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Piu Upadhyay
Assistant Professor, CSE

B.Tech ( Computer Science and Engineering ), Biju Patnaik University of Technology ( IACR, Rayagada ), 2009
M.Tech ( Computer Science and Engineering ), West Bengal University of Technology( Heritage Institute of Technology ), 2011

Academic Experience
Organization Designation Duration
B.P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology Assistant Professor, Teaching 27.01.2017 - Working till the present time
Aliah University Guest Faculty, Teaching 03.08.2015 - 24.01.2017
CMI Pvt. Ltd. Training Coordinator cum Faculty, teaching and planning training 13.10.2014 - 31.01.2015
Administrative Experience
Organization Designation Duration
University of Kalyani Technical Assistant, Site Maintenance and assisting AAO 06.02.2015 -31.07.2015
Industries Experience
Organization Designation Duration
E- Associate Executive Officer, Conducting training to Dept.& Vendor in the portal and testing & maintenance 01.04.2013 -30.09.2014
N- Code Solution Programmer, Site testing and maintenance 19.09.2011 -18.09.2012
1 ) Piu Upadhyay, Bangla Character Recognition using ANN, 2011 International Conference on Communication Systems and Network Technologies, Katra, Jammu, India , June - 2011

Faculty Participation
Title : FDP on "Past, Present and Future" organized by Dept. of ECE & IIPC, BPPIMT on 2-7 September, 2021
Title : Webinar on security in cloud model, threats and its challenges organized by Software engineering & cloud computing research group, BPPIMT on 6.12.2021
Title : "Technology support and Mass Awareness for prevention of lightning casualties" organized by "Dept of Applied Science, Calcutta University ,centre for lightning & thunderstorm studies, Tripura University, IET-UK" on 30.8.2021
Title : Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education organized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) on 24th - 28th August 2020
Title : Scope of Engineering studies with innovation and challenges organized by Dept of Applied Science and Humanities, BPPIMT on 7-9th August, 2020
Title : Cancer Awareness and Healthy Lifestyle organized by Medical Assistance cell, BPPIMT on 17.08.2020
Title - Enhancing your Employability Quotient, organized by CSE, BPPIMT on 4th July 2020
Title - Neural Networks And a Brief Insight into Deep Learning, organized by CSE dept. in collaboration with IQAC, Dr Amlan Chakrabarti, Professor and Director A.K. Choudhary School of I.T., University of Calcutta on 10th July 2020
Title - Supply Chain technology and product management, organized by CSE dept., BPPIMT, alumni- Mr Saikat Banerjee on 1st August 2020
Android application development, technical forum, BPPIMT, Ardent computech on 4th - 6th August 2020
Intellectual property rights and related issues, CSE, BPPIMT, innovation council and ED cell, speaker-BM on 26th July 2020
business development ideas and how to make money online, innovation council and ED cell, alumni-Rahul Kumar on 25th July 2020
Coursera and MAKAUT, session on pvt authoring and guided projects on 29th July 2020
Title : Virtuals Labs Workshop organized by "M.J.P Rohilkhand University Bareilly" on 6th june,2020
Title- Virtuals Labs organized by M.J.P Rohilkhand University in association with IIT Roorkee, 8-17th June 2020
Title- Research Workflows, Research Metrics and Excellence in Academic Institutes organized by AICTE and Elsevier, 15.5.20
Title - Awareness on COVID 19 in post lockdown period, organized by Internal quality assurance cell in association with medical assistance cell , BPPIMT on 10th June 2020
Title- Trends on Cognitive Computing, organized by IIPC, BPPIMT on 17th June 2020
Title - Machine Learning and its Applications organized by Department of Computer Applications in association with IQAC cell , BPPIMT on 14th June 2020
Title - Deep Learning for NLP speech for Low Resource languages, organized by CSE, BPPIMT on 20th June 2020
Title - Intelligence in IOT, organized by CSE, BPPIMT on 27th June 2020
Title - Research Workflows, Research Metrics and Excellence in Academic Institutes, organised by AICTE and Elsevier on 15th May 2020
BW Education and Primus Partners Present Wednesday Wisdom - "University of The Future" in Association with BW Businessworld on 20th May 2020
Title - Artificial Intelligence organized Sridevi Women's Engineering College on 22nd May to 26th May, 2020
Application of Congruence organized by Department of Applied Science and Humanities, BPPIMT, Kolkata on 30th May 2020
Title - Introduction to Decision Tree and Ensemble in Machine Learning organized by Department of IT, BPPIMT, Kolkata on 4th June 2020
Title - Performing and Designing experiments on virtual platform, organized by M.J.P. Rohilkhand University Bareilly on 8th June to 17th June, 2020
Title : Workshop on Outcome Based Education organized by "National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research," on 24-25th April, 2019
Title: FDP on Cryptography and Cyber Security organized by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, 25-29 March,2019
Title - Behavioral Remodelling for Enhancing the Classroom Delivery of Teachers organized by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati in association with B.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology on 10th-15th July 2018.
Title - Shallow to Deep Learning and Applications organized by RCC Institute of Information Technology on 7th November to 11th November, 2017
Title - Digitization and its Transformation organized by CTS, Unitech, Kolkata on 23rd September 2017
Title - Fundamentals of IOT using Arduino and Raspberry Pi organized by Department of CSE, BPPIMT, Kolkata on 7th April , 2018
Title - Conference on Algorithms and Applications organized by Dept. of CSE, BPPIMT on 10th January to 12th January 2018
Title - Big Data Analytics: Research Scopes, Issues and Challenges organized by BPPIMT & MAKAUT, BPPIMT on 9th August 2017
Title - Virtual laboratory organized by Dept. of CSE, BPPIMT & IIT Guwahati, BPPIMT on 17th March, 2016
Title - Advanced Computing, Communication and Biomedical Engineering(ACCBE 2017) organized by IT department of BPPIMT in collaboration with University of Calcutta, BPPIMT and CU on 27th March to 29th March, 2017
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