Department of Electrical Engineering

Achievements and Awards

  1. Ms. Susmita Dey, Assistant Professor, received Engineer award in 2018-19 from Texas Instruments for fostering an ecosystem bridging Industry, Government and Academia.

  2. Mr. Aritra Ghosh Nominated as YPS member of IET Kolkata Network

  3. Dr. Nandita Sanyal Nominated as Vice Chairman of CSS IMS Joint Chapter IEEE Kolkata Section for 2019 -21

  4. Sutapa Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, awarded Ph.D. by Jadavpur University in 2017.

  5. Nandita Sanyal, Associate Professor, awarded Ph.D by Jadavpur University in 2015.

  6. Dr. Nandita Sanyal received Best Faculty Award from Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2016.

Student Achievements in Extra Curricular Activities

  1. Integrity – A Way of Life” organized by Airport Authority of India. Mr. Risabh Sen from 1st year EE won the first prize.

  2. Biswanath Karmakar, Swagata Roy, Rajib Kumar Das won 1st prize in STEM-2020 Poster Competition STEM-2020 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management) organized by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology.

EE Admission

  1. Aman Kumar SinghRunners up in IET inter college quiz Competition Tech Enquesta 15th February, 2020

EE Admission

  1. Aishani BasuCompleted run of 5K with a timing of 00:38:38 with gender rank of 10 in IEM-UEM Marathon, Kolkata, 2020.

EE Admission

  1. ED Cell Intercollege B Plan presentation Competition Winner Sauvik Das and Sashi Raj For Retail start-up. IoT based easy home automation kits for smart home automation

  2. ED Cell Intercollege B Plan presentation Competition Runners up Sourav Mohanty & Soham Saha for Web/Mobile based application concentrating on Ambulance-Booking and Doctor-Locating services.

EE Admission


Literary Forum Activity 2019-20 :

  1. During the difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic, SRjanA- the Literary Forum of BPPIMT has organized an essay/poem writing as MAR on the topic ‘We Shall Overcome”. An overwhelming response was obtained from our students.

  2. SRjanA has also encouraged the students to write review on book/novel which they have recently gone through. Participants from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering.

    Anubhuti Chaudhuri
    Aniket Mandal
    Sreshtha Paul

  3. An essay writing competition was organized by the Literary Forum, BPPIMT, followed by an exhibition on the eve of Matribhasha Diwas (International Mother Language Day, 20th February, 2020) on the topic “Linguistic and Cultural Diversity of our country”. 36 students participated in the event.

  4. Airport Authority Of India Sponsored Essay Writing Competition On 25/10/2019 . 6 students were from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering MR. RISABH SEN from 1st year EE won the first prize.

  5. An Intra-College Creative Writing Competition – Kalpa-Kalam Organized By SRjanA – THE LITERARY FORUM, BPPIMT on 06.09.2019

Tech Forum Events Activity 2019-20

Winner Tech Forum Events: FORMA 2.19 on 27/11/2019

Bhawan Sashi Raj Home automation device EE, 2nd
Sauvik Das
Kaushal Kishore
Prabhudeba Pati

Winner Tech Forum Events: Tech Forum Blog Writing (COVID-19 Challenges)

Published Blog: Avishek Kumar Gupta (EE, 3rd Year)

Topic: How Coronavirus Pandemic is changing how we use and view technology

Sports Forum Activity 2019-20

Girls Throwball Team

Garima Bagaria(4th Year)
Priya Aggarwal(4th Year)
Anjana Kumari(3rd Year)
Anushka Sonthalia(3rd Year)
Ekta Shukla(2nd Year)
Vanshika Mahansaria(1st Year)
Minu Kumari(1st Year)
Naina Yadav(1ST Year)
Shruti Dutta(1ST Year)
Shreya Pani(1ST Year)

Boys FootBall Team

Sandipan seal
Diptarup Das(3rd year)
Suman Biswas(4th year)
Debanjan Pal
Arnab Chatterjee(3rd year)
Souvik Pal(3rd year)
Pratyay Sarkar
Subhranil saha
Soumya Ghosh
Krishnendu Chatterjee
Subhadip Das(4th year)
Abinay Lamgade
Udipta Das(3rd year)
Chayan Guha(4th year)
Ankit Baherjee
Rittick Ghosh(3rd year)

