Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)

IIPC Impact Analysis

Industry Talk Industry Visit: 3 MoU with Industry Workshop Internship
2019-20 13 3 1 0 156
2020-21 25 0 3 3 214
2021-22 26 2 3 6 383

IIPC Impact Analysis

  1. There is a sharp improvement over the last three years in terms of organising webinar/industry talk. These events are making the students industry ready by understanding the cutting edge technologies that are being used in the industry.

  2. The drop in the no. of industry visit is due the lockdown situation because of Covid . The number has improved and for the academic year 2022-23, two industry visit to the core industry are already done and many more are in the pipeline.

  3. No. of MoUs are also improving. These collaborations are helping us to understand the gap in the curriculam and bridging it with different activities.

  4. There is a significant rise in the no. of internship done by the students where they are working in the live projects which are enabling them to understand the dynamic needs of the industry.