Rules & Regulations

Curriculum and Academic Calendar

  1. All courses shall be divided into two semesters in each academic year - Odd Semester : (July to December) and Even Semester : (January to June).

    Curriculum of each discipline generally consist of programmes under three categories e.g., Theory, Practical and Sessional.

    The schedule of these programmes along with their credited points for each semester shall be as per rules formulated by the Academic Council of the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal (formerly West Bengal University of Technology).

    The number of teaching weeks in each semester shall be 15 to 18 with a minimum of 90 teaching days excluding the period of examination

  2. Classes are also held with assistance from Professionals (Agency/Industry) for improvement of soft skills, Technical skill, Life skills of the students from 3rd semester onwards under Training cell of the Institute. Additionally with internal resource classes on verbal ability, reasoning etc are held from 2nd semester onwards. Attendance in all these classes are strictly monitored.

  3. Annual events e.g. Inter College Tech Fest, Language Fest, Quiz contest are very important activities where students are encouraged to participate and showcase their competence. Magazine ‘UDBHAV’ draw large number of contributions on various topics from students for selection before publication.

  4. The Institute publishes a calendar of academic and associated activities each year with the University calendar which shall be adhered to as far as possible.

Eligibility for Appearing in Semester Examinations

  1. Students are eligible to appear in an examination provided he/she pursues a regular course of study in respective department and attends at least 75% of Theoretical, Practical and Sessional classes on an average held during the Semester. The attendance shall be considered from the date of admission of the candidate in the Institution.

  2. Concession in attendance - A student who has been absent for short period / or duration due to participation in sports, cultural and other academic / official assignments in the interest of the Institution / University / Government with prior written permission of the Head of the Institution shall be permitted a maximum of additional concession of 10% in attendance and would be eligible for appearing in examination with a minimum of 65% of attendance in a semester.

  3. Rules for examinations - Examinations are held at the end of each semester under the above mentioned categories (called End Semester Examination) conducted by the University as per programme announced by the University authority. In addition to the End Semester Examinations, students are evaluated through centrally organized Class Tests (twice during a semester) for award of Internal Marks for Theory.

    Students’ performance in assignments and attendance are also taken into account for award of Internal Marks.