Hostel Welfare Committee

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator:

  1. To maintain the record of hostel students.

  2. To coordinate meetings with Anti-ragging committee of the institute and first year students.

  3. To coordinate meetings with hostel management and students to solve issues for the smooth running of hostel.

  4. To form different student committees like food & sanitation, cleanliness, Festival etc.

  5. To monitor the function of those committees.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members:

  1. To monitor the activities of hostel students.

  2. To monitor the security of students.

  3. To monitor the basic facilities provided by the Hostel Management time to time.

  4. To monitor and inspect the cleanliness in hostel.

  5. To conduct surprise visit to the hostel to check quality of services provided.

  6. To interact with students from the hostel on a regular basis.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student Members:

  1. To monitor the Cleanliness & Hygiene regularly

  2. To monitor the Food quality and Service regularly

  3. To monitor the Basic facilities of the hostel regularly

  4. To report the committee the issues related to any of the above