Visual Arts Forum (Drishyam)

Event List

S.N. Name of Events Period PO
1. Drawing Competition on “Eradicate Corruption- Build a new India”, in collaboration with Airport Authority of India. 2018-19 (odd) PO6, PO9
2. Photography competition on theme “Festival-not for all”. 2018-19 (odd) PO6, PO9
3. “Passion with Reels”, Intercollege movie competition. 2017-18 (even) PO6, PO9
4. “Collage and Sketch competition”, Theme: “Autumn: Festive Season of India” 2017-18 (odd) PO6, PO9
5. “Graphiti”, Competition of Art on the mount-borad. 2017-18 (odd) PO6, PO9