B (28)C (24)B (28)C (24)6.5
09115050023SANTU SAHAB (28)A (32)B (28)C (24)B (28)C (24)6.83
09115050027SUBHRADIP MONDALB (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)D (20)D (20)6
11505010001SATHI PODDAR A (32)A (32)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)7.67
11505010002ATISH KUMAR SINGH C (24)C (24)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)6.33
11505010004RIMA SAHA B (28)D (20)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (28)6.33
11505010005SNEHASHIS SEN A (32)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)C (24)6.5
11505010007INDER PAL SINGH B (28)C (24)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)6.67
11505010009PRIYANKA SEAL A (32)A (32)B (28)A (32)B (28)A (32)7.67
11505010010DIPANJANA BASU A (32)C (24)B (28)B (28)C (24)C (24)6.67
11505010011MANISH KUMAR SINGH C (24)F (8)C (24)C (24)B (28)D (20)5.33
11505010013ADAITYA GHOSH A (32)D (20)D (20)C (24)B (28)C (24)6.17
11505010014SAYAN BHATTACHARYA A (32)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (32)C (24)7.17
11505010015GOURAB DEY B (28)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)C (24)6.33
11505010016MOHIT SUROLIA C (24)D (20)C (24)D (20)B (28)C (24)5.83
11505010018SOUVIK NEOGY B (28)D (20)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)6.5
11505010023ABHIK MUKHERJEE B (28)C (24)C (24)C (24)B (28)D (20)6.17
11505010024NABAJYOTI SAHA B (28)D (20)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)6.67
11505010028KAUSHAL GUPTA A (32)B (28)B (28)E (36)A (32)A (32)7.83
11505010030UDITA BHUI A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)B (28)7.83
11505010031GAURAB SINHA A (32)B (28)B (28)B (28)A (32)A (32)7.5
11505010032SHWETA KUMARI E (36)A (32)A (32)E (36)A (32)A (32)8.33
11505010033MANOHAR KUMAR SINGH A (32)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)7
11505010034ODARYA DEBSARMA D (20)F (8)C (24)D (20)C (24)B (28)5.17
11505010036SUKANTA SAHA C (24)C (24)B (28)A (32)C (24)B (28)6.67
11505010037SARTAJ KAUR A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)A (32)8
11505010038AYAN KUMAR DEY B (28)C (24)B (28)A (32)B (28)C (24)6.83
11505010039ANMOY KUMAR DAS D (20)F (8)F (8)D (20)D (20)C (24)4.17
11505010041ANINDITA DEY C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)B (28)6.83
11505010043SUMAN MOULIK B (28)B (28)A (32)B (28)B (28)A (32)7.33
11505010044ANANYO GHOSH C (24)C (24)B (28)B (28)B (28)C (24)6.5

Incomplete as per WBUT First Regulations Part 2 Chapter 1 (ii).

A transitory lettergrade I (carrying points 2) shall be introduced for cases where the candidate fails to appear in End Semester examination(s) and where the results are incomplete.