Completed Projects

Title – "On the study of pattern formation in spatiotemporal systems and network of nonlinear oscillators in external environment"
Science & Engineering Research Board(A Statutory Body under DST, New Delhi)
Chief Investigator – Dr. Papri Saha

Title – "Spectroscopic study of nuclei near proton drip line – 109,111 I"
UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research (An autonomous Institution of UGC, New Delhi)
Chief Investigator – Dr. Ranjana Goswami

Title – "Promotion of Wetland Economy through Augmentation of Wastewater Recycle with Cultured Aquatic Microorganism in Pond System under East Kolkata Wetland"
Department of Science and Technology, West Bengal.
Sanction order No. 1657 / ST / P / S&T / MISC - 2 / 2006 (Ptt) - 31.01.2017
Amt. 16.97 Lac.
Chief Investigator – Dr. Sandip Kumar Ghosh
Co Investigator - Dr. Rupa Pal, Dr. Tarun De

Title – "Empower SSE: A Linked Open Data Framework for the Empowerment of Social and Solidarity Agents"
Jointly funded by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and Foundation for Science & Technology, Govt. of Portugal.
Collaborating Institutions: NIT, Durgapur, B.P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology in India and University of Minho
Duration - 2018-2021
Co Investigator - Dr. Ananya Kanjilal