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Research & Development (R&D) Cell

Committee members

Sl. No. Name Designation Role
1. Prof. (Dr. ) Sutapa Mukherjee Principal Chairperson
2. Prof. B. N. Chatterji Professor, CSE (Former Dean, Academics), CSE Advisory Member
3. Dr. Ananya Kanjilal Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE, CSE Coordinator
4. Dr. Sabnam Sengupta Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of IT, IT Member
5. Dr. Arijit Saha Associate Professor, ECE Member
6. Dr. Bikromaditya Mondal Associate Professor, CSE Member
7. Dr. Anindita RayChaudhuri Assistant Professor & Head, Dept. of CA, MCA Member
8. Dr. Sutapa Mukherjee Assistant Professor, EE Member
9. Dr. Papri Saha Assistant Professor, Bas. Sc. & Hu. Member