Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Hamming Laboratory

Details of Laboratory

Hamming laboratory helps the students to learn, analyze and design the techniques that give core knowledge for signal processing and VLSI design. The laboratory has software tools, DSP processors, and hardware kits. The laboratory is equipped with licensed MATLAB software with various Tool boxes and Simulink. Students simulate here number of experiments in MATLAB. Students also use TMS 320C5416 fixed-point DSP. Programming of the DSP chip is done in C (and some assembly) language using the Code Composer Studio integrated development environment. The laboratory is also well equipped with the most up-to-date industry standard VLSI EDA tools and hardware resources like XILINX Software, MyCAD Software, MULTISIM V11 Software, MENTOR GRAPHICS Software, FPGA kit. The laboratory provides hands-on experience to students in the field of analog and digital VLSI circuit design. The laboratory is designed to expose the students to a set of tools for CMOS design, starting with SPICE circuit simulation and leading to physical layout, design rule checking, and extracted circuit simulation. Students gain knowledge in using EDA tools to design, simulate, and verify schematics and layout of logic gates. It also serves to facilitate design and implementation of digital design on FPGA.