International Journal

 Department:  Computer Applications
 Author(s):  Inadyuti Dutt, Samarjeet Borah
 Publication Title:  Some Studies in Intrusion Detection using Data Mining Techniques
 Journel Name:  Internaltional Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
 ISBN / ISSN No:  Print ISSN: 2347- 6710, Online ISSN: 2319 – 8753
 Volume, Issue:  Vol. 4, No. 7
 Page No:  pp. 5500-5511
 Impact Factor:  Impact Factor. SJIF 5.442
 Date:  Jul-15
 Department:  Electronics and Communication Engineering
 Author(s):  Debarati Dey, Pradipta Roy, Tamoghna Purkayastha and Debashis De
 Publication Title:  A First Principle Approach to Design Gated p-i-n Nanodiode
 Journel Name:  Journal of Nano Research
 ISBN / ISSN No:  ISSN: 1661-9897
 Volume, Issue:  Vol. 36
 Page No:  pp.-16-30
 Impact Factor:  Impact Factor: 0.56
 Date:  Dec-15
 Department:  Engineering Physics
 Author(s):  Esa Bose and Sudipta pal
 Publication Title:  Transport and Magnetic properties of low doped La0.875-xYxCa0.125MnO3 manganite series
 Journel Name:  International Journal of Computer & Mathematical Sciences
 ISBN / ISSN No:  ISSN 2347 – 8527
 Volume, Issue:  Vol. 4, Special Issue
 Page No:  pp. 53-56
 Impact Factor:  Impact Factor: 2.58
 Date:  Sep-15
 Department:  Engineering Physics
 Author(s):  Momin Hossain Khan, Sudipta Pal, Esa Bose
 Publication Title:   Magnetic and thermoelectric properties of electron doped Ca0.85Pr0.15MnO3
 Journel Name:  Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
 ISBN / ISSN No:  ISSN 0304-8853
 Volume, Issue:  Vol. 391
 Page No:  pp. 140-144
 Impact Factor:  Impact Factor: 2.002
 Date:  Oct-15