Language Lab

Orator’s Forum

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator:

  1. To coordinate Oratory activities in accordance with student’s abilities and requirements for Industry/job.

  2. To coordinate internal resources available in the form of oratory expertise of teachers for enhancing the knowledge and oratory skills of the students.

  3. To synchronize with various external resources like other colleges, government bodies, Industry etc and create oratory opportunities for students.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members:

  1. To prepare orientation programs for student members, explain them about the concept of public speaking, and teach them methods and skills required for achieving the objectives of the forum.

  2. To promote oratory activities through meetings, talks, discussions etc.

  3. To help in formulating oratory events which will have direct relationship with the academic/Industry co-curricula.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student Members:

  1. Actively live out the expectations of Oratory forum of the Institute.

  2. Demonstrate leadership qualities by encouraging other students to participate in oratory activities and overcome problems of expressing themselves.

  3. To represent the Institute at various college and public oratory events.