Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Covid 19 Challenges

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, B P Poddar Institute of Management and Technology has started providing high quality online learning to its students after Covid-19 pandemic prompted mass closure of educational institutions.

Some of initiatives by the department to mitigate the impact of this pandemic includes:

Online Classes:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BPPIMT responded quickly by introducing innovative online teaching learning solutions the very next day when the pandemic forced the mass closure of educational institute in mid-March. Along with regular classes, quiz, assignments, laboratory viva voce, project viva voce, grand viva all of them were conducted using different digital platforms to maintain the regularity and keep a track on their progress in each individual subject.

Online teaching video link :

  1. The digital technologies that facilitated this shift are:
    1. Zoom
    2. Google Meet
    3. Moodle
    4. Whatsapp
    5. Skype
    6. Youtube Channel

Online Classes

Placement Preparation:

To prepare the prefinal students for their upcoming campus placement, Mock interview sessions are conducted in different panels for both technical and HR rounds using different digital platforms. And feedbacks on individual domains are provided each individual students for the same both verbally and quantitatively.

Mock Interview

Series of Webinars:

  1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BPPIMT conducted a series of Webinars for students and faculty to educate on relevant topics both from industry and research perspectives. Some of them are as below:

    1. Topic: Deep Learning in NLP and Speech for Low resource language
      Speaker: Mr. Arijit Mukherjee
      Date: 20.06.2020
    2. Topic: Intelligence in IOT
      Speaker: Mr. Atanu Roy Chowdhury
      Date: 27.06.2020
    3. Topic: Enhancing your Employability Quotient.
      Speaker: Dr. Ria Mukherjee , TCS
      Date: 04.07.2020
    4. Topic: Supply Chain Technology and Product Management
      Speaker: Mr. Saikat Banerjee, Senior Product Manager , Amazon
      Date: 01.08.2020
    5. Topic: How to Crack a Product Manager Job Post BTech
      Speaker: Mr. Sourav Karmakar, Entrepreneur and Product Lead at Vedantu
      Date: 07.08.2020
    6. Topic: Hands on Introduction to Machine Learning by Working on A Real Dataset
      Speaker: Mr. Rwik Kumar Dutta, Machine Learning Engineer, Vaultedge Software
      Date: 08.08.2020
    7. Topic: How to Crack a Product Manager Job Post B.Tech.
      Speaker: Mr. Sourav Karmakar
      Date: 07.08.2020

Mock Interview

Psychological Counseling:

BPPIMT conducted regular psychological sessions by our in-house doctor and counsellor for the students to help them deal with the stress, anxiety and trauma triggered by these uncertain times .
The mentors of the department are always in touch with their mentees to cope up with any stress arising due this unprecedented situation.

Innovative Teaching

Topic Methodology Faculty Name  
Dynamic Memory Allocation Flipped Classroom and Think-Pair-Share (TPS) (Sec-A) Ayesha Ali Details
Dynamic Memory Allocation Flipped Classroom and Think-Pair-Share (TPS) (Sec-B) Piu Upadhyay Details
Combinational circuits Flipped Classroom (Sec-B) Ayesha Ali Details
Combinational circuits Flipped Classroom (Sec-A) Piu Upadhyay Details
Push down Automata Flipped Classroom Priyanka Goswami Details
Application Layer Network Layer Flip Class, Think Pair Share, Seminar Jayeeta Chanda Details
Application of interpolation in real life Group Discussion Bikromadittya Mondal Details
Formal language and Automata theory CS-402 Somenath Roy Choudhury Details
Solution of Linear Equations Group activity in Class Ananya Kanjila Details
White Box Testing Video Lecture uploaded on Youtube Ananya Kanjila Details
Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping Algorithm Seminar Pratap Chandra Mandal Details
Physical Storage of Data Video Lecture & Flipped Class Sudip Kundu Details
Randomized Quick Sort PPT & Video Lecture Suprabhat Maity Details
Advancement of Modern Operating System Flipped Class Sibasis Senapati Details
Multiprocessor System PPT Presentation & Discussion Sibasis Senapati Details
Application Layer, Network Layer Flip Class, Think Pair Share, Student Seminar Soumi Tokdar Details
Process Management Flip Class, Think Pair Share Phultuli Sarkhel Details
Ambiguity in overload resolution and Writing Program across locales PPT and Discussion Suvadeep Bhattacharjee Details
Normalization Normalization Worksheet Peer Reviewed and Self Study Aid Normalization tool available online Suvadeep Bhattacharjee Details
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