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Event:FORMA 2.22 (Hardware Model Design Competition) & JUNO 2.22 (Arduino Programming Competition)
Organized by: Abhiyantran (Technical Forum, BPPIMT)
Date: March 26, 2022

FORMA 2.22

Participants: 4 Members.


  1. A group can have maximum 4 members.

  2. Students have to design their Hardware model practically.

  3. The group has to present a Powerpoint Presentation on their model. Maximum number of slides should be 10.

JUNO 2.22

Participants: 2 Members.

The event will be conducted in two rounds:

  1. Prelims

  2. Final Round

Prelims of the competition will be in two phases and completely in online mode. First phase will be a quiz round in google form on Arduino and second round will be in TINKERCAD. The Final round of the competition will be held in offine mode at B. P. PODDAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, Kolkata inside College Premises.


  1. Students can participate in this Competition either alone or in a group of 2 students.

  2. Hardware components will be provided by institute.

  3. The judges' decision is final.

For Forma 2.22 & Juno 2.22 Registration : Click Here

Contact Persons:

Vivek- 7980150632 (Forma 2.22)

Aisik – 8777597937 (Juno 2.22)


For Brochure: Click Here