Department of Electrical Engineering

Online activities during Covid 19

Department of Electrical Engineering, B.P. Poddar Institute Of Management & Technology has started providing the online teaching learning to the students because of forced shut down of institute for covid 19 pandemic situation.

The initiatives taken by the department to build the effective teaching learning process using the digital platform and tools to support the students include:

Online Classes:

Department of Electrical Engineering, BPPIMT has started the online classes from the very next day of forced shut down of Institute from 3rd week of March, 2020. Along with the theory classes, laboratory classes, assignments, quiz, viva-voce, final year project viva, mock interview different academic activities were conducted using different digital platform and tools.

  1. The digital platforms that used are:
    1. Moodle
    2. Whatsapp
    3. Zoom
    4. Skype
    5. Youtube
    6. Google Meet

Online Classes

Online class

Link for some Zoom classes

Link for Google Meet class

Online Laboratory Classes:

Laboratory classes were also taken by the faculty members and technical staff using different digital Platforms and tools. Some of experiments of different Laboratories were uploaded in Moodle for the better understanding of students. Virtual Laboratories for different subjects were explained by the faculty members using the digital platform.

Online Classes

Online Laboratory Class

Mock Interview of Pre-final year:

Mock interview sessions were conducted for the pre-final year students in different panels using the digital platform to prepare them for their upcoming campus placement.

Mock Interview

Mock interview session of a panel

Grand Viva Final Year:

Mock Interview

Project Presentation Final Year:

Mock Interview

Webinars conducted by the Department:

  1. Department of Electrical Engineering, BPPIMT conducted a series of Webinars for the students, faculty members and technical staff on different topics both from industry and academics to enrich them. Some of the webinars are as below:

    1. Topic1: Webinar on Python Programming
      Speaker: Mr. Amar Banerjee, CEO of OGMA IT Conceptions Pvt. Ltd
      Date: 28.04.2020
    2. Topic2: Webinar on Marketing in a Covid 19 World
      Speaker: Mr. Soumya Sarkar, Faculty of Indian Institute of Management Ranchi
      Date: 13.05.2020
    3. Topic3: Webinar on Logistics and Supply Chain management in Corona era
      Speaker: Sarbari Sarkar, General Manager at Graphite India Limited
      Date: 14.05.2020
    4. Topic4: Webinar on Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers and their role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution : Industry 4.0
      Speaker:Saptak Bhattacharya, Senior Research Fellow, IIEST Shibpur
      Date: 30.05.2020
    5. Topic5: Webinar on Industry & ERP
      Speaker: Rudra Roy, Senior Engineer, BHEL Bangalore
      Date: 26.07.2020

Webinars conducted by the Department:

Mock Interview

Online Faculty Development program:

Department of Electrical Engineering organized a 5 Day International FDP on Emerging Trends in Sensors, Security and Smart Automation Systems from 8th to 12th July 2020. More than 140 participants from 41 colleges from all over India participated in this FDP. Participation of some of the Faculty members and Research Scholars from China, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka make this FDP a truly international.


Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Mukhopadhyay, School of Engineering, Macquarie University Sydney, Australia, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer,

Mr. Debasis Gupta, Power Distribution/Smart Grid Veteran, Invited Adjunct Fellow with Centre for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS).

Dr. Anindya Nag, Postdoctoral Fellow Computer, Electrical, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Division King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Prof.(Dr.) Biswanath Roy, Illumination Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University, West Bengal, India.

Dr. Abhik Mukherjee, Associate Professor Computer Science and Technology, IIEST, Shibpur, West Bengal, India.

Dr. Kallol Mallick, Founder and CEO of Azure Software Pvt. Ltd.

Mock Interview

Psychological Counseling:

BPPIMT conducted regular psychological sessions by our in-house doctor and counsellor for the students to help them deal with the stress, anxiety and trauma triggered by these uncertain times.
The mentors of the department are always in touch with their mentees to cope up with any stress arising due this unprecedented situation.

Activities of department during Lockdown