Canteen / Housekeeping / Hygiene Committee

Roles & Responsibilities


  1. To coordinate among all members of the committee regarding different Canteen/Housekeeping/Hygiene issues

  2. To conduct meeting with all committee members in a periodical basis before the semester begin for different issues regarding Canteen/Housekeeping/Hygiene of the institution

Faculty Members:

  1. To monitor the operations of the canteen, implementing and reviewing the canteen policy.

  2. To monitor at regular interval for reviewing the quality of foods and services provided by the canteen

  3. To audit overall sanitation, solid waste disposal system and fire safety management system of the canteen at regular interval.

  4. To take feedback from different stake holders of this institution for continuous improvement of the quality of the service and food.

  5. To organize and promote different awareness program regarding hygiene

Student Members:

  1. Understand the importance of hygiene towards health issues in which they work

  2. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility

  3. Promoting the hygiene awareness campaigning among other students

Canteen Manager:

  1. Manages and supervise the other canteen staff for quality of service and food and hygiene

  2. Co ordination with the cell members for any issues regarding canteen