National Conference

 Department:  Electronics and Communication Engineering
 Author(s):  Pia Sarkar, Surajit Mandal
 Publication Title:  Self-imaging phenomenon with varying magnification
 Conference Name:  National Conference on Frontline Research on Computer, Communication and Device (FRCCD 2015)
 ISBN / ISSN No:  ISBN: 978-93-8592-600-6
 Volume, Issue:  
 Page No:  pp. 175-181
 Date:  29th- Dec-15
 Department:  Engineering Physics
 Author(s):  Md.Alibordi, R.Goswami, S.S.Ghugre
 Publication Title:  A Comparative study of the strongly coupled band in -111.115Sb
 Conference Name:  National 60th DAE-BRNS symposium in Nuclear Physics, Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning ,Prasanti Nilayam-515134,AP, India
 ISBN / ISSN No:  
 Volume, Issue:  Vol. 60
 Page No:  pp. 228-229
 Date:  Nov – 15