Research & Development (R&D) Cell

Function of the Cell

The research and development cell of the Institute aims at promoting research and developmental activities within departments as well as encourage interdisciplinary research. Some of the key functions of the cell are

  1. Plan and organize events to motivate and encourage faculty members and students to engage in research and developmental activities.

  2. To motivate & encourage faculty members to initiate and/or continue research through good quality publications, sponsored research projects, consultancy, product developments, etc.

  3. Maintain records of publications at the Institute level for each academic year.

  4. Summarize research data for qualitative as well as quantitative assessment.

  5. Promote and encourage inter-disciplinary research activities in the Institute.

  6. Encourage sponsored research for potential funding from various agencies and/or consultancy activities.

  7. Promote development of working models/prototypes/projects by faculty members as well as students.

  8. Promote development of specialized laboratories in departments to cater to evolving needs of the industry and society.

  9. To facilitate coordination with external members/bodies and internal committees like IIPC, EDC, etc. for promoting research & development in the Institute.