Department of Computer Science & Engineering



The Department owns several well-equipped Computer Laboratories with state of the art PCs all connected and enabled with Campus LAN and high speed Internet Connection using 50 Mbps Leased-Line Connectivity. The students are given access to the PCs in a 1:1 ratio, so as to enable them to have a concrete hands-on experience and be abreast with the latest Software Technologies. The laboratories are open beyond the class schedule hours for practice sessions.

The Department conducts its Laboratory Classes in the respective specialized laboratories predetermined for the purpose.

  1. Donald E. Knuth Laboratory

  2. Richard Stallman Laboratory

  3. Dennis Ritchie Laboratory

  4. Alan Turing Laboratory

  5. Von Neumann Laboratory

Project Laboratory

Student’s mini projects, micro project, final year projects related all work is done in this laboratory. Project lab is well equipped to facilitate students for project development. Project presentation is held in this lab using latest LCD projector with smart board. All working models, drones, bots etc. developed by students are also displayed in this lab.