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Institution’s Innovation Council / Entrepreneur Development Cell (Sphuran)

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Coordinator:

  1. To establish the linkages between our Institute and Industries, Research Organizations, Peers, and Incubators.

  2. To coordinate corpus fund related activities with seed funding from the Institute and other sources.

  3. To coordinate various activities run under ED Cell.

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty Members:

  1. To invite entrepreneurs to share their insight and success stories.

  2. To run entrepreneurship education courses in the campus.

  3. To motivate students to participate and organize entrepreneurship-related events inside and outside the Institute.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Members:

  1. To make aware other students about institutional incubation, funding process and other entrepreneurial activities.

  2. To participate in various entrepreneurship-related workshops, seminars, awareness camps, competitions and skill development training programs outside the Institute.

  3. To organize entrepreneurship-related events and awareness programs within the Institute.