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Internal Lab Exam, odd 23- 24

Midterm evaluation of the final year project 2023- 24

Internal Laboratory Examination (odd semester 2022-23)

Notice for gap address session

CA2 Document Submission

Notice for elective subject even semester 2022

Notice for Gap Address-video image

Notice for gap address session

Workshop on web development "ScriptEd"

Elective subject notice OE-EC704

Elective subject notice PE-EC703

Elective subject notice PE-EC702

Elective subject notice PE-EC701

Elective subject notice PE-EC505

Elective subject notice OE-EC505

Notice for subject choice of students

Online training program on Cloud (AWS)

Notice for MockInterview

Student Enrollment at TI Innovation Lab for AY:2021-22

Notice for 3rd Year Semester Exam EC681

Notice for 4th Year Semester Examination

Notice for Final evaluation of the final year project of the Dept of ECE

4 day workshop on Decoding Python


Notice for Webinar series on Sustainable Energy

Elective subject notice EC802

Elective subject notice EC801

Elective subject notice EC604

Elective subject notice EC603

Submission of Industrial Training Report (EC 781)

Laboratory Examination for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year ECE students (odd semester 2020-21)

3-Day Online Workshop on Embedded System Design & IoT (Phase-II)

Parent Teacher Meeting

Notice for EPILOGUE 2020

FDP on Recent Trends in Communication Systems and Devices

Notice for Lab exam

Notice for Lab exam

Workshop on Data Science


Workshop on Embedded System Design & IoT on 31st March - 1st April, 2020 (postponed)

Workshop on Data Science with Python

Seminar on Data Science on Feb 29, 2020

Workshop on Embedded System Design & IoT on Feb 14-15, 2020

Enrollment into Embedded System & IoT Lab for AY: 2019-20

choice of optional paper

Notice of extra lab for lateral entry students

Notice of extra classes for lateral entry students

PTM on 7th September, 2019

Timetable for GATE classes

Revised schedule of student enrollment program in Embedded System & IoT Lab (TI Innovation Lab)

Mentors information

Name of Group Leaders for Final Year Project, AY 2019-2020

Area of Expertise

Project allocation Notice AY 2019-2020