Staff Grievance Welfare Committee

Function of the Cell

  1. Grievances of the staff which could not be settled in the routine process are referred to this committee.

  2. Consider individual grievances of specific nature and raised individually by the concerned aggrieved employee.

  3. Settling issues amicably and in a time bound manner.

  4. Offering reasonable solution to grievances of various issues received from staff members

  5. Ensures that the grievances are resolved on time impartially and confidentially.

  6. To suggest remedial and preventive measures so as to avoid similar grievances in future.

  7. To review the suggestions/complaints raised by the staff members during periodical counseling and work accordingly towards the welfare of the employees.

  8. Create awareness among staff members about the grievance welfare mechanism.

  9. Arrange for extra-curricular activities for all members of staff.

  10. Ensure favorable working environment for members of staff.