Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Other Facilities

Departmental Library

The basic objective of the department library is to serve the need of the faculty, students and non-teaching staffs. The library is enriched by Textbooks, Reference books. Sample-stock of Question Papers of the Semester Examination as well as Class Tests of previous examination is available in the library. The library can be accessed during college working hours.

ECE Departmental Library


  1. The library has a collection of Engineering & Management books, Reference books, micro project reports and books for various competitive exams.

  2. A total number of five hundred books are available in this departmental library.

  3. Various On-line subscriptions of the journals and tutorial courses are available in the Departmental library like: IEEE (ASPP), JGATE, NDL, DEL-NET & NPTEL.

  4. Course files of the program are also available in the departmental library with the soft copy in the form of CD.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Intelligent campus equipped with full-networking facilities with wireless and wired access provides connectivity to all the departmental laboratories, class rooms, departmental library, faculty room etc.

Computer Laboratory

The department has one well-equipped computer laboratory having 30 computers that are connected and enabled with Campus LAN along with latest configuration

Departmental Seminar Room

The department has a seminar room of 75 siting capacity with projector, micro phone, podium facility for organizing departmental seminars, lectures etc.