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Alumni Association

Distinguished Alumni

  1. Vaskar Roy Choudhury B.Tech, 2003 Post Doc, Hongkong Polytechnic University Current Position : Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering; IIT Roorkee

  2. Atanu Roy Chowdhury B.Tech, 2003 Research Assistant, Harvard University Current Position : Senior Product Manager - Solutions & Cloud Platform, Altiux Innovations

  3. Kamalika Das B.Tech, 2003 Ph.D, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County, Post Doc, NASA Current Position : Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

  4. Amit Goenka B. Tech, 2003 Master of Computing, National Univ. of Singapore Current Position : Business Analytics, Customer Experience Management, Singapore

  5. Soumyadip Rakshit 2004 B. Tech (ECE), PhD from University of Bath Current Position : CEO and Co-founder at Mystery Vibe, London UK

  6. Saibal Mukherjee 2003 B. Tech Current Position : Assistant Professor, IIT Indore

  7. Debmalya Banerjee B. Tech (EE) 2003 Current Position : Regional Director, ASSOCHAM

  8. Suddhasatwa Chakraborty B. Tech(EE) 2004 Current Position : Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University

  9. Srinjoy Ghosh selected for achievement award in the New Engineering Graduate Student (M.S.) at Florida University.

  10. Soumik Poddar was awarded gold medal in M. Tech (Nanoscience & Technology) from JU.

  11. KAMALIKA DAS B. Tech(CSE) 2003 Current Position : Research Scientist, NASA Ames Reseach Centre

  12. ANIRBAN GHOSH B. Tech(CSE) 2003 Current Position : Management Consultant, Deloitte Consulting USA. One of the Managers in the firm's IT Strategy Practice

  13. JAYDEEP GUHA B. Tech(EE) 2003 Current Position : Vice President, Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB)

  14. AMIT RAY B. Tech(IT) 2004 Current Position : Managing Director, Protiviti Member Firm Middle East

  15. ARANYAK SANYAL B. Tech(IT) 2004 Current Position : Cluster Head- East Africa, Olam International

  16. DEBMALYA BANERJEE B. Tech(EE) 2004 Current Position : Regional Director - North India & Africa, Indian Chamber of Commerce

  17. DR. ANIRBAN SOM B. Tech(EE) 2004 Current Position : Asst. Professor (Marketing), IIM Trichy

  18. TUSHARADRI MUKHERJEE B. Tech(CSE) 2004 Current Position : Senior Digital Analytics Manager, Lenovo USA

  19. CHANDRA SHEKHAR SENGUPTA B. Tech(ECE) 2006 Current Position : Founder, Technicise Software & Technologies

  20. GAURAV BHADURI B. Tech(IT) 2006 Current Position : Solution Designer, Cuscal Australia

  21. SANDIPA DUTTA B. Tech(MCA) 2007 Current Position : Professional singer

  22. DR. SOUVIK PAL B. Tech(CSE) 2009 Current Position : Asst. Professor, JIS College of Engineering (West Bengal)

  23. SARANYA ROY B. Tech(IT) 2009 Current Position : Product Manager, Decathlon Sports India

  24. DURNIBAR SAHA B. Tech(CSE) 2011 Current Position : Professional singer

  25. SOURAV KARMAKAR B. Tech(CSE) 2014 Current Position : "Founder and CEO, StupidAppIndia's fastest growing Social Gaming & Networking App. Product Hunt global rank 7th."