Central Library

Facilities of the Cell

  1. Library lending rooms for issuing and returning of books.

  2. Air-conditioned Reading room with Open access facility with approximately 120 seating capacity.

  3. Digital library and Reference / Journal room containing 30 PCs for accessing e-resources with approximately 52 seating capacity.

  4. Photocopying room with photocopy facility.

  5. Printing and scanning facility.

  6. Book Bank Facility by giving 5 – 6 text books to the Students according to their curriculum for a whole academic semester.

  7. Apart from Book bank facility, all the students can issue another 3 books per semester.

  8. Computerized system for searching of the books available in the Library.

  9. Computerized issue/return facility with bar code scanning.

  10. Provision for e-learning system like – NPTEL, NDL, DELNET.

  11. Provision for e-journals facility like – IEEE.