Student Mentoring Cell


The vision of the Student Mentoring cell is "to inculcate the right attitude right from the beginning"


  1. To help students understand their tendencies, interests and abilities etc.

  2. To help students gain information on important issues/matters thereby enabling them to achieve their target goals.

  3. To help students in planning for realistic, educational and vocational choices.

  4. To establish feeling of mutual understanding between teachers and students.

All the Faculty are members of the Student Mentoring Cell. However to co-ordinate the activities of the cell a core committee has been constituted with the following Faculty members:

Sl. No. Members
1 Dr. Subhasish Pradhan, Assistant Professor, Engg. Physics Department & Registrar, Convener
2 Dr. K. Prabakaran, Assistant Professor, Engg. Chemistry Department & Dy. Registrar, Co-ordinator
3 Ms. Swagata (Gayan) Kundu, Assistant Professor, IT Department
4 Ms. Sujata Saha, Assistant Professor, EE Department
5 Ms. Susmita Biswas, Assistant Professor, ECE Department
6 Dr. Esa Bose, Assistant Professor, Engg. Physics Department
7 Mr. Amlan Raychaudhuri, Assistant Professor, CSE Department
8 Mr. Subhasis Mallick, Assistant Professor, MCA Department
9 Ms. Paramita Kundu, In-charge, Students Affair Cell
10 Mr. Debasish Bakshi, TPO
11 Mr. Rajarshi Bhandari, TPE