Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Fermi Laboratory

Details of Laboratory

Electricity is a flow of sub-atomic (very, very, very, small) particles, called electrons. The electrons move from atom to atom when an electrical charge is applied across the material. Electronics will be easier to understand if students think of the flow of electricity through circuits as water flowing through pipes.
The 1st year students perform experiments in this lab in 1st and 2nd semester as per their curriculum This lab helps the students to identify some of the basic electronic components, to study the characteristics of P-N junction diode, Zener diode, half wave and full wave rectifier, Bipolar Junction Transistors(BJTs) and Field Effect Transistor(FET). Beside this students learn to verify the truth tables of logic gates to implement various mathematical circuits using OPAMP. The students get an opportunity to perform beyond syllabus experiment as well as micro-projects which helps them to work in a team to gain and share the knowledge based on theoretical concepts.