Orators Forum Activity 2019-20

Activities during 1st Year Orientation programme 06-08-19 to 20-08-19

Lognojita Nag(3rd year)
Sreshtha Paul(1st Year)
Dibyajyoti Sarkar(1st Year)
Purbita Debroy(1st Year)
Souvik Mukherjee(1st Year)
Sarthak Ghosh(1st Year)
Pratyay Amrit (1st Year)
Shreya Pani (1st Year)
Nirmal Kumar(2nd Year)
Md Ramiz Raja(2nd Year)
Shruti Dutta(1st Year)
Sayantani Data(2nd Year)
Clinton Karmakar(1st Year)
Arjun Ghosh(1st Year)
Sukla Paul(3rd year)
Vanshika Mahansaria(1st Year)

Orators Forum new members Orientation programme 04-09-19

Nirmal Kumar(2nd Year)
Md Ramiz Raja(2nd Year)
Arjun Ghosh(1st Year)
Sachin Kumar Yadav
Debasis Saha (1st Year)

Annual Quiz competition: Grey Matters 14-09-2019

Rakesh Mondal (3rd year)
Amrita Das (3rd year)
Saket Sambhu Jha(3rd year)
Raily Dey(3rd year)
Rishu Gupta (3rd year)
Subhro Kamal Roy(1st Year)
Abhishek Kumar Gupta(3rd year)
Tirtharup Ghosh(2nd Year)
Ekta Shukla (2nd Year)
Purbita Debroy(1st Year)
Prabhudeba Pati(2nd Year)
Yash Raj (2nd Year)
Aman Kumar Singh(2nd Year)
Kajal Shaw (3rd year)
Nirmal Kumar(2nd Year)
Md Ramiz Raja(2nd Year)
Sayantani Data(2nd Year)
Nilotpal Kapri (3rd year)
Akanksha Mondal (2nd Year)
Aishani Basu(2nd Year)
Prattusha Bhanja Choudhury (3rd year)
Sourasish Banerjee(3rd year)
Arjun Ghosh(1st Year)
Shashi Raj(2nd Year)
Durgesh Jaiswal (3rd year)
Sukla Paul(3rd year)
Sachin Kumar Sharma (2nd Year)
Debanjan Hore(3rd year)
Aritra Basu(3rd year)

Webinar on “Environmental issues and the present Pandemic: What today’s youth thinks” 15-06-20

Lognojita Nag(3rd year)
Naina Yadav(1st Year)
Abhishek Kumar Gupta (3rd year)
Rumela Basak(1st Year)
Yousuf ali (1st Year)
Pratyay Amrit (1st Year)
Aisik Das (1st Year)
Nirmal Kumar(2nd Year)
Md Ramiz Raja(2nd Year)
Arjun Ghosh
Deep Bera (1st Year)
Debasis Saha (1st Year)
Shashi Raj(2nd Year)
Satabdi Chakraborti (2nd Year)
Sachin Kumar Sharma(2nd Year)
Sukla paul(3rd year)
Sandeep Mandal(1st Year)
Debanjan Hore(3rd year)
Vanshika Mahansaria(1st Year)
Durgesh Jaiswal (3rd year)
Aritra Basu(3rd year)

Institution’s Innovation Council and Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Cell (Sphuran)

Hangouts with successful Start ups 04.03.2020

Minu Kumari
Haiha Jadav
Nawajish Latif
Irfan Jawed
Rishabh Sen
Saket Sambhu Jha
Soham Saha
Sandeep Mandal
Arjun Ghose
Deep Bera
Dibyojyoti Sarkar
Sayan Kapas
Debasis saha
Soumyadeep mondal

Fostering Innovation for Development of Science & Technology 05.03.2020

Dibyojyoti Sarkar
Nawajish Latif
Rumela Basak
Srija Bhattacharya
Sreepana Biswas
Shreya Pani
Sarthak Ghosh
Aishik das
Sruti Datta
Purbita DebRoy
Pritam Dey

B Plan Presentation06.03.2020

Subhasish Paul
Samik roy
Soham Saha
Sourav Mohanty
Samrat Mukherjee
Udipta Das

March 7th, 2020.
Intra-College Competition.
Winner - DocAmb.
Sourav Mohanty - EE - 2017-2021
Soham Saha - EE - 2017-2021
Topic- Mobile/Web App for online booking of ambulances, doctors and online insurance. Data- Mining prospects and Fin-Tech potential.

RunnerUp - Celeucus
Samrat Mukherjee EE 2017-2021
Udipta Das EE 2017-2021
Topic - Convert your precious photographs into hand painted original portrait painting 100% hand painted painting from Professional Artists.

Review IIC ED Lockdown

Subranil Saha