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Technical Forum

Event: Workshop, Hardware Model Design and Arduino Programming Competition
Organized by: Abhiyantran (Technical Forum, BPPIMT)
Date: January 29th, 30th & 31st, 2021

FORMA 2.21

Participants: 2 Members.


  1. Provide innovative ideas using modern technologies.

  2. Present a PPT through online platform showcasing your idea or technology.

  3. No Registration fee

JUNO 2.21

Participants: 2 Members.


  1. 3-Round hardware based competition.

  2. 1st Round: MCQ based.

  3. 2nd Round: Design Layout on TinkerCAD

  4. 3rd Round: Complex Design Layout

  5. No Registration fee

For Forma 2.21 & Juno 2.21 Registration : Click Here


  1. Workshop on PLC Programmaing for all EE & ECE Departments.

  2. Workshop on Robotics using Python Programming (for all).

  3. No Registration fee

For Workshops Registration : Click Here

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+91 7586060364 (Swagata)

+91 9051998425 (Bhawna)

+91 9874486654 (Sambit)

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